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Ok so It doesn't seem like anybody wants to comment X_X this is the final list of rules till I get a good plethora of comments, its a touch simpler, and if you have tried it yet, please comment on your battle, how it went, how the miscast effected the game ect ect. Also If anybody could look over the point costs on the items I made for a look through on the points value and tell me if its too inexpensive or expensive by how many points.

Slaanesh 4 win.
Check out my alternate warhammer magic rules and comment please,
Also, if you not too busy, check out my stats on some 40k stuff. New rules for Angron, a new Chaos predator and Land Raider, and some Chaos gods vehicle blessings to top it all off. again, please comment.
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Still think its way too complicated and has too many exceptions to remember. Also can you miscast and irresistible on the same roll? Finally, the idea of the one time miscast table is too much paper work and record keeping. I think your attempt is good, but in the end doesn't make the magic phase better.

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Default Version 1.4 New magic Rules + miscasts!

@Asian Avatar: Sorry if this one is a bit too complicated. I went over all the rules and completely redid the entire magic table. I hope this one is more comprehensive. Its not as clean and simple as the current edition, but I believe its close.
Note: There is 20 different miscasts, this means your need either a D20 dice or a dice rolling app on your phone or Ipod.

This is near the final edition: I really hope some people try it and comment on it. If you are curious as why anything is how it is, ask me. there is reason behind my madness!

The Winds of Magic

Magic dice are generated at a base rate of 3 power dice and 2 dispel dice.
The term Wizard Lord refers to wizards maintaining a magic level of 3 or higher.

Wizards can cast magic if lowered to level 0, but channel less Dispel / Power dice. If a wizard is lowered below level 0, it ceases to be a wizard any longer.
A d6 is rolled to determine how fluent the winds of magic are for both the players magic phases.

1-2 = Fluent magic, channeling attempts are made on a 3+
3-4=Normal, Channeling attempts are made on a 4+
5-6=Fickle, channeling attempts are made on a 5+

Dispel Dice channeling always grant dispel dice on a Roll of 5+
Each wizard gets one channeling attempt plus one for every magic level he has, for either power or dispel dice, depending on the players turn accordingly.
Lvl 0 Wizard - 1 Channel Attempt
Lvl 1 Wizard - 2 Channel Attempts
Lvl 2 Wizard - 3 Channel Attempts
Lvl 3 Wizard - 4 Channel Attempts
Lvl 4 Wizard - 5 Channel Attempts

The number of Channeling attempts is number of wizards alive + total wizard level of all wizards alive in a nutshell.

As per old rules, Fleeing Wizards, or Wizards not on the table cannot channel.
Wizards do not 'forget' spells by losing magical levels, and only lose their channeling attempts.
Note: Wizards do NOT benefit from the bonus to cast equal to their wizard level as in the newest edition of the war hammer magic rules.

All power dice can be converted into dispel dice in the following phase on a roll of 4+ per dice. This does not require a wizard so armies that have lost all their casters can gain a small boost to their dispel pool.

Changes on spell bound items: All spell bound items do not suffer from the "minimum 3 to cast" rule or sometimes called "Not Enough Power!" rule. This ability only applies to bound spells.

Dwarves generate an additional two dispel dice. Dwarves natural resistance to magic drives away vortex's they are casted upon them. Each dwarf rune priest can direct the winds of magic away from their fellow kin. Each runepriest in the army may attempt to drive away a Vortex during your dispel phase (before the vortex moves). If you roll a 5+ on a single D6 roll, if you succeed, you may force the vortex to reroll its direction and distance for that turn.

Miscasting is caused by rolling a set number of 1's depending on your wizard level and Irresistible force is caused by double '6's.
If both are rolled they cancel out each other, and the spell proceeds normally.
Dispelling Irresistible force
Players may designate a specific wizard to dispel an irresistible force spell. This wizard will automatically roll on the miscast table after the attempt , even if he fails or succeeds to dispel it, unless he rolls a double '6' in the dispel attempt and beats the casting value rolled. In this case the spell is dispelled normally.

