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Default Your favourite Warhammer Fantasy Army?

Hi all,

This question is along the lines of my previous thread about favourite characters. Though everyone has favourites for different reasons, the look of the models or the style of play for example; if you are anything like me you also have an army in Wahammer Fantasy that just resonates with you somehow. With the plethora of fluff that accompanies Warhammer Fantasy armies, there is pretty much something for everyone with each and every army having decades worth of background development (the exception being the Ogre Kingdoms who did admirably well from their first book).

So the question; which is your favourite army in Warhammer Fantasy? It can be an army from past additions if you like, or an obscure one from a published add-on, but base your choice on fluff rather than the models!

I think mine is probably Bretonnia, odd as that might be for a player that owns a sum total of 15 Bretonnian models! I am not drawn so much by the playstyle or the models, but the fluff is fantastic. The heavy influence drawn from King Arthur and works like Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, are just magical for someone who group up dreaming of Camelot and questing knights.
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Originally Posted by squeek View Post
I think mine is probably Bretonnia, odd as that might be for a player that owns a sum total of 15 Bretonnian models!
I totally identify with this concept. I have something like 5k worth of Empire and have a TK army as well, but I really love the idea of the High Elves. The tragic beauty and loss of possibly the most advanced and cultured peoples of the Warhammer world. The way that the fluff ties so smoothly into 40k and just the awesome models as well.

With that said: I don't own a single model for them. Everytime I set to buy a few something comes up. Not enough cash; I get into 40k or something else. But that doesn't change my secret love for the buggers.

Originally Posted by Red Orc View Post
have you read any existing fluff? Really; don't mean to be rude, but have you?  458
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I really love the fluff for Kislev - the hardened men tasked with holding back the tide of Chaos lest the softer southerners have to actually do something!
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I gotta go with Bretonnia too. I love knights and their chivalrous ideals. The rich French imagery is nice as well.
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Lizardmen. I love the idea of sentient, talking, intelligent, thinking lizards. And their control over the world is pretty cool too. Been long before even elves and dwarves began exist, and will be around long after everyone else is turned to dust. Untold power and treasure lies in the will of the Old ones and in their Temple Cities.
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My favorite army is the High Elves...which is also the army I play! I like them because they remind me of my homeland;

Every time something bad happens, they come in and save the day! :american flag smiley:

Srs bsns: I like the idea behind them, how they are a race struggling to survive and yet boast some of the mightiest and most intelligent heroes the world has ever known, along with a populace willing to take up arms in defense of their homeland. Also, I hate Dark Elves with a righteous passion, and go out of my way to play and defeat them in my local game store.

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I like a fair few for their Background and style, Empire was always a fave, I like the Dwarfs alot and I've always been partial to the Chaos armies, especially the Chaos Dwarfs.

However my fave is the Dark Elves, my Druchii. It has been since I picked up the 4th edition Dark Elves book and read their history and saw their figs. Okay, I'd liked the limited stuff they'd had in 3rd edition as well, but something about the 'Evil' army was fun to play. It was also probably helped along by the fact the 'Darkside Cowboys' have always been my fave Blood Bowl team. But yes, Dark Elves have and always will be my fave army and I'm so glad that I'm putting Druchii figs together again. It'd had been too long.

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Ech. So many to choose from. I've always been drawn to the Stunties for some reason, and Chaos as well, so that makes Chaos Dwarfs a very strong contender. Of course, I always thought the hats were ridiculous, but with the redesign that accompanied the Hellcannon (not that Chaos proper should be allowed to have artillery, but c'est la vie), they've chiseled and burned a place in my heart.

Tomb Kings are another one, particularly as I've always been somewhat enamoured with the ancient Egyptians. And for similar reasons, the Brets have a good case for making a claim to the title - I probably knew who King Arthur was before I was aware that Canada wasn't a monarchy.

For all that, though, I'd probably have to say Ogre Kingdoms. I saw the previews, and immediately knew that I had to have them (this was, of course, before anyone had worked out what a shite list they were saddled with). Not only have they got some great minis (some truly awful ones too, but that's beside the point), but the fluff is fantastic. There are days I wish I was an Ogre. Their lives are so beautifully simple - you fight, you eat (generally what you just fought), and you find something else to fight. A lot like Orcs, really, but with more feasting involved. And how many Orcs can say they wrestled a giant to the ground? Or scaled the biggest mountain in the Old World, and ate a bit of it? Or saw, in person, their god? They can live through practically anything, they don't have particularly complex emotions, they don't feel the need to waste time working out the right and wrong of things...

Gods, I wish I was an Ogre.

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Tileans for me. dont know why, but i love them. may be because of all the mercs that come from there.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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Either got to be Kislevites, or Chaos. Russians - Unless your names Stalin or Lenin, I'll like you.

Chaos is more sort of the Tragic Hero. Archaon particularly. I've never been fond of the Ultimate Evil of Chaos (never liked the idea of Born evil, people should be held accountable for their actions), so Daemons were a no-no, despite the gorgeousness of the Models. But Mortals, and Dawi Zharr, (Chaos Dwarfs) are a different matter.

Those who were the most steadfast of warriors turned to the Chaos Gods. I love Archaon's story, Galrauches story, and Kholek is the only exception of Born Evil I like. Archaon, greatest Warrior against Chaos of his Templar order. Goes hunting for texts and the methods to beat the Followers of the Gods, to see Sigmar as a fake, then beats the 4 tests of the gods, tricks Be'lakor, steals a sword from the First Dragon Ogre, tames the Greatest Steed to ever walk, and manages to ride it out of a Herald of the Gods own stable.

Galrauch, the kin (son or Brother, I'm not sure) of Indraugnir, turns to Chaos after eating some Crispy Fried Peking Lord of Change, only to become the First of the Chaos Dragons. And can turn shit to goo. Amazing.

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