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Originally Posted by bishop5 View Post
Dwarfs. They may be short and drunk but they'll cut yer fuckin' legs off.
As a fan of short, belligerent, intoxicated warriors with too much steel, grudges and gunpowder; I support this 100%.

Fury, Gore and Ruin
-Beastmen 72-4-13
- Druchii 15-1-7 (rip)
- Rusted Ruin; WoC 25-3-8
- Chaos Dwarves: TBD
- Ogres: ?
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Originally Posted by Gromrir Silverblade View Post
Dude, too right you're bitter, those guys are mental! What is even more crazy is the fact that last week I faced off two characters in a 2200 point army. I can't remember what his name is, but the WL leader (begins with a K), always strikes first, re-rolls, stupid number of attacks, great weapons, killing blow... Need I go on!?

The other one was the new leader on the griffon, and this was all within the 25%, what! Luckily even the uber elf units don't stand up to a the face!
This is why I am getting a cannon in my 500pt Skaven force. Yeah, HE are just evil, the swordmasters cut through everything of mine like wheat, and they even have this special character who, if you kill him, kills you. The only things I like about HE are that they are T3 (so they die easily) and their colour scheme (blue, white and silver are my fave colours).

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i play orcs & goblins and have a terrible losing streak with them. despite this i love my army. i think that their fluff is hilarious as well as interesting and that it only really lacks a decent origin story. i like the diversity that comes from playing an ong army, whether it be the sneakiest night goblin or the toughest black orc and i don't think i could ever prefer another army over them. to sum up why i love ors and goblins - watch the trailer for warhammer online where the orc catapults himself straight into a wall. brilliant.

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This topic is just a staple, right? Every forum needs each kind of "What race/primarch/hero/anti-hero/class do you remind/like/hate the most?" to be a proper forum :D

To me, this is ultimately a very easy question. I love High Elves for pretty much the same reasons I love my Eldar: the beautiful sadness of their story, the potential they had and the underdog situation they are in now (unlike the Empire or Tau, they are not evolving and advancing and fighting off competitors while doing so, but they are a post-apocalypse survivor race fighting to see another day).

However, my favourite army in Fantasy is Beastmen They are like me and have the coolest attitude regarding the world around them. Like they, I also live and work in the woods and would be pretty happy to never have to enter a city in my life (I don't like the places). In a fight, I've always preferred aggressive, in your face methods. If I have to use force, I don't need to be sorry!
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I love the army of Cathay. The fact that not much is known about them coupled with the point that many assassins and ninja types like Clan Eshin emerge from there suggests an army of them would be seriously cool to see.

I have recently started a new Blog. I would really appreciate it if you would LOOK AT IT
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With the Tomb Kings new Army Book now in the hands of the living have they jumped to the top of being anyone's fave army?

They are certainly mine now, the background/artwork really brings them to the fore and has added real character to the army.
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Warriors of Chaos, Bad guys do it best! Their fluff is great the stories of men going to the chaos wastes and returning fully changed into monsters and completely evil is awesome. Nurgle would be my fav Chaos god with Khorne coming in 2nd. Khorne are pretty much the embodiment of 80's metal, Skulls and blood!
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I really like Bretonnia. The story, the fluff, the figures, they're all sweet. I've always liked the charges of knights too!

"Wulfe gestured around at the strange metal buildings. He didn't like the angles, the proportions, the lines. They didn't look like any Imperial buildings he had ever seen, and that made them wrong."
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The Empire - Sure they are just human, but each state differs so differently! So much fluff to get your teeth in to! Also i quite like a race who still remain so chipper and full of hope even though they are surrounded by enemies and even have to deal with the enemies within!

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Don't, after rolling that final 1 too many, flip out, climb up on the table and jump up and down on your opponent's models screaming 'APOCALYPTIC BARRAGE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!'.
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The Empire does seem slightly more chipper than the eternal misery that is so profuse in the Imperium Of Man.
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