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417th Baneblade

417th Baneblade

The baneblade scheme for my regiment, by looking at it I can say that my paint skill is improving and this is some of my best work by far. Any comments on this and how I can possibly improve would be more than appreciated. Thank you.

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Its a clean looking model. Could use some weathering IMO. The painting is nice and neat, I just feel that the model lacks some detail. Try getting a hold of pastel chalks in drab colors like dark greys and browns. If you scrape them into dust with your hobby knife you can use a stiff brush to apply it to the model to represent dirt and exhaust in the appropriate areas. After you do that you will need to seal the model with some flat coat so the chalk doesn't rub off on your fingers.
After doing that, try drybrushing the model all over with a lighter shade of your basecoat to bring up the little details but make sure not to drybrush over your weathering where common sense dictates not to like near exhaust vents and places where grime collects. If you think about it in terms of real life, first the tank is painted at the factory, then as it is used it collects little chips and scratches in the paint, then dirt and exhaust fall on top of all of that.

As a side note, that Baneblade looks like it could be put to use as a Legion Felblade for the Dark Angels.

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Nice job,could use a little shading and weathering.Mine is assembled and it is base coated.Hopefully if work doesn't get any busier I can finish it soon.Rob

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