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Default My Previous Druchii Army

I was digging around my memory stick earlier and found this, and with my return to the Dark Elves this year I thought I'd share. It was the army I had up until about two years ago when I sold it all, and aye every model listed here I had at the time.

Hopefully with time and patience the Dark Skies will rise again, although I am more excited this time with the prospect of Plastic Corsairs allowing me to theme my Black Arc rading force even better. Oh and a side note the strong conncection to the Wood Elves was due to the fact it was wifes army at the time, the new version of the 'Dark Skies' will be rewritten to theme against her new force. (She hasn't decided yet.. hehe, think shes considering Skaven or VC)

Oh the reason I'm posting is I forgot how much fluff I came up with.. hehe, so thought I'd see what folks think of it, and also what they think of the army. Anyways heres the list.

"Raiders of the Dark Skies"
Druchii Army
Home City : Karond Kar
"The forces of the Disciple of Morathi, Mreith'rie'karla and her lover Janus Tolarith Lord Captain of the Black Ark known only as the 'Dark Skies' have left Karond Kar in search a fabled magic tome, which is rumoured to be hidden in the woods of Athel Loren. Although neither is positive is it truly lies within the fabled woods, they will do their best to seek it out as it is the key to several items that could grant the two of them near unlimited power in the Druchii court.


High Sorceress Mrieth'rie'karla "Disciple of Morathi" mounted on Sharamau
Mreith'rie'karla is the daughter of Khandrisa, an advisor to Malekith before her death nearly five hundred years ago and his occasional lover. Some rumours even persist Mrieth Karlith might be his daughter, but not loud enough to be heard in court. Regardless the young Sorceress is certainly gifted and earned the title name Mrieth'rir'karla after slaying a High Mage of the White Tower in her first battle near Vauls Anvil. That also led her to be adopted by Morathi as a student of the Dark Arts, something that has made her the envy of many in Naggaroth. As she has aged her skills have devolped and her power at court has also grown, some suggest she seems intoxicated by the thoughts of power that lay open before her, but no matter the real motivation for her actions, it has lead her to becoming a ruthless and very efficient member of Druchii society. Her mount Sharamau is a powerful Manticore, but she has enhanced him with her magiks to make him an even more terrfiying sight to behold.
power - Level 4

equip - Hand weapon, Darkstar Cloak, Crown of Black Iron, Ring of Darkness.
mount - Manticore
Rules - Hate High Elves, Sect Enmity, mount - flying, cause Terror, large target.
Pts: 545

Highborn Janus Tolarith "Lord and Captain of the 'Dark Skies' Black Ark"
Janus Tolarith seems to be little more than a lapdog to those jealous of his companionship with Mrieth, but anyone who truly knows the Disciple of Morathi would know she has no interest in such relationships. Janus is cruel, ruthless, twisted and as enbittered as she, and also has her same lust for power. He is also a supreme fighter and with the magical blade that has been past from one Lord Captain of the Dark skies to another, he is near undefeatable. A point many of his foes, Druchii included have learned to their cost in battle, and the Black Ark Lord Captain has a great many victories under his belt. They have come together to find a power for themselves and earn the respect in court they believe they deserve. His Black Ark the 'Dark Skies' is a dreaded sight all across the Great Ocean, but his latest voyage leads him towards the Old World.

equip - Heavy armour, hand weapon, shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, repeater crossbow,
Black Amulett, Blade of Ruin.
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 249 (356 with Chariot)

Highborn Qu'landrie Eshridahth "Khahndriess, the Fallen Arrow" mounted on Lorihn
Qu'landrie was a Waywatcher of Loren for many years, a scout of unequal ability she watched the woods north of Ariels glade with a sharp eye, and quick temper. It would be this temper that would eventually lead to her downfall, and it began with the revolt of a Branchwraith named Jydrei that resulted in the death of her younger sister Eshandra. Qu'landrie was incensed and insisted she be allowed to claim vengeance upon the Branchwraith, but when Ariel denied her, the waywatcher chose to fulfil her anger anyway and hunted Jydrei down, slaying her near the three sisters. The action was seen as childish and a sacrilidge to the forests of Athel Loren, and as punishment she was exiled from the borders of her home. Embittered she travelled the world for many years, becoming a mercenary of sorts, fighting at such locations as Mordheim, The Bad lands and even as far as the eastern realm of Cathay. It was here she made an error in judgement and feeling bitter towards her kindred continued East interested to see the so called Druchii lands for herself. She made it to the edge of the Iron frost glacier before she was engaged and eventually captured by Shades, but not before killing several. Dragged in chains to Naggarond, she was placed under the alter of Khaine before Malekith and the Witchking held his hand stopping her sacrifice. Sensing the rage inside he saw a potential tool, and ordered that she be placed in the armour of Living Death. Qu'landrie's screams echoed through-out the spires of Naggarond as she was stripped and forced into the Bone ribbed black armour. After three centuries of battling slaves in gladiatorial arena's and nearly two centruies of loyal service to Malekith the soul that once was Qu'landrie is almost extinguished. Pretty much all that remains now is the warrior known to the Druchii as Khahndriess, the fallen arrow, and it was she who told Mrieth'rie'karla about the lost Druchii tome inside the heart of Athel Loren. Her mount Lorihn has served her since she left Athel Loren, and although confused by the changes still trusts her mistress but becomes more moody with each passing year.

