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Default Mono Khorne in SoM

So, Storm of Magic has come along, and to us WoC and Daemon players, it seems that not only is Khorne displeased by all this magic, he's blaming us for it.

As supplication to the Lord of Skulls, here's some experimental ideas for playing a mono Khorne army in Storm of Magic.

Definition: A 'Mono Khorne' army is composed entirely of Khornate Daemons, and models from the WoC list with the Mark of Khorne, or no Mark. In addition, no spellcasters of any kind may be present in the army, including Bound Spells. A Summoned Daemonic Host may be used, but may only include Daemons of Khorne.

Arcane Fulcrums: If a player is using a Mono Khorne army, any character with the Mark of Khorne (or equivalent such as Daemon Princes or Bloodthirsters) may occupy an Arcane Fulcrum as if they were a Wizard. Each Fulcrum occupied by such a model reduces the total number of Arcane Fulcrums the opposing player controls by 1 for the purpose of casting Cataclysm spells. Controlled Fulcrums count as occupied in the normal way for all other purposes, such as magic item empowerment and victory conditions.

A Khornate model occupying a Fulcrum spends his time making sacrifices to Khorne and loudly praising his lord. This worship means that the Fulcrum still confers the usual Ward save and other defensive benefits. In addition, models occupying a Fulcrum can opt to automatically pass Frenzy tests to stay atop it. Sadly, such huge amounts of raw magic have their downside, and the occupying model is therefore treated as a Level 0 Wizard for the purposes of being targetted by a Magical Duel, and may be affected by appropriate results on the Arcane Fulcrum Miscast Table.

Bound Monsters: A Mono Khorne army may include Bound Monsters as normal, so long as they cannot cast spells (eg. Lammasu) These creatures will have been coerced into fighting with the army by the offering of great heaps of carrion and gore, and players are encouraged to only bind appropriate monsters! (Any odder monsters may be explained as the last attempt by a captive Wizard to bargain for his miserable life. A life which of course ended as a meal for the freshly-bound Monster.)

So there we are. Reasonably simple, I think, and not too overpowered. It gives the Khorne player more options for taking Fulcrums, but the occupant will tend to end up just standing there instead of blowing stuff up, which should keep it balanced. I debated the Ward but decided that without it the Champions would be far too easy to pick off with shooting.

Comments and suggestions requested and required!

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I really like this. As someone who has a mono-Khorne army, I'd been giving some thought to how it could play in Storm of Magic without breaking the theme of the army. What I had originally come up with was the rationale that Lords of Chaos aren't stupid, even if they're frenzied homicidal maniacs devoted to the Blood God. To be a Lord of Khorne and actually have any shot at daemonhood, the champion has to be able to stay (I use this word loosely...) sane and able to plan. With that in mind, even a Lord of Khorne might enlist the help of a couple sorcerers (whose skulls can be offered up later) to harness the storm of magic, and perhaps focus the power they siphon into an especially killy axe or a suit of chaos armor. Khorne doesn't hate magic items, after all-- just the use of spells to win battles over physical might. If he did, we wouldn't have iconic weapons like Axes of Khorne and Collars of Khorne.


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