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My personal favorite is, surprise, the Slayers of Karak Kadrin from Storm of Chaos. There's something appealing about a super pissed off, tattooed, axe wielding, homicidal maniac Dwarf with a big orange mohawk. Now add to this 40-50 more just like him and you've got a party! (for the record I was the one asking about using the Storm of Chaos rules. wanted me some slayer skills.)

Until the new line of Vampire Counts minis, the Slayers were the only army that appealed to me. I've always like the fluff for the Counts. Vlad von Carstein = Vlad Dracula, to me anyway. And I've always loved Dracula. Bella Lugosi frickin RULES!

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Some of my Warhammer fantasy fluff. Give it a go whydontcha.
Throndil Stonebreaker.
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I'd collect the majority of armies if I had the time and money to do so - but never really liked The Empire or the Bretonnians. The time-period in history they're modelled on bored the crap outta me so I've never liked them particularly. Lizardmen don't really appeal either (aside a few models I'd pinch for my Druchii) but I've not really read their fluff - similarly with Ogres.

My favourite Army is unsurprisingly the Dark Elves, although I actually like all 3 Elven armies fairly evenly. Their stories all intertwine so well (obviously) and you read the fluff thinking 'don't do it Malekith' and then he does! I think my other favourite armies are the Undead/Vampire Counts (think they were called the Undead when I first started anyhow) and of course the Tomb Kings (Ancient Egypt? Check. Undead? Check. Sold? Yes.). But whenever I see a good painted Chaos/Daemons, Dwarves or Gobbo army I want.

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I think mine is probably Bretonnia, odd as that might be for a player that owns a sum total of 15 Bretonnian models! I am not drawn so much by the playstyle or the models, but the fluff is fantastic. The heavy influence drawn from King Arthur and works like Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, are just magical for someone who group up dreaming of Camelot and questing knights
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Must keep painting....
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As flattering as it is to be quoted verbatim , is that how you feel too, exactly how you feel?
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lol - looks to me like a quote that went wrong.

that or you have successfully managed to mind control junior members at last!
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Must keep painting....
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I wondered why I had such a headache on Friday!
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all hail squeek, all hail squeek, all ha .... huh, what happened??? o well gotta say that i really cant pick. i just love all the fluff so much. however ill say either bretonians or vampire counts

Thanks Proccor for the awsum sig

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ive only just started to get into fantasy and i love the vampire counts, ive not read most of the army's fluff but im also a big fan of the tomb kings... its like hey nagash you just woke me up from my 1000 year sleep and im pissed... just a bit of an undead fetish one might say...
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I currentely use an O&G army, but I'd love to eventually start a Bretonnia one.
The only thing stopping me is my painting skills!

I also plan some day to do a Warriors of Chaos army and also a Dark Elf one.

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Can i have a second chioce? stunties- the idea of short people(like myself) going out to avenge every wrong inflicted, via the medium of a big axe,(like myself) on their race is great.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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