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Default Call to Glory!--Custom Scenario

A time of great conquest is nigh! Champions from all across the Old World march forth, banding together in small parties in order to crush their enemies for honour and glory. Will you answer the call?

This scenario is fairly simple to use. You simply create a scenario and play using the standard WFB 8th edition rules with the following rule modifications:

The Player Party

This will consist of any number of individual player characters. These are individual, player-created, non-unique Hero choices (i.e. no characters that are already given names) from any WFB Armies book you choose, with a maximum of 25 points of initial starting equipment. Any points left over after buying initial equipment will be converted to gold (see "Buying Equipment" below).

The ideal party size is 2-5, but for larger games, you can bring in more.

In order to prevent quick, boring deaths, like losing your last wound to a Gnoblar that rolled a lucky 6, double (or even triple if you're planning on fighting a lot of tough enemies) Player Characters' Wounds value on their chart to represent health.

As a side note, players should write down all their stats, items, gold, etc on a sheet of paper.

The Quest

You will have to designate at least one member of your playgroup as the "Dungeon Master", the person who runs the dungeons that the heroes fight through. This person should ideally have a good grasp on the rules (the person who introduces the game to his friends, for example).

This person will control the encounters, traps, bosses, treasure chests, random events, NPCs, or even recurring villains of the quest. Feel free to change the position around once more players have a feel for the rules.

A quest generally consists of a set goal, with possible secondary goals for additional rewards. Such goals could include rescue a princess from a horde of daemons, defend a location from a wandering band of Orks, Kill a corrupt king, or infiltrate a Skaven stronghold and steal plans for a new warpfire weapon from under the nose of a Warlock (good luck with that).

A quest should include several encounters with creatures, traps, etc, and end with some kind of climatic duel with a boss or a horde of enemies, so your players don't feel like they've spent all that time just to find the princess behind a generic locked door guarded by two generic Orks.

Creating Encounters

An encounter should consist of a few (or a lot) of creatures or other obstacles that should provide a good challenge for the players. This could include a unit's worth of Orks with a champion or a Chaos champion and his band of loyal warriors.

Encounters should be varied, and not consist of the same "cookie-cutter" foes over and over again. If you're REALLY having a tough time finding the ideas (or models) for new enemies, throw a few environmental facotors into the encounter. Only have the couple dozen Chaos Warriors on hand you fought last time? Put them into a swirling chaos vortex with a Strength 8 lightening bolt that will strike the ground 3D6" away from the vortex marker every third turn!


Enemy profiles can easily be found by simply looking them up in an army book. For boss encounters, you may want to increase the difficulty by adding a small battallion of bodyguards to the mix or doubling all the boss' profile's stats (to a maximum of 10, don't forget) or giving it legendary equipment that it will drop upon defeat for the players to split among themselves.

Dpn't forget--Most (if not all) entries in army books have options for different weapons, armor and special abilities (like Chaos Marks) to customize your experience. Make full use of them!


It may be a good idea for the Dungoen Master to draw a map (with checkpoints representing each game table you play on) so you don't forget where you're players have been. This is especially important in the case of NPC Vendors, locked doors, imortant items, etc. Draw a simple map, not much detail is required, and use a penny or other small counter to denote the location of your players.

Gold, Equipment and Buying Equipment

Generally, equipment works in the same way it would in WFB. However, that generic Halberd you started the game with may not be enough to stand up to the almighty Daemon Prince you're about to fight past that door! This is where gold comes in.

Earning Gold

Here, I have provided a simple formula for caluclating gold gain after every encounter:

1D6 * X, where X is the number of enemies you defeated.

Feel free to add any additional modifiers for defeating more difficult foes and/or bosses. Gold should only be earned after completing an encounter.

Buying Equipment
Dungeon Masters may want to place a random NPC (non-player character, controlled by the DM) vendor somewhere in a safe location. This character can sell items to your players. To mix things up a bit, only allow middle-of-the-dungeon vendors to sell items from the "Common Magic Items" list, or items from the characters' army book profiles (like halberds, additional hand weapons, shields, armor, etc).

Gold cost translates to point cost in the game multiplied by 10. So, for example, a Chaos Runesword (50 points) should cost around 500 gold.

Traders that sell book-specific magic items, like the aforementioned Chaos Runesword, should only be found in towns or other far-off locations.

Levelling Up

I have provided another simple formula for gaining experience (or XP), which is required to level up characters:

2D6 * (2X), where X is the number of enemies defeated.

Other modifiers may apply for defeating tough enemies and/or bosses.

XP requirements to level up are as follows:

Level 0-1 = 100 XP

Level 1-2 = 300 XP

Level 2-3 = 500 XP

Level 4-5 = 700 XP

From then on, add 200XP per level. Note that once levelled up, a character's XP total is reduced to 0 plus any excess XP carried over from the previous level.

For example, a character with 110 XP after an encounter will level up from level 0 to level 1 and start his/her journey to level 2 with 10XP.

At every second level (2, 4, 6, 8, etc), a player gets one point to increase any one stat of their choice (to a maximum of 10, or 11 in the case of Ld).
__________________________________________________ _______

What do you guys think? Thoughts/Ideas/Fixes?

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A note on Mounts

Mounts CAN be bought, and have the same rules for buying as other items (for example, a 30 point Cold One will cost 300 Gold).

They follow the same rules for mounts as in WFB, though they do NOT confer an armor save bonus.

They do, however, allow characters to move faster and give extra attacks.

Note that some mounts may be disallowed from entering certain locations, like a Manticore may have to be left at the entrance to a cave with a low ceiling.

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