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My guess is Teclis will be camping under Banner of the World Dragon? Safest place for him to be.

Have you considered a big Block of Khorne Chosen? I really don't think HE have anything that can really fight off such a unit.
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Many blocks of warriors works well against HE- they can't magic them all and you are basically better then anything they can throw at you. If they do run Teclis it'll hurt but as soon as you get a decent unit in combat with him you should kill him fairly easily.

I'm rarely a fan of chosen- they are incredibly powerful, but such an expensive unit, moving so slowly always seems like a waste to me: everytime I''ve played them I just avoid them and kill the weak stuff...

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Would Sigvald make Chosen more viable? As he allows his unit to ignore terrain, correct?

Plus his 7 Str5 ASF attacks is quite deadly to elves.
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I read Vaz's point. A friend just won a tourney in June with a command unit of chaos knights (mounted BSB and mounted lvl2 with third eye) and a lord with Motz and 4+ ward save and crown of command on a disc that starts in the unit (disc is a war beast, so a lord mounted on a disc gets a look out sir because he is a cav model). He then runs a decent-sized unit of warriors (I think halberds and MoK) and two very large units of MoK marauders with great weapons. The key is the use of cheap 5 model war hound units to control the flow of combat and screen his models. He goes 4-1, occasionally, 3-2, and then placed overall on paint scores and sports.

The other approach to a MoK knight unit (or MoTz or MoN with Banner of Rage) is to run chaos ogres with MoK and trolls as support units. They are only 1" less in movment and can take on things deadly to knights (units with killing blow) and with their large number of supporting attacks do very well. If you run Throgg, he gives a LD boost to the war hounds, ogres and trolls and trolls count as core. With ironguts being cheaper, you can convert ironguts into a 6 or 8 model unit of chaos ogres with great weapons and chaos armour and MoK and really go to town on an opponent.
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Sigvald is surprisingly good if you have a BSB in range to deal with his stupidity but he is very expensive. A lord on disc with Motz and Talisman of Protection and crown of command with the chaos knights is a good choice.

If he goes with HE cheese, a unit of chaos chosen flanked by two MoTz war shrines with favour of the gods on the champ or a character and a banner giving them terror is incredibly annoying. You keep rolling and re-rolling on the gifts of gods table and changing the result with favour until you either hit one of the few numbers you cannot re-roll on or roll an 11 or 12 and get a unit with a 4+ ward save and stubborn. At that point, his only defense is to hide in a building and throw dwellers (if life) or one of the other unit spells to try to take down the size of the unit.

I'd shoot the idiot who designed Teclis-loremaster, all doubles are irresistable force (Book of Hoeth), ignores first miscast each turn, gets a pumped dispel scroll (chance the opponent loses the spell), and gets +D3 extra PD and DD in each magic phase. I'm sure they thought his lack of an innate ward save and low S and T makes him vulnerable but get him in a building (especially in a folding fortress with like 10+ floors) with 50+ archers and a BSB with banner of world dragon and it is a horrible game to play against.
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It's been some time since I posted here, and thanks to good advice and some battle experience I'm more confident in dealing with High Elves now.

During the last night's battle the huge block of spearmen was dealt with in the way you guys suggested here. First decimated with Treason of Tzeentch, then weakened with some throwing axes, and finished off by my warriors, which took only one casaulty in the process.

I had some nice results with the chariot as well, and I'm planning to build two more, as I still have some spare horses in my bits box.

The "men of the match" award, however, goes to the brand new marauder horsemen, who took on a charge from an enemy general on a dragon and surprisingly killed it on the spot, then went on to do some shooting and harrassing behind enemy lines. Those guys have surely earned a promotion to chaos knights.

Still haven't encountered Teclis, but Tyrion gave me some serious headaches. I probably need a hero built for character killing, as I previously concentrated on dealing with large number of lightly armoured rank-and-file troops. (for this last task, the Stream of Corruption on my BSB seems to pay off nicely).
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If you want a nice chariot model -

Hero, BSB, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapon, Helm of Many Eyes, Breath Weapon Power, Soporific Musk, Mark of Khorne Chariot.

Expensive, but charge him into an enemy unit, challenge and proceed to just steam roll it. It's effectively the same trick as what his Korhil pulls.

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