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Default The Tombles one- tomb kings fluff

Just to say this is supposed to be the premises to build and army- their backstory in fact. I found Tomb Kings especially interesting because most of them are incapable of thought so I have to stick with following a character (thats not a problem yet but I intend to record some of the battles story style). Well I hope anyone who reads this enjoys.

Nabu flicked a fly off his face, he regretted this excursion into this cursed world of trees to the south of his realms, but it was worth it. The priest had identified the flower his high priest had needed for the elixir. Now there was nothing left to do but break camp and march northwards, back to the fields of Chendra. He turned opening his mouth to give the order to break camp, and saw a glint of steel beyond the clearing. The words that reached his lieutenant’s ear were
“Get my blade and raise the alarm”
In minutes all his troops were on the palisades.

Imur was annoyed- it was raining again, since he had stepped into the trees it hardly seemed to stop. The chariots were stuck in the mud miles back along the rutted track. He had left them, along with the foot soldiers, hours ago and was riding ahead with the cavalry. The messenger had come two days ago. His brother’s brothers life could already be over.

The greenskins were relentless. Nabu had sent his horsemen north a week ago, when he had realised that his tired men couldn’t make up for the savages numbers with discipline. So far he had been lucky, arrows bounced off the walls day and night and there had been skirmishes on the walls but the greenskins were either testing his defences or striving to sap moral and food supplies, he still didn’t believe they had the brains to do either. But Grain had been replaced by roots and horse meat and his men hadn’t had a nights sleep in days. The blast of a horn shook him out of his thoughts and he rushed up he nearest wall. A wave of greenskins were rushing across the clearing, they were hundreds of them. Nabu gave the order to let loose and keep firing then drew his sword-staff and waited. It wasn’t long before the savages had reached and scaled the low walls. Nabu wandered how the men on the other walls were faring as he took a long sweep and knocked several goblins off the wall. For minutes he continued fighting the assailants until he cut his way through to an empty space surrounding an orc two head higher than himself, at its feet were the corpses of five of Nabu’s best men and it bore two wickedly jagged blades. Upon seeing him the warboss charged and struck out blindly, Nabu parried both blades and with a simple sweep took the brute’s left hand off. With a howl of rage and pain the orc jumped over the wall and retreated to the woods followed swiftly by the rest of the warband. Nabu surveyed the fort, he had lost maybe two score men, crippling and there was still no sign of rescue. The orcs had obviously been building up their forces and there was no telling when they would attack next… He thanked his ancestors for this simple bastion of civilisation in the accursed jungle without it they would have perished where they stood

In the twilight Imur rushed towards the smoke that was rising over the clearing where he knew his brother was camped. As the trees began to thing he saw countless greenskins scaling the walls. For a moment his mind wandered to the miles of devastation he had passed, piles of dung and bone, trees felled and left half charred and wet, that was why he had not seen a single savage, they had gathered for a final attack. He pushed his thoughts aside, gave his captain the order too ride back and hasten the infantry. Then charged.

In a brief lull in the fighting a soldier had told Nabu that a dozen men were holding out near the well. So Nabu and the three men remaining below his section of the wall made their way painstakingly towards the centre of the camp. Suddenly a barbed arrow struck Nabu’s bodyguard in the eye and orcs replaced the few goblins between Nabu and the sanctuary of he well. His companions were dragged down as Nabu threw his stave into the throng and freed his sword, he slashed at a couple of orcs before he was completely surrounded. He fended blows off as best he could but soon he was struck in the back, falling to his knees Nabu turned and buried his sword in his opponents foot, expecting the deathblow. But it didn’t come, the crowd parted and a brute towered above him. A booted leg kicked him upright and a mangled left fist lifted him skywards and flung his broken body against the wall.

Imur surveyed the destruction before him. The infantry had arrived and were pursuing the last remnants of the savage tribe. His brother had been found and the priests were preparing him for the afterlife. The savages had spilt blood on the precious herbs but the priests assured him that would have no ill effects. And now the throne was his.

Imur knew that he had no way of knowing that he had been marching his army down a dried up riverbed. But he felt responsible for the loss. His brother was now under metres of silt along with the bulk of a two thousand man army.
“Mark the point and move on” he commanded and turned northwards.

Imur couldn’t keep the throne; it went to the youngest brother, Ribuk. Imur elongated his life through priestly rituals and constructed giant guardians to guard his elder brother’s tomb on the border of the jungle. In time his position allowed him to gain the title of high priest and he advised many a king of Chendra and thus no man ever ventured into the southern jungle again.

Ribuk built his modest tomb in the necropolis and because of the loss of the great burial he filled it with mindless constructs and numerous traps.

