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Trollbloods 7 16.28%
Circle Orboros 4 9.30%
Cygnar 6 13.95%
The Protectorate of Menoth 13 30.23%
Skorne 7 16.28%
Khador 5 11.63%
Legion of Everblight 7 16.28%
Cryx 12 27.91%
Minions 2 4.65%
Retribution of Scyrah 0 0%
Mercenaries 3 6.98%
Don't like any of them 0 0%
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Default Warmahords: What faction do you play and why?

In answering a post, I got to thinking about Heresy and the actual community size of the warmahordes players.

I have a couple of questions for people:

What faction or factions do you play?


For myself, I play Cryx.

I picked up Cryx because I loved the undead pirate themes, the fluff, and the bloat thrall. It is probably one of my favourite models and personally, I am a shit painter, but I am proud of how that model turned out. Once I started playing, I found that they really suit the way I approach games and suited me.

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I play every faction. But I guess my main factions would be Cryx and Thornfall since I own every model a few times over in each. Been playing Cryx a few years now and just picked up all of Thornfall this year and loving them so far. I got into Cryx for the variety of models. I saw every other faction was pretty much just normal dudes running around, or dudes in armor, or elf dudes. But Cryx had skeletons, zombies, satyrs, centaurs, robot people, witches, pirates, trolls, cenobites, ogrun, and walking bombs. So I figured they'd be the most fun to paint.

"If it doesn't feel wrong, you're not doing it right."
-Guide to Following Chaos.

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Im all about the trollbloods because their models are fun to paint and the fluff is halarious to read.

So I am growing my enemy.....so what I gotta kill something.

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I play Circle of Orboros. Werewolves, manbeasts, druids and general tree hugging hippies WITHOUT having to go the namby pamby elf route is always a good thing.

Also, there fluff is quite awesome.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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Skorne!! Because I like smashing face and treating my warbeasts like they are nothing
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when starting i knew i wanted a warmachine faction as i didn't like many of the hordes models. (i'm basing this off the boxed sets alone as my FLGS had all of them painted wicked nice) i didn't like the look of Cryx, mostly their smaller jacks. i liked the thought of having light and heavy jacks so Khador was out. so it was between cygnar and menoth. i wasn't really too crazy about having a shooty army so i decided that i wanted to play menoth.

then i found a fully painted cygnar army on Ebay for i think under 200. it was probably 600-700 dollars worth of models. it was a HUGE army, probably upwards of 150 points with all the casters. so here i am playing cygnar and loving it.

however, i've recently started putting together a menoth army with the release of the 2player box set. i split it with a friend who wanted the Khador. i plan for it to be mostly a knight based force (bastions, knights errant, etc) + jacks because i love the look of the knight models.
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Skorn and Circle are my two current factions. I also own Some khador, Cryx and Menoth, but I prefer the challenge of Skorn and Circle.

Once I get around to saving up a bit of extra cash I will be buying in to gators and a 50pt list of legion consisting of nothing but shredders so I can yell "Zerg rush! kekekekeke!"


Eyes with out life.
Maggot ridden corpses.
Mountains of skulls.
These are some of my favorite things.

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I have Menoth and Trolls, but Menoth is my favorite. An army of crusading religious fanatics, who use fire to either condemn, redeem, and just about anything else you can think of. I also enjoy the play style it took me some time to get use to, however i think most of us can agree most armies are like that. Main reason I start was the crusader look it caught my eye immediately when exploring the armies of warmachine.

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Default Fire..heh heh...fire.

Menoth. I have a bad habit of choosing an army or faction (depending on the game system) by looks rather than how they play, and I compose that faction/army of minis I like the looks of, rather than how cohesive the force is; then I end up with a shit faction make-up or army and get upset. Fortunately, this did not end up happening when I chose Menoth based on some of the casters and the Exemplar Errants. LOVE this faction, and while I played 40k for 8 years and can count the amount of times I actually won a game on one hand, I am currently 6 and 2 with my Menoth

Also started to look into Trollbloods, but haven't made any purchases yet. Reaaallllly considering it next paycheck, however, I haven't finished painting my Menoth yet, and starting a new army/faction before finishing the hold one is another bad habit

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Originally Posted by Angelus Censura View Post
Menoth. I have a bad habit of choosing an army or faction (depending on the game system) by looks rather than how they play,
Not a bad habit at all! Its how I do it. Rather have something that looks great and I'll enjoy if I'm gonna invest the time and money into them for years.

"If it doesn't feel wrong, you're not doing it right."
-Guide to Following Chaos.

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