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Default Horror themed Codex? (Halloween fun time)

Thought I would post my attempt to make a horror themed codex that actually fits in the fiction of 40k. I tried to write this homebrew myself, but I lack experience with any army, but CSM/Daemons making designing the codex a challenge to say the least. So I open up this project to those of you on the forums and ask you contribute your own ideas on the subject. After all tis the season.

Codex: "Terrors of the Warp"

Many over the years have contemplated the warp, but few know its true nature. Many think it just another dimension, or some form of hell, however the true nature of the warp is far more complicated then even the followers of chaos would even dream.

The warp as many view it is when put simply a seemingly extra dimensional realm dominated by the semi sentient chaos gods, however this is just a small element of the warp, for believe it or not the chaos gods are responsible for what little semblance of order and sanity is found in the impossible ether of the warp. Like great mountains they seemingly dominate the vast plane that is the warp, yet the fragmented minds of a infinite number of once living life beings makes up the very core of the world on which said mountains rise. Now more often then not these fragmented elements are weak and scattered since they in may ways operate much like the background noise in a crowded room, present but hardly of any consequence. Yet every few millennium something will upset the vast bedrock of dead minds that comprise the warp, and entire sectors will be swallowed by the revanants of untold billions of half faded souls. So great is the force of these rare surges that even the chaos gods themselves have little influence in the areas swallowed by these ethereal tides.

The Dead Are Among Us.
These dead space storms as ancient imperial scholars call them, are things of nightmares even for those accustom to fighting the foul servants of chaos, for although the entities that come with a typical warp storm are often horrific, they always seem to have some goal or objective, and even can be bargained with by desperate individual, however this is not the case in a dead space storm, for the half imagined, half ethereal monstrosities that come with these storms are not truly sentient even by the shaky definitions applied to chaos daemon. For they have no goal or objective, they seem only driven by a completely illogical drive, which unfortunately entails the destruction/devouring or simple disappearance of any thing that ether lives or generates a warp presents. No one knows specifically what drives these ghouls, for even psychers often only detect the death spasms of millions when they try to probe the none existent minds of these entities. Yet still some dare guess that these things are simply their to end the lives that so offend them, as such comforts as existence have long been stripped from them.

No victory in sight.
The creatures found in dead space storms, are in effect endless as long as the storm entraps a world or system, and more often then not the few that do survive these abnormalities, tell of a simple struggle to survive from day to day, in a world where one may wake up to find all his friends and family have disappeared while they slept. For there is no victory to be had against such foes only survival. Luckily these storms last indeterminate lengths of time, with some only suddenly flaring up for hours while others lasting decades. Still weirder the time distortion found in warp space seems magnified in such abnormalities, with worlds submerged for only hours reemerging completely barren of life, while others disappear for centuries, and reappear just as they where when swallowed.

Army Special rules.

The nightmare comes: "The coming, and leaving of the myriad entities that jerk between real space, and the warp in dead space storms is always made blaringly obvious to all, but the most slow witted. For comms go dead, the sky darkens, street lamps flicker into darkness, monitors read only static". -The first two turn of the game use the night fight rule even if such rules wouldn't normally apply, if the first game turn would already use nigh fighting rules, said effect is lengthened to two turns.

Phantasm: "When I first saw the butcher appear it seemed to come from a impossible spot for we had been their but a minute ago, and as we raised our laz guns we saw as it simply faded into the carpet of living nightmares from once it came" -Some of the entities that come with these storms are either living nightmares, creatures devoid of physical mass or simply completely undetectable till it is to late. Models with the phantasm rule deep strike unto the table as per the normal rules, however they can move and even run in the turn they deep strike.

Beyond death: All models in the army are fearless unless sated otherwise.

Medusa: "I'm a witch, its my job to blaspheme against Gods."

Two Slaanesh daemons on the first go...hmm I guess the fates have spoken emperors children here I come

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