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Default Needed some help with a Khador list

I used to play Menoth before selling all my minis, but that was 2 years ago and I haven't picked up dice or a brush since then. Now that I have finally settled (moved around a lot for the past 2 years) and have built a workbench for painting a such, I thought I would get back into the hobby.

So, Khador; there are a few minis and casters I really like, and was curious what would work best with them as I would like to build my force around them if possible.

- Koldun Kommander Zerkova
- Kommander Strakhov
- Karchev the Terrible

Side note: I will most likely have all three casters eventually, so help with what works well with any of them would be great. As for points, I am not sure of what the typical tournament lists run, so I guess anywhere from 35-50 as I would like to play in tournaments eventually.

- Widowmakers
- Battle Mechaniks
- Battle Mechanik Officer (I really want to use the PP exclusive "Bombardier Bombshell mini as the officer)


I should probably pick up their rule book to get a feel for what feats work well with what units, and I plan to pick one up this week. Just sort of at a loss when it comes to building a force, as I have been out of wargames in general for so long, all I can base my force composition on is what looks cool and would be fun to paint. From the reading I have done, I've gathered that Karchev would lead a jack heavy force while the other two casters I listed would only field maybe 2 jacks in a 35pt force. I also read that for higher point games over 35pts, jack heavy forces do not fair as well.

Anyways, those are the units, solos and casters I really would love to use, any advice would be extremely helpful. Would be awesome if those units could find a place under every caster, even if I shrink the units down. The solo Fenris seems just from the looks of him to probably be a solo that would work better with Karchev, but again, pretty damn overwhelmed.

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Well, I don't play Khador, but I have played against them a fair bit so here's my thoughts:
Zerkova from what I've seen is a tricky caster to get the most out of, as she's very fragile in a faction that generally relies on being hard to hurt. That said she has a huge list of spells and can come up with some very nasty tricks if she's been positioned carefully. As you note Zerkova doesn't really run a 'jack heavy list very well - her Focus is often better spent casting and upkeeping, she an get good use out of a Spriggan or a Juggernaut with Watcher on it. Reinholdt is a very good Merc to take with her.
Karchev is a nice model and a fun 'caster to play, but his tactical options are a little limited. He can run multiple 'jacks with ease, although a unit or two of high defense infantry that can get by without much support from the 'caster would be useful as a screen until the slower 'jacks are in position to charge. Behemoth is a bit of a terror with Karchev, and he can use Unearthly Rage to side step the Bezerkers habit of exploding when given focus.
Strakhov is probably the most dangerous of the three 'caster you listed, as he can reduce the Khadoran lack of speed that's the factions greatest weakness. On his feat turn friendly models fly across the table - a Speed 8, pathfinder Beast09 or Spriggan is nothing short of horrible. While Strakhov gives bonuses to Assault Kommandos, I've most often seen him with Doomreavers that he gives stealth to with Occultation.
In regards to the units Widowmakers are rarely a bad choice in a Khador force, they can be safely left to sit in cover and pick off solos and whittle down units without a need for a buff, but if the caster has one that'll help to spare, then great.
Battle Mechaniks are a little more situational. The repair ability can come in useful, but against heavy hitting, speedy armies like Cryx even Khador 'jack tend to get scrapped if they get charged. The 'jack marshal bit is OK if you have a 'jack that can get along only using one focus although the stars of the Khadoran military really are the units.
So that's what I think about Khador, for what it's worth, hope you find it of some use.

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Awesome thank you, nice to hear strengths and weaknesses from someone whose played against them rather than someone who has fielded them as you probably saw various components to either kicked ass or lacked ass kicking traits that might have been missed by someone who fields the army. I used to play Menoth, and loved them. I lost nearly every single game of 40k and Malifaux I ever played due to being more savy in the hobby aspect than the gaming aspect. But with Menoth I only lost 1 out of the 6 games I played. Reason I decided to go with Khador is I sold my Menoth and hated painting white lol. I will need to pick up the book and do some reading up on them. Appreciate it!

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Hate to be the one to break it to you, but Khador 'jacks look awesome in white.
If you're looking to do further reading on the faction this might help:

"Oh, no tears please. It's a waste of good suffering"
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I agree with much of what Angelus Censura said. Zerkova is generally believed to be Khador's weakest caster, though in her defense she has some tough competition. Karchev is kind of a one trick pony, in that the "power slide" of delivering your heavies is the only thing he does well (though he is extremely cool looking). Strakov's biggest strength is his blatant alpha strike capabilities (Overrun, Superiority and his feat), but Occultation is also a neat spell and certainly something different for non-Kayazy to have (though often best on him for added survivability).

Here're some models that are considered great with pretty much any Khadoran caster:

Widow Makers - the Sniper rule makes them an excellent anti-infantry tool and can help them take out systems on damaged jacks easily. The Widow Maker Marksman solo commonly accompanies them, as they want to stay as far away from their targets as possible and he gives them the ability to move 2" after killing something. Also the mercenary solo Kell Bailoch is often there unofficial unit attachment, as he does exactly what they do, only with higher RAT and shoots twice.