equip - Armour of Living Death, Sea Dragon cloak, hand weapon, Shield.
mount - Dark Steed
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 255

LORDS Pts: 1049


Noble Lilieth Karlith "Khaines daughter"
This young Druchii has earned a reputation for her murderous abilities after she was involved at a battle against the Hung at Altar of Ultimate darkness. Somehow she touched the altar after a near mortal wound almost took her life and awoke a power inside it's evil that forged with her soul. Her skin stained black and she re-entered the fray causing her foes to flee from her rage. It is said she has been blessed by Khaine, and as the neice of Mrieth this has only strengthened her Aunt's position in the court.

equip - Aura of Death (counts as heavy armour and Sea Dragon cloak) two hand weapons, Deathmask.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Terror.
Pts: 134

Sorceress Silith Ralkar mounted on Tepier
power - level 2
Silith has been a apprentice of Mrieth for nearly one hundred years now, and since joining up with the Disciple of Morathi has doubled her ability to focus the Dark Arts. To reward her ability Mreith gave her a Soulstone, and lately Silith has found it amusing to cast spells on her Cold One Tepier to change his skin colour.

equip - Hand weapon, Soulstone, Dispel Scroll.
mount - Cold One
Rules - Hate High Elves, Sect Enmity.
Pts: 206

Noble Yven Teresse "the BlackLion" mounted on Blackspite
Yven Teresse is hated almost as much as the Witch King in Ulthuan as he is one of the very few High Elves to betray their people since the fall of the Druchii. Angered and frustrated in battle after losing several key skirmishes against the Druchii near Arnheim when reinforcements where lacking. He fought on becoming more embittered and his final fight as Asur was a last stand of his White Lions in the vale of Screaming Banshees, the White Lion Captain was the sole survivor, captured after a near mortal quarrel wound. But unlike most of his kin who would die rather than even give one Druchii the satisfaction of seeing him suffer, Yven was bitter for his losses and his captors found it increasingly easier to enrage him and as the years passed he became twisted with anger, blaming his former leaders for his failings as he toiled in the gladiatorial arenas. Eventually his Captors bored even with this released him into the Black Hills planning to hunt him down as sport, but Yven had already found enough rage inside to make a pact with Khaine. While his captors hunted him, he found the Shield of Ghrond, with this boon and armed with his Lion axe corrupted by Dark magiks he then slew every member of the party pursuing him. As he walked north across the hills he found the Dark Pegasus Blackspite, who seemed to recognise a mutual anger in the Elf before it and allowed Yven to tame it. Yven then pondered his options, but his anger to his former leaders was still strong so he flew to Naggrond to offer his axe and service to Malekith. Morathi found him first and found the whole situation so amusing she attached him to Mrieth'rir'karla as the Druchii launched their fresh attacks on Ulthuan. His combat prowess and black stained Lion pelt have becaome an infamous stain on the White Lions who now see him as one of their most hated foes.

equip - Heavy armour, Black Lion cloak (counts as Sea Dragon cloak,) hand weapon, Shield of Ghrond, Lion axe (counts as sword of might.)
mount - Dark Pegasus
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 185

Beastmaster Darieth Krool mounted on Brakkah
Darieth, brother of Muer is the most skilled of the Beastmasters upon the 'Dark Skies' and is the only one with the will to control a Manticore. His mount Brakkah is a nestling of Sharamau and Darieth has helped Mrieth learn the arts of contolling these magnificent beasts.

equip - Lance, hand weapon, Blood armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Lifetaker.
mount - Manticore
Rules - Hate High Elves, Beastmaster, mount - Flying, cause Terror, large target.
Pts: 290

Assassin Navarith Doomshadow
Navarith has been assigned to protect Mrieth'rir'karla by Malekith himself, no one is sure why this strange order has been given, or why the Witchking would be bothered to protect the Disciple of Morathi. Druchii watching the court can only be led to assume that maybe there is some meat to the rumours concerning Mrieth's birth after all. Although Navarith will not say why his has been assigned and shadows Mrieth and Janus whereever they travel, often hiding right under their noses to reveal himself at the last second, and has saved Mrieth from certain death twice so far since his attachment.

