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Emperors Children

Emperors Children

Alternative paint scheme for my Emperors Children. I wanted to use more imperial parts than the standard chaos marines as if they were closer to the heresy than the 40K universe is set. I had in mind that this is how they would have looked when they invaded the Emperors Palace at the end of the Hers

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Very nice man. I like 'em alot. As a Slaanesh guy myself I understand trying to choose a solid paint scheme for them since there are so many directions to go. But I like it.

Oh and I definitely know how you feel about having a steady enough hand to do black highlights. That's the only thing I dread about painting my marines. lol

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Whilst sharp highlighting isn't always so good, I think these are a very good example of it when done properly. nice painting!

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Line highlighting was the reason why I was never happy with any of my previous marines (especially when I was younger)

I liked painting robes and clothing, so a lot of the models I painted when I was younger was FB, rather than 40K.

I can do line highlighting now, but I still dont find it 'natural'

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Chaos Space Marines.
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