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Default Rats and more Rats

The main problem with the current skaven book is that it's not not out yet even though the book itself was supposedly finished about a year ago. I keep seeing equivalent units in knew army books and magic throughout has basically caught up. So with all this in mind I made my own book with some peeks and tweaks. Fill free to comment though i'm going to post it as it's own thread so as to avoid confusion on this one.
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Originally Posted by Grik View Post
Actually HE Mages are like little kids compared to Slann Mage Priests, but to make Slann Mage Priests as powerful as they are according to fluff would unbalance the game so badly it wouldn't even be funny. I like how HE Mages are the only ones who can really equal Slann in casting Talent, I think it's great as it it is right now. Just wish Slann Mage Priests still had Drain Magic though, oh and Saurus Warriors need to be WS 4! I mean they are bread PURELY for war and fighting afterall. That's all i have really, I think the new Lizardman book is really balanced as I was skeptical of the rumored changes, but I think it's a great book.
I think Sauris warriors are the most bitched about unit atm, with 2 attacks and spears for what is a very low/measly points cost I think asking them to be more powerful is rediculous, the whole bred purely for war can be applied to half the races in warhammer. I think Lizards are the least balanced of the books so far!

I have a billion gripes for tomb kings, forcing them to take two heroes minimum but not upping the amount of heroes we can have, so whilst many armies can go all might or magic, we're always stuck halfway between worlds.

Skeleton pricing, they decreased the price of the blighters in the VC book, but we're stuck with overpriced skeletons.

Tomb Guard, again the VC equivalent is cheaper and better...

"Heavy" cavalry, costing more than some really powerful troop types and barely better than a skeleton...

In general our entire list/army is overpriced and the entire structure of the army is just inconsistent with the current edition, the way troops and especially characters are chosen.

Finally, the light horsemen, light cav but with undead drawbacks, which essentially means all benefits of being fast are destroyed by their undead nature, +20pts for pointless.

Then we have the bone giant, who costs more than newer armies seriously more powerful equivalents and he fights with a might initiative of 1 with a WS of 3, for a model costing over 200 points.....sigh.

Then there's the incantations, when they were released, this was great/fair, but then they kept making the new armies magic more and more powerful, now I essentially have a nerfed magic phase which many armies can shut down for an entire game with ease...

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Default well kinda

Hallblaster Vollygun, three chances per shot of a misfire and I still have to roll to hit?! Give me a break. A dwarf organ gun will admittedly only fire one arty die worth of shots but every shot it fires hits. I don't know when the last time a GW employee fired a shotgun was but if you get it facing the right direction it WILL hit. And BS 3 still suffering ALL applicable shot penalties?! Come on!

well the hellblaster was a little over powering but then they scaled it down to much, they atlest should give it a bs 4. i like the ideal of couting the missfire as a blown barrel reducing the artty dice by one each time and on the last one roll the missfire chart, but i can never get my apponits to agree on it..lol can you blame them
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Initial Problem..... EVERY BOOK NEEDS MORE GLUE!!!

Originally Posted by Othiem View Post
For the Empire:

Greatswords ... a large template.
Regarding greatswords, who needs banners? What banners are missing you would like to see. Its not the greatswords you have a problem with it is the banners.... and there i agree. More banners, not neccessarially more powerful, but more options.

Master Engineers suck. Even if loaded with hochlands, they only have a bs of 4. For a shooty style hero, his bs should be on par with an outrider champion. They should also have the ability to take some forms of magical items. Why take a hero with no ability to tweak him a bit.

Regarding halbrediers, they should be bought as an upgrade to a unit like nets for goblins. Technically, that's how they worked. Drop them from the second rank and split the helmets of their foes.

For knights, remember you have the preceptor option. They are suitable for my needs, I go for simply removing rank bonus and wipe out my opponent on combat rez if possible. Against units causing fear, they are more than effective against undead while also being a threat against standard core units.

I like your hellstorm suggestion, however i dont take artillery anyways as you are left defending it.

Its the handgunners that need a good beating. They are simply ineffective against other ranged units. I'd rather take large units, soak up a few more casualties and crush em in close combat.

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Simple. You can't put a Coatl into a game because there is no official model for it and there are no stats. >_<

I want Coatls! Cross between a dragon and a flying serpent-mage thing?! Awesome...

Oh yes. And Jungle Swarms as well as Cold One Cavalry... Well, they're a little expensive.

And Skinks need to lose the Toughness 2... It's horrible!

There also should be painting tips...

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Originally Posted by keytag33 View Post
Missile troops. Now I'm not saying that chaos warriors need to start sporting bows or anything.

To my way of thinking marauders wouldn't really be the farming type, more the nomadic hunter gather type. So wouldn't they have bows for said hunting.

Now I know they're not most intelligent race in the WHFB world but come on even the thickest twit would eventually realise that the same bow that killed dinner could kill that Empire swordsman over yonder.

Of course anyone willing to live in a northern snowy climate probably isn't to bright to begin with, hmmm................
It explains in the book that they dont use missile weapons because they want to see there opponent die close up.
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I would like to see glade guard cheaper and glade gaurd bows the standard bow across the army.

I would also like to see treekin cheaper or with more wounds

Make waywatchers harder to hit and maybe have a rule that gives them a ward save in a forest
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