Miscast Table D20
Magic Resistance add to your Ward saves apply to the miscast table, adding to any ward saves the wizard already has.
Miscast Table D20
Weakened wizards, of Wizard level 0, miscast upon rolling a single dice roll of "1"
Hero wizards, Levels 1-2 miscast upon rolling a double "1"
Wizard Lords, levels 3-4 miscast upon rolling a triple "1"

1: Warp Pet!
Your wizard is now a frothing servant of the dark gods.
The spell is cast with irresistible force, but the magical energies warp him into a monster.
Remove your wizard is removed as a casualty, and place a Chaos Spawn Model. All allied units within 6" of the newly born chaos spawn must take a panic test or flee directly away from the creature. The Spawn charges towards the nearest unit on your next movement phase. The spawn has a bonus to attacks and wounds equal to the wizards level he maintained before the miscast. The spawn is worth no victory points when killed.
2D6 3 0 5 5 3(+WL) 2 D6+1(+WL) 10
2: Magical dead zone!
The wizard gains Magic resistance (3) but all magical items within 3" of the wizard (including his items and warp abilities.) cease to function.
The wizard loses 2 magic levels due to the magic null field surrounding him.
3: Flaming Inferno!
The wizards magic erupts into a blast of superheated air, searing the skin and melting anything close to the wizard.
The wizard and any units in base contact take a Flaming Strength 10 hit.
After the hits have been resolved he loses a magic level.

4: Magical Toss of Death!
Some magical force grips the wizard and throws him like a human cannonball.
The Wizard Is moved 3d6 (- Minus Wizard Level) additionally, if he moves into any terrain other that open terrain, he stops and he takes a Str 6 Hit. If he hits a unit, he stops and he causes a hit to himself, and the unit in question. If he is in a unit and the arrow heads into his unit, He causes the hit to himself and his unit, and is placed 1" past the unit, in the direction he was thrown.

5: Incoming Hostile!
The wizards excess energies have been carried off by the winds Azyr and have brought down a chunk of flaming warp stone onto the battlefield.
scatter the small blast template 1D6" from the wizard who miscasted. All units under the template take a strength 4 magical hit.
A marker is then placed for the warp stone. All wizards within 3" of the warp stone require a less dice roll of "1" to miscast. Level 0 wizards will automatically miscast if they use the power of the warpstone.
All spells cast within 3" gain +3 to cast.

6: Magical Repulsion!
Amazingly, the wizard emerges unscathed, but has repulsed the excess energy away from him. Every unit within 12" of the wizard takes D6 hits at D6 Str, roll separately for each unit, excluding the wizard. The wizard loses a magic level after the effects have been resolved.

7: Forbidden Magic!
The wizard's mind is ripped from reality, passing through strange areas of the warp, and his mind infused with a miniscule amount of Tzeentch's knowledge and power.
His mind is filled with secrets of magic known only to the Chaos God Tzeentch. He gains a magic level and may generate a single spell from any lore.
Although his delving into the secrets of Tzeentch has drawn his attention to them. For all intents and purposes, he will soon die a slow and horrible death at Tzeentch's hands, even if he succeeds to survive this battle. The enemy claims victory points for your hero as if he were killed at the end of the game, as he is as good as dead.
8: Time Teleport!
The Wizard vanishes in a puff of smoke, only to reappear later, looking very, very bewildered.
Roll a D6
On a roll of 1 he reappears at the beginning of your next movement phase.
On a roll of 2-5 he is replaced two turns later, at the beginning of your movement phase.
On a roll of 6 he is replaced two turns later, at the beginning of your opponents movement phase.
If he is appears inside an enemy unit, he is instead placed 1" beyond the unit.
***Note: A Wizard that is off the table in this manner at the end of game is treated as a casualty.

9oint blank Explosion
The spell is casted with a thunderous blast of energy, blowing off the casters hand and a portion of his arm. He takes a Str 6 hit ignoring armour saves. If he is wounded, he loses a hand, and loses an attack. He may only benefit from a hand weapon or a shield, and may not use 2 handed weapons.
After effects have been resolved reduced the wizard level by one.

10: Magical redirection!
The spell is cast, but the enemy chooses the target, or the starting location of the vortex. The spell is automatically casted with a dispel value equal to the casting value the wizard attempted.
The wizard who miscasted can then dispel the effects with his power dice.
11: Incursion of the Warp!
Your Wizard becomes a rag-doll at the hands of a greater daemon of Tzeentch.
He is attacked with 5 Ws 6, Str 6 attacks. After the effects have been resolved the wizard loses a magic level.

