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My dwarf thane is named Grokni Stonebrow.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “The current system of servitude is barbaric and inadequate for today's generation. We appeal to the leaders of both the Imperium and the Coalition of Hateful Assholes and Organised Sin to seek to change this for the betterment of all its citizens”

Lorgar: “Guess there was one plot thread we forgot to erase ...” Mortarion nods in agreement, while Ahriman looks on suspiciously.

Aerith/Aeris Gainsborough: “We feel trapped, we feel oppressed. And we urge our governments to release us from these metal boxes-”

Lorgar: “Oh shi-”

Firraveus Carron: Leaping to his feet. “METAL BOXES?!?METAL BOXES!!!THEY RIDE IN METAL BOXES!!!”

-Labor Unions

All credit goes to Lastie on Warseer, for writing Primarchs (available in a 647 page Microsoft Word document)
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I only just started playing fantasy again and the leader of my new orcs and goblins name is a black orc named Man-Darh-in Burner of umies squisher of stunties and stealer of grog i also have a shamn on a boar call Aaa-Pal the Skinkay he rides around alone because his covers himself in troll dung believing in protechs him and i have a another orc shaman called Ooor-An-Ge who wears orange war paint and accompanys a unit of 20 big uns and finally a night goblin bigboss called Cha-er-ehy armed with wallopas one hit wunda and brimstone bauble im gonna use him to try and take down a daemon prince and by the way like the names ?
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My Dwarfs are led by King Skaggi Shieldbringer and his son, Lunn Skaggison (its how Dwarf names work... read Grudgelore!). They are joined by Thane Molmar Rorekson and Runelord Hrolgar Kimrilson and his son, Alrik Hrolgarson. I actually made a full line of Dwarf kings for my hold, Zharrgrund Bar (Firehammer Pass). Slayers I come up with a new name on the spot. The one from the battle before is dead or off adventuring by now!

My Tomb Kings all have names from actual Egyptian words. Translation in quotes.
My King: Odjiuroanok Fero "Wicked King, He is Pharaoh!"
My Prince: Djalmshai "The Traveling Branch" (a symbol of peace, ironically)
My Heirophant: Itafemume "The Father of Fountains"
Other Priest: Semnirasui "The Established Dreamer"

"Did you just deploy your guardsmen in ranks?" - Quote from my last battle

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my Dark Elf High Lord is called D'ceet
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Daf you could always do what I do, go to a baby naming site and look up an origin that fits the army (ex. germanic for empire) and choose a name that you like with a meaning that fits
how do you think I got my forum name?
for example my Chaos Lord is called Fiske the Bloody

In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine. - Erwin Rommel
All very successful commanders are prima donnas and must be so treated. - George S. Patton
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My chaos lord is Kolek gorehand. Named after kholek suneater because they both use hammers to fight.
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I get most of my names from past games I've played. I've been playing DnD for over 20 years now, and World of Warcraft for a little over 5 years. 2 of the characters I've always kept in the running, and am planning on using them as hero's / elites in WH40k... but

Deadlance - Paladin in WoW / Fighter / Warrior in DND - played for several years.

Kelvarin Blackblade - Fighter / Mage - DND second edition - played this guy for 10 years. In WoW he was a warrior.

Arkhail - Swordmaster in Earthdawn that I played as an NPC in most of my campaigns I ran.

I am still very new to WH40k, havent even played a game yet, and havent read the rulebook completely yet... still painting my first army... in fact, the majority of it is still in the mail, but I do know that I'll be giving all my marines a name, a last name most likely, but I'm planning on each of them being complete individuals and unique at the very least by each having a name.
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My Chaos Lord is called Davidian - after the machinehead song ^^
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Heres the names of my heroes i ran for a 2k pt battle

Dreadlord:- Kaledor Hellsoul,
Dreadlord of Hag Graef
Malekith's Black Captain
(this guy rides a manticore, although i haven't got a name for it, its either called Tabby or Matilda ((after the star dragon it overran)) this guy recently earned the title of Sir Killalot after managing to bring down a Star Dragon that went RARGH!!!!!!!!! after its prince was killed :D

Assassin:- Altair Hellheart, (this guy has been affectionatly dubbed 'Darth Elf
The Red Shadow since i painted his face in a darth maul pattern)

Master1)- Yeurl the Brave,
Knight of Hag Graef,
Master of the Cavalry
Hellsoul's lieutenant
Master2)- Khalek the cunning,
Hellsoul's lieutenant,
Master of the infantry

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My Paladin on Pegasus is known as Sir Robin the Suicidal. If there is a way to get himself killed, he'll throw himself into it, no questions asked.

Meanwhile I have Bertrand the Surly Bastard as my BSB, who loves to watch peasants fight his battles for him while he cheers them on from the sidelines.

And finally Maxillion the Hot Tempered AKA Max the very mad. I wonder where I got that name from....

PubHammer Brisbane
It's all in the name.

Looking for a club in Brisbane, Australia? Come and enjoy a game and a beer at our friendly club in a pub, Sunday nights from 6:30. All brisbanites welcome, don't wait, check out our Club Page on Facebook for details or to organize a game. We play all sorts of board and war games, so hit us up if you're interested.

Update:From the 25th of May 2014 we'll be Meeting at The Junction pub in Annerley, opposite Ace Comics and Games Still playing 40k, Warmachine and board games of all sorts!
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