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I would be the Dwarf High King because i wouldn't have to walk anywhere and i would be the only Dwarf to have a weapon with Three Master runes, plue one of them is the only one of its kind

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One of 2 things:
-Orc Warboss
Why not? Lead a group of orcs, chopping up everything in sight.
-Chaos Chosen
Looks cool.
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probably that guy down the pub...
but Id love to be a slaneshy norse pirate capitain ,pilaging,drinking,fighting,drinking,slaving,drink ing,wenches,drinking,selling slaves ,drinking,narcotics,drinking,selling yourself as a merc,guess what the next one is...

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Nagash, just so I could pwn pretty much anybody!

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “The current system of servitude is barbaric and inadequate for today's generation. We appeal to the leaders of both the Imperium and the Coalition of Hateful Assholes and Organised Sin to seek to change this for the betterment of all its citizens”

Lorgar: “Guess there was one plot thread we forgot to erase ...” Mortarion nods in agreement, while Ahriman looks on suspiciously.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “We feel trapped, we feel oppressed. And we urge our governments to release us from these metal boxes-”

Lorgar: “Oh shi-”

Firraveus Carron: Leaping to his feet. “METAL BOXES?!?METAL BOXES!!!THEY RIDE IN METAL BOXES!!!”

-Labor Unions

All credit goes to Lastie on Warseer, for writing Primarchs (available in a 647 page Microsoft Word document)
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Originally Posted by edd_thereaper View Post
i would either be an empire flaggelant or a goblin fanatic
just for the pure fact that those two can go down i n style killing stuff or martyring themselves and having a glorious death

i mean who wouldn't want to get drunk on fungus brew and then be incredibly storng and have a kick ass metal ball to swing round at whoever is closest
Seconding the fanatic. I just love mushrooms. They make me go

Otherwise a vampire lord. Physically superior to normal humans in every way, capable of wielding immense magical powers, pseudo-immortal, knowing the secret of life/death (Frankenstein anyone?) and of course you get can the fancy title count to use on the ladies. If only they could see past the fact that you're a rotting/dried carcass who hangs out with the braineating meatshields from dawn of the dead (or any other zombie movie).

Not to mention because villains who's only desire is to conquer the world or destroy mankind are epic (although not very original)

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
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I would be an ogre butcher, because im big and a butcher
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I would so be Gotrek, Gurnisson the Slayer,

If not that i would be a Mighty Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on a even Mightier Chaos Dragon, at the Head of a Mighty Warhost, (yes i like the word Mighty ) destroying all in my Path to world Domination.

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I would be a vampire lord killing and eating stuff around sylvania with my mates the blood knights .
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I'd be the luckiest of the luck gnobbos.

Never getting eaten by an ogre, little baby rhinox to ride around on, and a bag of dice that are almost as lucky as me .

Then I'd take peoples money via super dice at neil's pub.

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Going by me personality, metal ability, and combat zeal I would most likely be a Marauder, or a chaos warrior. However if where going on what I would want to be I guess that would be a toss up between a low level vampire or a daemon prince (a none ugly one).

Medusa: "I'm a witch, its my job to blaspheme against Gods."

Two Slaanesh daemons on the first go...hmm I guess the fates have spoken emperors children here I come
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