equip - Two hand weapons, Manbane, Rune of Khaine.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Hidden, leadership.
Pts: 179

Sorceress Kalissa Venom
power - level 2
Kalissa is the sister of Nianha, and a fastly improving Sorceress of the Dark Arts under Mrieht'rie'karla. She is also the lover of Darieth Krool and has travelled many times with him on the back of Brakkah on the way to a battle. Very attractive even by Druchii standards, several of the men have lusted after her, and on occasion she has been unable or unwilling to spurn the advances. However this has led to the deaths of several warriors from the blade of a vengeful Darieth, something which has captured the concern of Janus, who has warned his head Beastmaster to be weary of his emotions.

equip - Hand weapon, Black Staff, Power Stone.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Sect Enmity.
Pts: 175

Battle Standard Bearer Brael Karlith mounted on Scarn
Brael is Mrieth'rie'karla's half brother and Lilieth's father, loyal to his sister as an absolute, he has followed her now for nearly two centuries of warfare and has carried her armies banner for nearly one hundred and forty years of that time. It is said Brael has no fear of death and fights as if possessed on the battlefield.

equip - Heavy armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Lance, hand weapon, shield, Hydra Banner.
mount - Cold One
Rules - Hate High Elves, mount - cause fear, thick-skinned, stupidity.
Pts: 192

Sorceress Fieres Tolarith
power - Level 1
Fieres is the daughter of Janus and is fiery even for a Druchii, she is convinced that Mrieth is her mother but for whatever reason neither her father or she will admit to it. It's very frustrating for the young Sorceress and this has probably helped lead to her current temperament. Practically a babe when it comes to practising the Dark Arts, she follows Mrieth's lead with a steady hand and focused eye.

equip - Hand weapon, Tome of Furion, Dispel Scroll.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Sect Enmity.
Pts: 130

Beastmaster Arna Kiedra
Arna is the mother of Yuel, and is seen as the second of all the beastmasters on the Dark Skies. She has a morbid fascination with Trolls that has nearly cost her life several times, and commands the Arks nine Hydra's with a scornful glare.

equip - Hand weapon, light armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Crimson Death, Talisman of Protection.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Beastmaster.
Pts: 98

HEROES Pts: 1589


Warriors x20 led by Lordling Nianha Venom
Nianha is Kalissa's younger sister and although has never shown any ability in the Dark Arts, she is a useful Warrior, and Kalissa is often seen accompanying this unit into battle.

equip - Light armour, hand weapon, spears and shield.
inc Standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 185

Warriors x10 led by Lordling Kiever Marieth
Kiever leads his crossbow unit with a skilled eye, which has seen him become the first choice of Janus on the battlefield many times.

equip - light armour, hand weapon, repeater crossbows.
inc standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 155

Warriors x10 led by Lordling Tsuan Kilbreeze
Tsuan secretly wishes to join the Shades, but in the meantime is trying to focus his crossbow unit as best he can, and is in a running contest with Kiever the other crossbow unit to who can claim the most kills.

equip - Light armour, hand weapon, repeater crossbows.
inc Standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 155

Corsairs x10 led by Reaver Lucien Dargoth
Many Corsairs on the Dark Skies Black Ark are remaining onboard when the Armies reach the Old World, it is a long trek to Athel Loren, and Janus has no intention of leaving their only means of escape guarded by weaker warriors. So only a handful of Janus' favoured Corsairs are joining the main battleline, Lucien and his skilled unit are one of those chosen to accompany their Lord Captain.

equip - Light armour, two hand weapons, Sea Dragon cloak.
inc Standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves.
Pts: 125

Dark Riders x6 led by Herald Hharn Darkeye
Hharn is a veteran of the Dark Riders and is seen as their overall commander attending the battle discussions before passing down the commands to the rest of the Dark Riders of the Dark Skies Black Ark.

equip - Light armour, hand weapon, spear, repeating crossbows.
mount - Dark steed.
inc Standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves, fast Cavalry.
Pts: 179

Dark Riders x6 led by Herald Yuel Kiedra
Yuel is young but eager to prove his skill in battle, especially with the watchful eye of his mother upon him.

equip - Light armour, hand weapon, spear, repeating crossbows.
mount - Dark Steed.
inc Standard Bearer, Musician.
Rules - Hate High Elves, fast Cavalry.
Pts: 179

CORE Pts: 978


Shades x10 led by Bloodshade Tularin Helblade
Tularin is a skilled Bloodshade and leads his small but dedicated group of shades ahead of Janus' battleline, and for over one thousand years has not failed in his duty.

