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This is one I created when I was looking at The WarStore's terrain selection... It's kind of a WIP that I'll probably never finish.

The set up is a regular size table, set in a large human town. The town's watchtowers have spotted a fair size raiding party of Orcs and Night Goblins. It's up to the Empire defendants to stop them before they burn down the entire town.

Around the table there will be piles of barrels. These barrels are loaded with oil. Some houses will have lit torches(it's a night-time raid). If an Orc(Goblins cannot do this) reaches those barrels, he may light them, throw them at a building, and burn down that building(haven't decided how many "shots" those oil barrels get, or the stats). The oil barrels can also be thrown at enemy units during the shooting phase. The oil barrels CAN be used during combat, but they can ONLY affect the unit directly in front of you. You must roll a D6 on all hits, to see if it burns your Orcs or the Empire minutemen. NO cavalry or war machines may be used during this battle. ONLY infantry(of course, you can change that, but this is how I made it). The Empire wins if the game ends and less than ??? of the town is burned, or all the Orcs and Goblins are dead. The Orcs and Goblins win if over ??? the town is burned, or all of the Empire minutemen are dead.

Units I never quite figured out, so go ahead and make your own if you use this. You could try a reinforcement system, depending on personal preference.

Hope this was the right place to put it.

Oh yes, can anyone suggest a good campaign map without having to buy the Mighty Empires set?

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Thermopylae pass

I play this one alot. Its called Thermopylae pass. You take a table play it long ways and narrow it down to about 1.5/2ft depending on the size battle.

Player 1 has 1000 to 1500pts less. There are no unit restriction so he can have as many lorsds, (even if the pts dont allow it) heros, specal, and rare choses as he wants. In adition all his units are unbrakable (they know they where sent out to die and they are the chosen from the bravest in the army).

Player 2 plays as normal.

Player 1 gets to start first. he may deploy any where he wants up to the middle of the table he must set up all his men before player 2 start to put stuff down. Player 2 deploys as normal after.

The object is for player 1 is to stay alive and not let player 2 into the victory zone (3 inches from table edge) un aposed for 1 turn. (only has to be one unit)
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I was thinking about starting this campain = https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...908#post511908 please post your thoughts
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For the Thermopylae pass battle do you think 1000/1500 is to much in my test battles it wasnt but i dont know i was alittle better then the person but i played both sides and won both times.
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I heard about an interesting game type, where the two players have a fairly small force and there is a one or more fire dragons on the table, the player who kills the most dragons (i.e. takes off the last wound) wins, not sure about what would be the best way to have the dragons move and such
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My friends and I often do hold the fort scenario, although last week we played hold the castle. We have a home built extendable table that goes up to 8" by 4" and the large castle pieces from the GW site. We had four players; player 1 held the fort, players 2 and 3 tried to take the fort and player 4 was the relief force and came on after a number of turns. Players 2 and 3 had respawning units that came on at the furthest table edge until the relief force arrived but had no artillery. We have scaling ladders and a battering ram. It worked out pretty well as we had dwarfs in the fort, orcs and skaven outside the fort and empire as the relief force. All was going well until the Goblin Spider Riders hotfooted it over the wall into the courtyard but were then held at bay by some Ironbreakers.

Woops, ramble! Full battle report to come plus fluff.
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The battles Warhammer players set up and play are only small engagements in the world of massive Warhammer campaigns. While each army in a battle is headed by a general, Warhammer armies also have another type of general, the ones who command tens of thousands of points, decide how, when, and where to counter enemy offensive, and generally run one side of a campaign. Although taking out your enemy’s general in a pitched battle may give you a tactical advantage, taking out the man (or rat or elf or toad or dwarf or ogre…) who’s really running the show can throw an entire enemy campaign into turmoil. This scenario sees an assassin death squad attempt to ambush the enemy general and his bodyguard in his camp and is heavily modeled on the Something Wicked Comes to Hagersdorf scenario outlined in the Warhammer rule book.

The Armies:

The defender chooses a general appropriate to his race (eg. vampire lord or warboss) and a bodyguard for that general of 20 models (grave guard, storm vermin, templeguard, etc.). He also chooses five patrol units of 25 infantry models or 5 cavalry models each.