Winterguard + Kovnik Joseph Gregorovich - often referred to as the Winterguard Deathstar, it's a full unit of Winterguard Infantry with the unit attachment and the full 3 rocketeer weapon attachments. With Kovnik Joe to give the whole unit attack rolls, they become excellent and wiping most single wound infantry off the board. The UA allows them to use the Bob & Weave order, increasing their DEF, as well as giving them the option to fire pow 10, 8" sprays rather than the default single-shot, pow 12 blunderbuss. With certain warcaster's buffs (the Butcher's or Epic Sorscha's feat for example), they are also able to put some serious damage on hard targets as well. While they're on the advance, Joe can give them tough and fearless to help more of them get into spray range (though the rocketeers have a very respectable range at all times). The Winterguard Rifle Corps can serve a similar function at a longer range (and can benefit from Joe's abilities), but the Infantry are more numerous and well rounded.

The Great Bears of Gallowswood - a 3 man unit of incredibly high MAT character weapon masters. Each one individually would easily be worth bringing as a 2 point solo, so their 5 point cost is a steal. In short, they can seriously wreck face and are just a generally amazing unit.

Ironfang Pikemen - more specifically with the Black Dragon unit attachment. Ironfangs have always been good (reach, CMA, high base pow, crit knock down), but as with all melee units, they're no good if they can't close with the enemy. The BD UA gives the unit a mini-feat (Iron Zeal) that gives them +4 ARM and immunity to knock down, making them significantly more survivable while running at your opponent. The Precision Strike is good, but IMO the Iron Zeal is what makes them better than the standard Ironfang UA.

Spriggan - this an amazing warjack for a number of reasons. First, it's the only non-character warjack (besides the Conquest) that has reach, plus the Powerful Charge ability as icing. Second, it has a shield. At first glance 1 more point of ARM may not seem like much, but the bump up numbers-wise from 20 to 21 is significant and makes the already resilient Khador chassis that much more so. Third are it's grenade lauchers. Though only RAT 4 like all Khador jacks and though it's only pow 10, having it be and AOE means you don't need to hit to be able to kill squishy enemy infantry like Mechanithralls, Kayazy or Nyss. The bette GL ability is Targeting Flare, allowing you to ignore stealth of models you place the AOE over. The fourth reason it's great is the Bulldoze ability, allowing you to push models be advances into base-to-base with up to 2" away. It's excellent in scenario to move enemy heavies out of zone/away from flags or objectives and can also be used to push models back to either: a, free up ranged units; b, push things away so you can charge them again; c, push enemy heavies that don't have reach away to free up your Spriggan to go attack something else.

The Behemoth - though pricey in points and $, this jack does it all. It's armor piercing fists can wreck nearly anything it touches that's on a medium or larger base and the two bombards ensure it gets plenty of use outside of melee as well (or in melee, as it is one of the few models that can actually shoot while engaged.)

There are a number of other things that are good either on their own or better with certain caster combinations, but the above can stand alone. To answer your original prompt, Karchev wants more warjacks (Behemoth, Spriggan and multiple Juggernauts), Strakov wants anything melee (Ironfangs, Doom Reavers, Kayazy, Kayazy Eliminators and the Great Bears) and Zerkova wants to bring stuff that's innately good to make up for the mediocre contributions she provides. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more specific questions in the future.

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Reports

Those smote by Mulg the Ancient: Stryker2, Constance Blaize, Nemo2, Amon, Karchev, Skarre1, Venethrax, Magnus1, Madrak1, Jarl, Kruger1, Kruger2, Grayle, Morghoul1, Mordikar, Rhyas, Thagrosh1, Lylth1, Arkadius, Barnabas, Rask
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Thanks for the info Mayhem! Don't mean to resurrect the thread, been a busy few months since I posted this and have had no time to come on here. When I moved a few years back, I sold or gave away everything I owned relating to miniatures - including paints, paint brushes, etc. It is surprising how much it costs to buy everything at onces, now that I am re-buying all of the necessities, when in the past when I was into wargames I accumulated everything over a period of time.

To the point, I did a lot of reading from Battlecollege, and a bunch of lurking on the Privateer Press forums, and decided to go with pIrusk. Here is what I have acquired so far, though it seems some of it I may not end up using with Irusk:

Winterguard Infantry w/rocketeers
Winterguard Rifle Corps
A Battle Mechanik Officer (random but he was free w/purchase at a LGS)
Assault Kommando Flamethrower UA x2
x2 Assault Kommandos (blister)
And the resin 'jack box with the 4 options, which I am in the process of magnetizing.

Definitely need some more solos, UA's, and really want to get a box of the Pikeman along with the Black Dragon conversion box (love the fluff on them)

Of course I am now having the same problem I had when I used to be into wargames, I am already looking at the Mercenaries as a next army choice, and I haven't even finished this army or bought paints to start painting them yet /facepalm

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Originally Posted by Angelus Censura View Post
You can have a whole bunch of different Mercs IN Khador, more or less everything in 4star syndicate works for Khador afaik. No need to switch factions for that

On to the list, you NEED Kovnik Josef Grigorowhatever (in short Joe) for the Winter Guard, nothing short of it.
IFP are ace with everything so also a solid buy, so also with Irusk. I know I hate facing them at least

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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
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