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iphus the lost daughter

iphus the lost daughter

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Once a member of the Adepta Sororitas, She was tasked with the duty of Hunter and destroying witches and psykers. Believing the the matra of 'To know the enemy is to destroy the enemy.', she studies the warp and how these heretics can use it. Through her studies she attained to ability to manipulate the warp as well. Thinking the Holy Emperor had gifted her with the way to destroy the unclean she told her Canoness. The Canoness was furious ordering her to be cleansed by fire, In her desperation Iphus used the warp killing her Canoness and half of her order. Escaping she blames the Emperor for cursing her and forsaking her in her time of need. Joining a band of Chaos Pirates; she now draws her power from Tzeentch.

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