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love doing that. except none of current armies have it. lol that sounds really stupid but its true.

Many thanks to for the Avatar!
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it was the idea of background that helped my choose the race I wanted not just the units. I have a strong irish heratage that I wanted to bring to the fore and so I wanted to creatle an army with a strong celtic theme and from this my dwarf days were born starting off with a large slayer army and moving on to a largen dwarven throng.
This inspired everything in my army from my standards being made up of my family crest to the names of my clan being named o'dubhda after the ancestral route of my last name.
So too me to keep you interested a good inspiring theme is key to a great list.
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I generally choose a theme for the army (so basic idea of fluff), pick a list that I think will be competive, and then make a detailed history for it. Will post an example for this with my newest army, The Undead of Herman Posner, Lord of Blood Falls (some will know this caracter from the army book or Vampire Wars), The great thing for undead is you can bring killed caracters back to life fairly easily!!
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I love writing up backgrounds for my armies, or even just a couple of characters, even if I never use it. Mostly I write the story with a minor theme in mind, and the story almost writes itself. It just grows in ways I hadn't really planned, so it either overdoes it or comes out really well.

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This was a theme for an older Empire army I no longer have. All the models were converted to fit this theme. Just thought I'd post it so that it might provide a bit of interest.

Empire/DoW @ 2250.

What do you have when you cross several kegs of beer and several fat nasty ‘men’? The answer is: My Empire Army.

Now, this will probably NOT be your typical Empire force, as it will have no Knightly units, no Fast Cav, and no STank. But, it will be interesting, at least as far as I can make it.


Arch Lector on War Altar – Dawn Armor, Silver Horn, Sword (Hammer) of Battle

Apparently, these are the big craze all of a sudden, even though the model has not been released. That’s fine with me. I’ll just cut up a bit of everything I own and make one from scratch. Done, but with a few minor variations. I’m a big fan of Friar Tuck and Abbey breweries. So, it’s not so much a ‘War’ Altar, as it is an ‘Alter to Ale’. All in the name of Sigmar, of course; it is his favorite brew, I hear…
The Honorable Friar stands atop an open topped wagon, reciting litanies, and presenting the sacred relic of his abbey, the hammer used to bung barrels, several of which would coincidentally be found resting directly behind the Friar. A layman ferries the smaller casks to the various units in the army (he’s modeled on the base of the Altar as well), representing how the miraculous affects of the ‘Sacred Blessed Ale’ could come to benefit the other units in the army. The Friar also stands before a brazier of intensely hot glowing coals used in the brewing process. This would represent the bringing of passionate light into dark spaces, the cleansing of the taint, and the creating something blessed (the Lore of Light).
The Altar/Chariot is not moved about via horsepower, but rather, Ogre power. What happens to Ogres when cast out of their clans? They get drunk, wake up as duped mercenaries, and get hitched (not married, actually hitched). They continue to work for their new masters, as the ale’s good and it’s safer than a return visit to the clan. They just don’t really like wearing yellow. These two chaps satisfactorily represent the impact hits and combat prowess of a couple of mules. Give’m a break, they’re hitched to a wagon.

Captain w/ Barded Warhorse (the only living nag in the army as the Ogres ate the rest. Why else would they get hitched to the wagon, er, Altar themselves?) Full Plate, Shield, Lance, Holy Relic.

The Captain should’ve retired long ago. Just like his nag. He likes to hang back with the artillery, to keep an eye on things and make sure the cannon crews aren’t too inebriated to operate the machines. Kindly old man.

Wizard w/ Dispel Scroll, Wizard’s Staff.

This poor youngster just can’t handle his ale. He makes such boastful comments that he inevitably has to live up to one or two just to be able to show his face around the town. He insists on attempting the biggest spells he can think of each and every opportunity he gets. Sooner or later, the glory hound’ll blow his own head off.

Warrior Priest w/ Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Hammer.

There has to be one in every crowd, doesn’t there. He needs to relax, and stop scowling so much. He scares people. Then again, he seems to find great pleasure in bashing heads, and for a man of the cloth, he has a terrible reputation in the local pubs. Maybe the front line of a battle is a good place to test his faith, his worth, and his downstroke with a greathammer.

24 Swordsmen w/ Full Command. Detachments of 9 Free Company and 9 Archers.
24 Spearmen w/ Full Command, Shields. Detachments of 9 Free Company and 9 Archers.
20 Flagellants (they’re still in the bottle)

… Saying that these guys are the strong right arm of our Lord Sigmar would be blasphemy. What a bunch of rubble. The only difference between the rabble and the State Troops is that the State Troops got caught. Repeatedly becoming a public nuisance after imbibing too much of the Abbey’s finest (they do brew too much, ya know. I do believe the Honorable Friar finds it all too humorous) often results in a one year ‘voluntation’ in the local garrison. The rabble may actually be the smarter of the group.


20 Greatswords w/ Full Command. Detachments of 9 Free Company and 10 Crossbowmen.

Finally some true professionals. Actually, they’re only here to insure that the Count and his ilk get their proper taxes (in the form of ale, naturally.)

2 Great Cannons. Who doesn’t like to shoot things when they’re wasted?


3 Ogres w/ Musician, Great Weapons
3 Ogres w/ Musician, Great Weapons

True Mercenaries get paid in gold. Ogres get paid in the flesh of their enemies, a keg or two of ale to wash it all down, and then, well, some gold too. They’re just too big and ugly to cheat. Fate’s already done that. Poor ugly b******s. They sure can fight though!
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Nice army idea, its a shame you dont have it anymore i would have loved to have seen it.
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