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Default What would you "really" be in warhammer fantasy.

Ok so after sifting through countless pages of nonsense on the parent thread of this one, where people claimed they would be anything from sigmar to a tomb king I felt it incredibly poignant to make a thread where people could post what they most likely they would be in warhammer fantasy.

However to avoid 50% percent of the posters being peasants, it is recommended that your answers do not reflect population rates, but instead take into account physical characteristics, education, SES standing, or physical features, mind you if you don't have the time to compile all these features then at least provide a rational behind your self identified counterpart in warhammer fantasy.

Here is a real simple example of how it should work.
Physical: Heavily muscle/thick body type, short.
education: University level.
Personality: Hard working, studious.
= Dwarven rune smith.

Also keep in mind if multiple races have a archetype that fits your general description you don't need to list them as this is more of a matter of personal preference.

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Physical - Intense Physical Training, 6 years experience in one of the most renowned military forces in the world, widely respect for the mental and physical toughness of its members.

Intellect - Educated to A Level standard with multiple qualifications of equal level. Further than that, nothing that is officially recognised outside of the military.

Personality - Sarcastic, Wordly wise, with a dry humour that takes the mick out of others sensitive spots, very serious when it comes to it, and pretty grim afterwards.

What would I class myself as?

Perhaps a Shadow Warrior, or Waywatcher?

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Physical: Short, Stocky, Muscular

Intellect: Some college, but mostly military training (11yrs and still going) , big imagination so don't have an actual degree. But still fairly smart (imho hehe) Extremely hard working when it's something that interests me

Personality: Sarcastic humor...think USMC humor ;)...I try to be polite to most everyone, but will rip you a new one if you mess with my family/friends.

So I'd say Dwarven Longbeard/Iron Breaker, or Knight of the White wolf type, given my enlistment into the military.

PS: Vaz, Love your sig :D
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Hmmm...let's see now...

I'm kinda scrawny but tougher and stronger than my build would suggest. I probably believe I'm more intelligent than I am yet I did 5 A-levels and attended university, so I can't be all that dim. My personality tends towards cunning and manipulative, but if I'm perfectly honest I've got a generous streak a mile wide (which stems more from my disdain for money than any real sense of felicity). I also have a facination for the technical and will happily pull things apart just to see how they work (this applies to pretty much anything, from objects to metaphysical problems).

So, in short, I'm a scrawny, tough, sneaky, commie, tech-head with an inflated ego...

...or a Clan Skyre Warlock Engineer!
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Physical - 6ft Rugby winger, built for speed and tackling.

Intellect - Degree level with professional qualifications

Personality - Cynical, straight forward, loyal.

What would I class myself as?

Some sort of human noble? Think Felix Jaeger

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Physical: Tall and broad, in reasonably good shape
Education: 4-year degree that took 7 years to get
Personality: Very laid back, curious, mercurial, dilettante, distracted, empathetic and friendly

I would be an expatriate Norseman in the Empire, working as a freelance explorer, adventurer and troubleshooter. I would have some schooling in both magic and engineering, and would have probably left both schools without completing my studies.
I would also likely have worse teeth and more weapons than I do in real life. Probably axes.

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Physical: Tall, fairly broad, a bit overweight (or is that assumed ?)

Education: Currently undertaking a master's in engineering. Also had five years of high-level competative archery.

Personality: Fairly apathetic, easygoing. I have a fairly 'mercenary' mentality: I'm easily persuaded by money.

So I guess... a Dwarf Engineer? Or maybe an ogre, considering my love of food/gold. Lets go with the ogre. An ogre tyrant.

"Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad."

Also known as BaselessElm
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Physical: Tall, slender, getting a bit more athletic

Education: Currently undergoing college to get a Psych degree. Almost done with my first year.

Personality: A bit reserved, but I'm quite personal. I'm also memetically known as a mass murderer who has no soul. At least for fun. =3

So...a Dark Elf? I think I'd be a Repeater Crossbowman. I'd enjoy that.

Writer of crappy fics, I hope you might derive some enjoyment from them.

FictionPress.com: For original stuff.

FanFiction.net: For stuff that is part of an established universe.
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Physical: Tall, stronger then I look, love playing sports... but also have a lazy side.

Education: University.. bit of this, bit of that. Started in civil engineering, ended doing a master in geology.

Personality: Taciturn, cynical, normally friendly but very anti-social at times with something of a temper if people piss me off. Almost fanatical about keeping my word- even if its just "see you tomorrow at 10am"... dunno if this is down to my asperger's (relying on 'rules') or just me.

I was going to say fire mage (possibly with some chaos taint)... but I think that I fit much more into the mold of a Witch Hunter: avoiding human company in general but still fighting to protect others and unleashing great destruction when called for... actually, the more I think about it the more it sounds like me. Anyone know of any witches that need hunting?

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Physical: couple inches above average height. VERY slim and rather agile and good at dodging.

Education: About to start learning History at university. Could be more noble in Warhammer world.

Personality: Lone wolf. Although I quite often dislike change and have a certain sense of honour and definitely follow the code of chivalry.

Going by this I see myself as a lone travelling Questiong Knight or possible an Empire Outrider.

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