equip - hand weapon and repeating crossbows.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Skirmishers, scouts.
Pts: 152

Witch Elves of Khaine x20 led by Hag Lilara Hahnhor
Lilara has a strong distaste in her mouth having to serve so many Sorceresses, but she cannot refuse the command of her mistress Morathi, and at least follows Morathi's chosen into battle. Apart from that one doubt, she is eager to spill blood in the Old world once again, and cannot wait to offer the souls of the weak hearted Wood Elves to her lord Khaine.

equip - Two poisoned hand weapons.
inc Standard Bearer who carries Standard of Slaughter, Musician.
Lilara carries Witchbrew.
Rules - Hate High Elves, Poisoned attacks, devotees of Khaine, frenzy.
Pts: 350

Cold One Chariots x2
These two chariots are known as Darkscythe and Bloodtearer and have been in Janus' service since he began to ride chariots into battle many years ago.

equip - Crew have hand weapons, spears, repeater crossbows, Chariot has scythed wheels.
Rules - Crew Hate High Elves, stupidity, fear, chariot.
Pts: 214

Janus' Cold One Chariot
Called Deathstrider, this chariot has been Janus' favoured method of battle now for centuries, driven by his loyal kinsman Lharoth, it is pulled by Drakk and Uleish two spiteful Cold Ones who feed off the warm flesh of manlings.

equip - Crew has hand weapon, spear, repeater crossbow, Chariot has scythed Wheels.
Rules - Crew Hate High Elves, stupidity, fear, chariot.
Pts : 107

Cold One Knights x10 led by Dread Knight Tiranus Baroch mounted on Kurth
Tiranus Baroch has been Mrieth'rie'karla's bodyguard since she became the Disciple of Morathi, and has served her loyally for all of that time. A cruel hearted fighter he leads his Cold One Knights with the sort of ruthless prescence you would expect from a Dread Knight. Not entirely happy with the arrival of Navarith, Tiranus continues to watch out for Mrieth regardless of who else claims the same.

equip - Heavy armour, hand weapon, lance, shield.
mount - Cold One
inc Standard Bearer who carries War Banner, Musician.
Rules - riders Hate High Elves, mounts - Stupidity, cause fear, thick-skinned.
Pts: 360

Executioners x20 led by Draich-master Illiath Blackhart
Illiath Blackhart has been an Executioner of Hag Ganeth for as long as he cares to remember, a skilled Draich-master he has slain many foes in battle in his long years of service and happily serves his latest commander with a menacing stare and spiteful snear as he decapitates his foes who dare come too close.

equip - Heavy armour, Draich (Great weapon.)
inc Standard Bearer who carries Banner of Murder, Musician.
Rules - Killing Blow, Hate High Elves.
Pts: 295

[b]Harpies x10[b]
The Harpies are not so much invited warriors, but useful guests who come to fight for the Druchii in search of food from their nests high up on the most twisted and forgotten towers of the Dark Skies Ark.

equip - Vicious Claws and temperament (Two hand weapons.)
Rules - Flying, Beasts.
Pts: 130

SPECIAL Pts: 1608


War Hydra Ghraulmoch
Ghralmoch is the the fireciest of the Hydra's under Arna's care, and her two most skilled pupils, Krarnoc and Jadea guide the mighty beast into battle.

equip - Apprentices have two hand weapons.
Rules - Breathe Fire, controlled, Terror, Large Creature, Scaly skin. Apprentices Hate High Elves.
Pts: 220

Black Guard x20 led by Master Muer Krool
Master Muer is a dangerous individual and rightly feared across Naggaroth as a truly skilled warrior, he has been assigned to Mrieth's quest by Malekith as support for the attack upon Loren. Muer releshes the upcoming battles as he has heard rumour of the so called elite warriors of the Wood Elves, the Wardancers and their famed Eternal Guard, He hopes to show these weaklings the true meaning of the word eternal, eternal hatred and eternal pain.

equip - Heavy armour, halbard.
inc Standard Bearer who carries the Dread Banner, Musician.
Rules - Eternal Hatred, Stubborn, cause Fear.
Pts: 430

Reaper Bolt Thrower x2
These two mobile Bolt Throwers are known as Malice and Vengeance, and have been used as the ground support from the Dark Skies since its creation over two thousand years ago.

equip - crew Light armour, hand weapon.
Rules - Crew Hate High Elves.
Pts: 200

RARE Pts: 850

ARMY Pts: 5819
Add a unit of Dark riders which is the same as the two above and army is legal 6000pt army.. pointing in at 5998.
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I love your fluff! You've inspired me to create a unit of White Lions recently turned Druchii and use them as Executioners, purely based on your 'The Black Lion' character. Good job.

P.S. My 'Black Lions' will obviously have more spikes.
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