The attacker brings a force of suitable assassins of up to 1,000/1,500 points (I’ve never played this mission and have no idea what a reasonable points cap is). He is not restricted by army list organization rules (eg. he can take more than 25% of his points as lords if he wishes) Make sure your assassin choices are up to the job (as a general rule of thumb, infantry make better stealth units, though there’s no reason why they couldn’t have disassembled a warmachine and reassembled it inside the camp, waiting for the moment when their presence is revealed and its time to lay down the heavy fire).

The Battlefield:

Set up terrain to represent a military camp, with a cluster of building in the center of the table and forests and hills surrounding it.

Deployment: The attacker has chosen this moment to strike because the enemy general is most exposed. The defender deploys first, placing the general in his bodyguard exiting a building of the defenders choice and the patrols anywhere within the camp. The attacking army may then deploy anywhere that they cannot be seen by the defenders units or any location at least 12” away from any defender.

First Turn

The attackers get the first turn

Game Length

Until the general’s dead or the attackers are dead.

Scenario Special Rules:

The defender must map out the path of each patrol. Unless the patrol is attacked or the alarm is raised the patrols will follow this route. Example routes include “march around building one through four in a square, using a quick reform move to turn corners” for a patrolling sentry or “wheel 360 degrees around the front left model” for a stationary sentry that turns constantly to survey its surrounding. The general and his unit automatically move (not march) from the building they have just left to another building chosen by the defender that is at least “18” away unless the alarm is raised or he is attacked. If he reaches that building before the alarm is raised, he will garrison it (the attacker may simply avoid the patrols and wait until the general garrisons the building if he believes it will help his cause).

Raise the Alarm
The alarm will be raised at the end of any phase in which an attack is directed at the defenders units and models survive that attack. Note, some weapons cannot be used without setting off the alarm, the use of any blackpowder weapon, for example, will automatically set off the alarm, even if its victims are destroyed. Before the alarm is raised, no dispel attempts may be attempted. Direct damage spells, magic missiles and hexes raise the alarm like other attacks, but augments do not. Area spells like the comet of casandora or the purple sun of xereus automatically raise the alarm. The alarm will also be raised if any defender unit sees an attacking unit (see Shadows and Stealth). Once the alarm is raised the defender may control his army as he wishes.

Shadows and Stealth
Before the alarm is raised, no defender can see an attacking unit unless it is within 12” of him and is thus incapable of raising the alarm. This rule ceases to apply once the alarm is raised.

After the alarm is raised the troops stationed in the camp begin to take up arms and emerge from their barracks. At the beginning of the defender’s turn after the alarm is raised he rolls a d6 for every building except the two the general is traveling between. On a 4+ a unit of 25 infantry emerges from that building. He continues to roll at the beginning of each of his turns for any building that a unit has not exited until a unit has emerged from every building.

Victory Conditions
All rests on the well-being of the general. If he is killed, the attacker automatically scores a victory, regardless of any casualties. If the attackers are destroyed or the general flees off the board, the general’s safety is assured and the defenders score a victory.

Concept Notes
The idea behind the scenario is that the attacker can’t allow the alarm to be raised too early. He must stand back and avoid patrols while figuring out their routes and looking for a hole he can use to get into combat with the general. Once he figures out how to bring his army to bear against the general’s unit, he can probably win, despite the superior numbers of defenders. If he takes too long, the game changes; once the general is garrisoned in his building, you won’t be able to attack him with as many units but might be able to use other tactics against him (cracks call or an infernal bomb inside the building certainly appeal). It’s important to remember the spirit of this engagement and choose units appropriately. No one should be fielding doomwheels or plague furnaces or any sort of monstrous unit or cavalry or flying unit (though a weapons team would be fine). I hope someone tries this out and can tell me what the attackers point value should be and how many buildings there should be, as well as pointing out some of the plethora of problems this scenario has.

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Back in the Fall, a fellow gamer and I that were having our own little campaign that ended up becoming the prologue of a greater war. And we created a couple of our own game types. I don't remember them all completely nor do I have all the rules we came up with but I remember the first one we came up with at the end of our first campaign. We called 'Chase Down The Invaders'.