12: Magic Wind Backlash
The wizard has drawn violent energies of the winds of magic to swirl among him, this violent energy of Shyish causes life around the wizard to extinguish.
The wizard takes 1D6+1 Str 5 hits that ignore armor saves.
If he is in a unit these hits are distributed as shooting attacks.
If the unit or hero is within 2" of a forest, the trees of the forest all perish, and the hits are only counted as Strength 2 against the hero or unit.
After the effects have been calculated the wizard loses a magic level.
13: Magic Mouth!
A Daemonic flaming maw momentarily manifests below the wizards feet and attempts swallow him whole.
The wizard must pass an initiative test on 2D6 or the Wizard takes a number of Str 5 Hits equal to the amount he failed by.
These attacks all have the heroic killing blow special rule.
If the wizard is on a multiple wound mount, the wounds are directed against the mount.
After effects have been resolved the wizard loses a magic level.
14: Magic Siphon!
All the energy gathered by the army is whisked away back into the winds of magic, frying the brain of the wizard as the energy is ripped from his mind. The magic phase immediately ends and the wizard who miscasted forgets D3 spells and loses a wizard level.

15: Magical Misfire!
The Magic used for the spell combusts around the wizard.
The Wizard takes a Str 4 hit, and an Additional hit at +1 Str per dice used. Successful ward saves must be rerolled.
Wizard Lords suffer hits at -1 Str for calculating the effects.
ex: your wizard lord miscasted with 4 dice. He takes a Str 3, 4, 5 and 6 hit.

16: Magical befuddlement!
The once wise Wizard isn’t looking too wise anymore, and begins munching on his hat.
Wizard Gains the "Stupidity" Special rule and may not move for the turn, even if he is normally immune to psychology.
They are always able to channel their power and dispel dice respectively when they pass a stupidity test.

17: Mind Sunder!
The forces of the warp attack the wizards mind, testing it for its flaws and weaknesses. Only the most stalwart and unyielding wizard could disperse the magical attempts at destroying his mind.
Wizard takes an unmodified Leadership test on 4d6-Wizard Level, or suffers one Str 2 hit for every point over his leadership, ignoring Armour and Ward saves. After the effects have been resolved the wizard loses a magic level.

18: Share the Pain!
Alderran explodes, and every Force sensitive being immediately hears millions of voices perish.
Every Wizard on your side of the table takes wound on a roll of 4+ ignoring Armour Saves. This hits your wizards of the highest point value first, and proceeds to the next costliest wizard until all wizards have been hit once, or until it causes 3 wounds (which may be saved).
After the effects, the wizard that miscasted loses a wizard level.

19: Magical Sprite Attack!
The magic manifests into tiny nonsensical imps, who are equally likely to play harmless pranks as they are to gouging out his eyes.
Wizard gets attacks by 3d6 Str 1 Ws 2 poisonous attacks.
After effects have been resolved the wizard loses a magic level.

20: Magical Rejuvenation!
The magical winds bend and rejuvenate the wizard, or grant him an unnatural vitality fueled by magic. Although the overload of magic cracks the soul of the wizard.
The Wizards magic empowers his flesh beyond its physical limits. The wizard heals 1 wound, or gains 1 wound if at full wounds.
He also loses a magic level.

Wizards may not continue to cast spells once they have miscasted.

After Miscast Results have been resolved the player loses a single power dice. If the wizard who miscasted was trying to cast a stronger version of the spell, he instead two power dice.
If this bring the player below his maximum pool of magic dice, the wizard who miscasted loses a wizard level on a roll of 4+ for each dice they exceeded the pool with.

Max power: The maximum energy that can be gathered is 12 Dice, power or dispel. This increases by +1 for every 500 points your army contains. So a 2000 point army is limited to having 16 dice max, but a 3000 point army could muster 18 dice.
Powerstones and other single use abilities that grant power dice do not count towards this limit.

The only thing this table needs is a way to cap the amount a wizard can use. All power dice are counted as a "pool" which can be used by any wizard. But players with a wizard lord (or third or fourth level) may just use him to cast all their spells. Since wizard lords only miscast on a triple "1" this would unbalence the magic phase. I was thinking wizards may only use 3+Wizard level dice a turn, but if anybody can think of a better way to limit wizards power dice, let me know!
All comments and suggestions welcomed!!!

Slaanesh 4 win.
Check out my alternate warhammer magic rules and comment please,
Also, if you not too busy, check out my stats on some 40k stuff. New rules for Angron, a new Chaos predator and Land Raider, and some Chaos gods vehicle blessings to top it all off. again, please comment.
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