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Default Traitor Gaurd Fluff Help

Okay, so I am a budding 40k writer, and I want to start a new project on the Traitor Gaurd. Sadly, I know absolutley nothing about the subject. Can sum1 plz gimme a link or explain them to me or something? I could really use the help.

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A good place to start might be 40K fluff not Warhammer....

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True Norm...., think squaddies that have changed sides and fight for personal reward rather than the Emperors shilling.

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What about a planetary governor who gets tainted by a witch or sumthing, and then the planet changes its allegiance to chaos, as simple as that

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hm heres some ideas i have (and one for each god :D)
firstly KHORNE
the guardsmen have become bloodthirsty and ravenous or have located a deamon weapon of khorne which has corrupted them
infected with a plague or about to die and give into nurgle so they can therefore live
slanessh - sexy , drugs ,rock and roll or you could have them under the control of an deamonette ...
and finally tezennch (also the chaos god with the worst name lol)
the psyker seeks more power or knowladge or wants to take over and plots against the commisar for example

my 2 cents
hope this helps you dude

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One question, why are you asking a 40k question in the WHFB section? Also, from the point of view of someone righting a [B]regular[B] guard story, think of how they could become tainted. A chaos sorcerer worked his way into the planetary government and began to turn the governors/officials to worshiping Tzeentch. Or (this one works for any god) the regiment was liberating a chaos held world, and while attacking a chaos temple became corrupted. Or while liberating the aforementioned planet glimpsed inside of a portal into the warp. The possibilities are endless, and any one of them could make sense.
Ooh, just got a good idea, after being attacked by cultists, the colonel/commisar was possessed by a daemon. Hope this helps.

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Lorgar: “Guess there was one plot thread we forgot to erase ...” Mortarion nods in agreement, while Ahriman looks on suspiciously.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “We feel trapped, we feel oppressed. And we urge our governments to release us from these metal boxes-”

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If your wanting information about traitor guard more than you are wanting ideas for possible stories, it's quite simple.

Basically the Imperium of man (mostly Imperial Guard) is a vast space... and by vast im mean BIG AS ALL HELL. SO logically some of these people will be exposed to a number of different factors... whether it be the influence of Chaos directly, a lack of positive moral... say lack of help from Imperial forces, or no supplies reaching them, etc. Some of these people will decide to leave the Emperor for the promise of better lives. Some leave to join the foul ranks of the hated Chaos Marines. Others leave simpley to make their own world. Usually the foot slogging front lines men are not normally able to turn entire ranks against the grace of the Emperor. It usually falls on one of the higher ups for something so dire as to leave the world these men and women knew behind. Often times it is a commissar or psycher who is responsible. Also, if all signs of leadership have fallen; aka all commisars, psychers, lords, etc. have died... many of the troops fearing the same fate will decide to forskae the imperium and fend for themselves.

All of these are common factors as to why they would leave the ranks.

As for what life for them would be like (in the rank and files) These men, mostly depending on how they turned will be different than their zealous selves. If they fell to chaos, they will either be crazed killers, or scared weaklings drafted by the CSM themselves. If they left for self fulfillment, they may maintain some military-esk ways. But you have to remember these men are now traitors. They would be as loyal as pirates to their ship mates.

In the end, you can have a lot of fun with these guys. I wouldn't mind hearing some stories of bad ass guardsmen. Everyone knows the Space Marines are bad ass... but I'd like to see, as much as I abhor the traitor, these guys be more than just weak wimps. Especially since the day and age they live in does not allow for those to weak to fight to live for long.

Best of luck!

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ok wel here was i think a strange newcomer lands on the plant dressed as a preist. from there he could teach at a church but instead of telling the imperial truth he tells of things that a normal human would enjoy like sex, drugs, booze u know and then he ends turning this once fine imperial city which was once one of the most beautifull cities on the world he has landed on into a sex and druged up city where he preaches the word of chaos like Tzeentch. he then leads this city in revolt against others. slowley turning the planet to chaos the once loyal guard killing any 1 who still believes in the emperor. then u could have some marines from a near by sector dropin and take the priest and the traitors out.
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A Traitor Guard is basically a Guard regiment that no longer serves the emperor for whatever reason. The reason is up to you, pretty much, as it could be a very defining portion of your story.

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