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I always thought of them contemplating which stroke was best to cut off someones head or limb.
If not this, probably about why elf flesh is so tender and dwarf flesh so bitter while Empire men just taste like chicken.

When you're on the outdoor activities, like WoC, this is the stuff you really think about!

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That's awful!!! Everyone knows elf is too stringy, most prefer dwarf as its already beer-basted!

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...i just had this image of LOADS of chaos warriors playing football (UK football), or Rugby (US football).... hey, they could even seperate into teams!

Team Khorne... kill you if you win...or if you lose
Team Tzeentch... cheat...if you win...or if you lose
Slaanesh... are great at falling over and 'pretending' they are hurt
Nurgle... no one plays them due to the smell

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have to remember that theres always a good fight and glory to be found in the wastes.

Most chaos people are not warriors but rather marauders and northern tribesmen. I imagined warriors acting mostly as guards and sentries for tribal chieftens and ration supplies
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I've been wondering the same thing! What LukeValantine said sounds plausible imo! But that wouldn't explain so much what the "normal" norse folks do! Like the marauders for example, do they not require food? How about their women and kids? How can they sustain a living? Just by raiding honest folks or what? Would it even be possible for them to cultivate and keep cattle to some extent? Or are the lands just a toxic lifeless wasteland? Again, very interesting topic, I'd love to hear more about this!

[Edit] +rep to OT.
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Constantly ask themselves...

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Well considering most of the fiction puts a nordic spin on WoC. One could safely guess that they spend a fair amount of their time bragging, fighting, working (Building long ships maybe, if such things aren't below them), observing chaos based rituals, and festivities. Also so stories show them siring children, and or acting as chieftains to norsican (sp?) tribes.

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well I never thought about it before I read the description for vlitch the cursling. It kinda describes some things for you which was interesting, his brother was good at hunting, and blaha blah. They also have wives and children obviously so I'm sure Lukevalentine isn't off, just imagine a norse viking tribe, perhaps with a little more barbaric rituals though.
As for the warriors in armour? I can imagine that up until battle they just sit around and carve wooden knives or some shit like that. Although that makes more sense for the undivided ones, the khorne warriors might go out hunting, or on big game hunts. The nurgle warriors probably stay a fair bit away from the normal tribes cuz I dont think they would want their diseases. Tzeentch probably would just do the contemplative stuff, while slaanesh would do drugs or the like as someone said before.

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I thought they hunted METAL BAWKSES!

Oh hang on. Yeah wrong chaos person.

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Well, LukeValantine pretty much summed up what the actual Chaos Warriors do already, so I'll do the same for Marauders.

Khorne: What spare time? If you're Khorne worshipper, then any moment you're not hacking someone's head off in the name of the Blood God is a moment wasted. Thus, a Khornate Marauder will be simply running around yelling and hacking people apart inside a red mist. They also gamble with Tzeentchians a lot, as this activity often leads to feelings of rage and subsequently violence.
Tzeentch: A Tzeentchian Marauder will be unravelling the secrets of the universe, and riddling his fellows to madness. They would also be practising some magic, and gambling due to the random chance involved. Sometimes, a Tzeentchian will delight in talking absolute gibberish to make their peers panic as they think their friend has succumbed to the greatest risk of worshipping Tzeentch.
Nurgle: A Nurglite Marauder would be looking after his weeping sores and buboes with the same care a mother gives a child. He could also be chasing around Slaaneshi Marauders, the Slaaneshis trying to avoid "Nurgle cooties."
Slaanesh: This is spare time? A Slaanesh Marauder's spare time is eternal! They just do all they can to get some twisted pleasure. We're talking drugs and torture here. They also write plays, novels and poems, and compose symphonies whilst painting the greatest artworks you can see in the Warhammer world, including the famed Moaning Lisa. Anything else is behind a curtain, and you can hear sounds of passion and thumping as it's going on. For the slowest among you, they'd be having sex. Oh, and don't forget the running away from "Nurgle cooties"!

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