A little bit of background first. Our campaign revolved around an army from Ostermark (his army) traveling into Nehekhara in search of a relic said to be within the city of Athribis (the city I made up for my Tomb King's fluff). It ended in big battle within the city itself. I ultimately won the battle and the campaign but we decided to come up with one last battle, where the Tomb King is chasing after the battered and bloodied men of Ostermark to finish them off altogether. We set it in a narrow valley that was the only route for the fleeing army out of the Lands of the Dead.

I can't remember the exact measurement of the board but we had it long and narrow to simulate the valley. Though any size and shape will do. Obviously the goal sits at one end of the table and the Chasing Army deploys at the opposite end while the Fleeing Army sets up between a third of the table from side of the CA and the center of the board.

Army Size: The first test game we did had 2000pts for the CA and 1500pts for the FA, simulating the Minor Victory I had in the previous battle. But eventually we came up a table/dice roll chart. So it can be used without a previous game. This also affects some of the rules in the battle.

Dice Roll:
One-Roll Again
Two-Fleeing Army Major Victory: FA Strength=CA Strength
Three-Fleeing Army Minor Victory: FA Strength=2/3CA Strength
Four-Draw: FA Strength=3/4CA Strength
Five-Fleeing Army Minor Defeat: FA Strength=2/3CA Strength
Six-Fleeing Army Major Defeat: FA Strength=1/2CA Strength

Unit Restrictions:
Both Armies: No units with Flying, Monsters, or Warmachines. The terrible mountain weather is preventing the Chasing Army from using their own flying units while those of the Fleeing Army have either abandoned the army or are likewise grounded by the weather. Additionally, the valley is too narrow for giant creatures to safely navigate. Finally, the difficult terrain has resulted in the FA abandoning their remaining warmachines while their pursuers have left theirs behind to focus on bringing down the running army.

Chasing Army: 50% of total points must be spent on Cavalry and/or Chariots. These guys are chasing after another army so they would bring up as many of their fastest units as they can.

Fleeing Army: Can only spend 25% of their points on Cavalry and/or Chariots (excluding mounts for Lords and Heroes) as much of their surviving cavalry have already fled ahead of the infantry. Additionally, no units can be held in reserve or deployed under special rules, ie. Scouts. All units must be deployed at the beginning.

Who Goes Sets Up First: The Fleeing Army

Who Goes First: The Fleeing Army

Reaching The End: Any FA unit within 2 inches of the edge of the table designated as the goal are removed from play at the end of their turn. Unless they are in combat.

Game Length: Six or seven turns should do it, unless your field is rather large than you may want to extend it a few more turns.

Special Rules:
Theses aren't but they can add some character to the battle

Fleeing Army Major/Minor Victory: The retreating army has successful stolen the relic or riches they sought and are now withdrawing to the safety of their stronghold. Because of the valuable nature of the item, only the Lord of the army is allowed to carry it. If there is more than one Lord, nominate one to carry the relic. However, their actions have also angered the leaders of their enemies, who have vowed to recover the relic no matter the cost. All Lords and Heroes (and any units they are a part of) in the CA have Hatred against the Lord in question. If the Lord is slain than the CA automatically recovers the Relic from their enemies.

Fleeing Army Minor Defeat: The retreating army has lost, their morale is low and on the verge of breaking when their enemies appeared on their rear. On the beginning of the FA player's first turn, he must take a Leadership Test for every one of his units. If failed, the unit can only preform a Flee! move in the direction of the Goal. Even those units with Immune to Psychology must take these tests. Furthermore, those that failed the test must continue to take the Leadership Tests at the beginning of their turns until they past.

Fleeing Army Major Defeat: Run for your lives! The mangled retreating army has been completely thrown into disarray by the return of those that defeated them so badly. Just like before, all units must take Leadership Tests, however until they pass it they have a -1 modifier to their Leadership.

Scoring: At the end of the last turn, all FA not within 4 inches of the Goal are removed as casualties while those within are counted as escaped (albeit just barely). Then tally up the Victory Points those that have been slain and those that have escaped. If the Relic is in play, add 100 points to whoever holds it.

Now I think that's all of it but I can't remember if there's anything else at the moment. The other guy had all the rules so I'll see if I can get a copy to make sure.

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