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Default Black Guard & Kouran & Malekith - Revamped

Just a homebrew set of rules I'll be trailing for my BG in a coming game. Have my opponents permission of course.

Special Choice, Unique.
Points/model: 16
M - 5
WS - 6
BS - 4
S - 3
T - 3
W - 1
I - 6
A - 2
LD - 9

Unit size - 5+

Equipment: Halberd, Heavy armour, Hand weapon
-May take Shields at +1pt/model
-May upgrade one model in the unit to a Musician for +8pts
-May upgrade one model in the unit to a Standard bearer for +12pts
----May take a magic standard of up to 75pts
-May upgrade one model in the unit to a Tower Master for +12pts
----The Tower Master may have magic equipment taken from the Core and Dark elf armoury for up to 25pts

-Immune to Psychology
-Eternal Hatred
-Cause Fear
-Warrior Elite:
Black Guard may re-roll all failed rolls to hit in every round of Close combat. Also, Blackguard are treated as having no Flank or Rear when in CC.
-Malekiths Chosen:
When targeted by spells of any form, the owning player may roll an extra dispel dice should he choose too. This is a 'free' dice, but may only be used if the BG are effected by the said Spell.
Must deploy within 12" and in Line of Sight to Malekith at the beginning of the battle. If Malekith has joined the unit, then requirements are met.


Kouran, Captain of the Black Guard

Hero choice.

Cost: 205
M - 5
WS - 7
BS - 7
S - 4
T - 3
W - 2
I - 7
A - 4
LD - 10

Equipment: The Crimson Death (See Dark elves Army Book), Armour of Darkness (See Dark Elves Army Book), Keys to the Towers.

-Cause Fear
-Immune to Psychology
-Eternal Hatred
-Warrior Elite
-Captain of the Black Guard:
If Kouran is leading a unit of Black Guard, then the unit gains the special rule 'Unbreakable' as seen in the Warhammer Rulebook. Even if Kouran has joined the BG, Malekith may also join. He is the only Character without the unbreakable rule who may do so. He benefits from the unbreakable rule so long as he is in the unit of BG with Kouran.
-Keys to the Towers
The Keys to the individual Black Towers, the residence of which are the different sects of Malekiths Black guard, may only be carried by the Black Guard Captain. They alone,bar Malekith and Morathi, have the honour, or indeed damnation, of walking the halls of each tower as the please.
The Keys grant the wearer a 4+ Ward save. If Kouran has joined a unit of Black Guard, then it extends a 6+ ward save to the unit.
-Master of the Dual
Kouran may not decline Challenges, but grants an extra D3 to combat resolution should he win. His attacks also gain Killing blow when fighting in a challenge.


I'm unsure as to whether each is undercosted. But I felt that being a unique unit of such power, it'd be the attraction of every missile weapon on the enemies side of the board.
The BG themselves are incredibly weak to enemy fire. Even with the added choice of shields. So taking Kouran to join them would be a no brainer, as he provides a 6+ ward. This was done to break the standard issue block of BG camped infront of a cauldron. It can be argued that people would still do this, as the BG essentially have one of the cauldrons buffs already. I am aware of this. But I wanted the unit to be able to move more than 24" up the board before stopping (due to not wanting to move away from the cauldron).
I felt the rule 'Warrior Elite' should really capitalise on what the BG are. Some of the best combat warriors on the face of the warhammer planet. So the removal of Flanks and Rear in combat, combined with Stubborn (and possibly unbreakable) makes them immovable in combat, fighting to the last man. I thought this brings out the characteristics of the BG in comparison to other (non Khainite) Dark Elves.
The unit itself is still plagued by T3 and relatively low armour save however.


Lord + Hero Choice.

Cost: 500
M - 5
WS - 8
BS - 8
S - 5
T - 4
W - 4
I - 8
A - 4
LD - 10

Equipment: Destroyer, Armour of Midnight, Spell shield, Circlet of Iron

Level 4 Wizard. Knows spells from either the Lore of Death, Darkness, Shadow or Fire.
Malekith has +1 to all casting attempts.

See Dark elves Army Book.
-Armour of Midnight
See Dark Elves Army Book but add: This ward save is reduced to 4+ against magical attacks.
-Spell Shield
See Dark Elves Army Book.
-Circlet of Iron
See Dark Elves Army book but add: Once per battle, the Circlet of Iron may generate D6 Power dice and D6 Dispel dice in the subsequent enemy casting phase.
-Eternal Hatred
-Absolute power
See Dark Elves Army book
-Immune to Psychology

Mounts are the same and for the same cost.


Malekith either needed powering up to his original points cost, or having his cost lower.
I felt that for his first cost, being just shy of Archaon, the DE would need a King who was another bruiser. However, I don't think this is characterful of the race. So Malekith is a clever players choice. He has some dangerous rules designed at hindering enemy characters and mages.
He makes casting spells at his joined unit a risky venture. He makes characters think twice about issuing challenges. He can also have a devestating magic phase and following dispel phase. Most DE Wizards are glass swords, but Malekith should be different.

Now, you can read these rules and see what I've actually done is create a massive deathstar unit that's all but immune to spells, horrendous in CC and pretty much many shades of Awesome. However, it has one glaring weakness, and that is to shooting. With only Malekith and Kouran being of any toughness to missiles.
It will still have trouble with other dedicated CC units. It doesn't have overwhelming strength, so defensive units such as Phoenix guard and Ironbreakers will still have a chance. And offensive units such as Chosen and Sword masters will still be something to be wary of.

Let me know what you think. My main issues are the cost of BG. 16 maybe slightly under, but hey, you may disagree.

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