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cadian shock trooper with flamer

cadian shock trooper with flamer

cadian shock trooper with flamer (my first 40k figure) and it won £30 at a local comp. (sory for big headednes but im very proud

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ripped up bits of tissue in to strips put strips together twisted one end to a point (so it would fit better in drilled out muzzle of gun) then dipped it in some realy old glue i found, used tweezers to hold it left it to dry so flame is facing down (or it flops over on it self) when dry under coat black then paint yellow, then watered down red after thats dry waterd down orange, then put green rand blue on smudged it while wet with finger to blend it on the actual flame, then stuck it on.
I did 3 in total and chose the one i liked most, however it doesnt show it too much on this pic but its started to sag should have put brass rod through it
wow talk about writing an essay lol

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That is a very smart idea to use tissue paper like that. Overall, the model looks well thought out and executed. In my opinion your highlights and shadows on the trooper himself could use a little work and he looks sort of 'Inky", but overall I think this is a nice piece of artwork. Good job.

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