At the time of the great calling Imur and Rebuk found themselves defending Ribuk’s tomb. They were vastly outnumbered and were soon to crumble when a vast army appeared beside them, covered in dry mud. The brothers gained respite and instead of resting summoned their summoned their children and grandchildren- who were weakened thanks to the flood. And headed north to pay tribute to Setra and wreak revenge on the descendants of the savages…

Edit: just realized I spelled Tombless wrong in all rights it should be tomb-less I suppose....
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wow who knew great story yet are the tomb kings still alive in this story or is this just one person telling it.
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Yeah the Tomb Kings are alive in the first one (I mean were) You'll notice one of the king is sweating. But after this they're all dead- which will be a bit of challenge- I think I'm either going to take artistic license and give the tomb princes free will and/or do it from whichever enemies point of view.
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enemy point of view would be better.
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Cool story, I'm assuming your army is the mud men? Would love to see your army, how have you portreyed the mud effect?
btw. Tomb Kings, Princes (the embalment during the burial process) & Liche priests (not truely dead) all have free will, its only their minions that don't. Since your back story is told through your characters you shouldn't have too much trouble.
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I finally got my first battles in agaisnt some high elves at 500 points (and I actually won one, tomb kings can still pwn in low point games if your lucky and if your not fighting something like the dwarfs.

What are mud men? When I eventually get down to painting (it's first army and I'm not very confident about painting) I plan to do try a clumps of dry sand effect.

Writing the story up now (I love the tomb kings, the characters get killed and you can just raise them back)
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Nahik was frustrated, Nabu and the bulk of the army had raised camp a few days ago to chase the rumour of orcs. Nahik had been left with a few soldiers to track a small party of goblins. As the bulk of his forces breasted a nearby hill, Nahik riding with the chariots saw a group of archers in the woods blocking his path.
Nahik hurried to dismount and began chanting his priestly incantations. Before he could get the first words out of his mouth a blinding light struck the chariot in front of him followed by a hail of arrows, turning one of the great chariots to dust. Moreover a group of lance men marched out of the woods flanked by a small band of men clad in fur and hefting great axes (white lions).
Nahik did not know how to respond to such a strange threat, so he decided he must massacre the enemy archers and sent the remaining chariots to do the job, he concentrated again and brought the dried husks of maggots up to the surface beside him. He ordered the archers atop the hill to fire upon the strange men in fur causing them to panic and flee away from the field, while focusing his energy to try and force the chariots a little further, to his surprise his attempt was scornfully swatted aside by higher powers, though the archers atop his chariots did manage to fire a volley at those who had been stinging them with arrows.
As the ranks of men marched closer to the hill on which his archers were perched he ordered them to reform in preparation for a fight, meanwhile his chariots were further reduced by arrow fire and that strange white light, this time the light was accompanied by a dome of a similar light, whose effect Nahik could only guess at, though the fur coated men about to flee away from the battle seemed suddenly to gain a new confidence. Angered by this light Nahik ordered the remaining chariot to thunder forward against the archers, who strangely stood unflinching and released a final hail of arrows to destroy the last chariot. Nahik, seeing he would be next took advantage of his magical cloak to fly him up to the hill with his archers, who had managed to drop a few archers.
The swarms below the hill were wounded by the archers in the woods as Nahik ordered them to flank the axemen who were being charged by the archers under his command. The axemen made short work of the archers in front of them halving there number in combat while the swarms crawled over their flanks and managed to fell a few of them. Suddenly a blinding light hit Nahik and he fell into a pile of bones and dust.
After he was raised after the battle, his acolytes told him that the swarms of undead insects were flanked by a large group of spearmen leading to the collapse of the remainder of the undead army as they were no longer being sustained by Nahik’s magic.
Nahik swore revenge and spent all night raising his troops and organising the group of undead that had followed him with a small train of treasure, he unloaded the tomb scorpion that had been bearing most of this bulk and had it and the swarms of undead beetles bury themselves in the battlefield, at the same time he cut the trees in front of the hills back. And waited on the hill with his archers, guessing that this elf creature would come back to the debris of battle to examine Nahik’s items of magic.
The mage did return Nahik first saw the archers in the woods they had stayed in before and had his archers release a volley to weaken their numbers, then the main force of elves came marching out of the woods accompanied by another flash of blinding light. And a hail of arrows from the woods.
Fortunately the swarm had not burrowed deep and came up behind the group of spearmen the mage had sheltered in, charging them and throwing them into some disarray but again the bubble of light around the mage gave them great courage and they held on.
Meanwhile the men in pelts had swarmed up the hill and were once again destroying the archers, as the last of the archers fell Nahik swiftly flew to an abandoned building on the side of the battlefield. The swarm succeeded in destroying the remaining men guarding the mage, who fled away from them but was overrun by swarming maggots and fell as he ran. Nihak came up from behind the ruins and tried to wreak mighty vengeance on the fur clothed men but once again failed. Meanwhile the tomb scorpion appeared and chased the archers from the battle before being broken into pieces by the men in fur.
Nahik was satisfied that this was a victory, the army could be reanimated and even with the scorpion they were only set back by two days, plenty of time to track the goblins who would have to sleep. He was even more pleased with the death of the elven mage for he gained valuable knowledge from his corpse and had killed a foe who certainly knew much about wreaking havoc on the walking dead.
I would now like to point out that I won the second game I ever played against a human, without ever getting a spell through (boy was that liche priest useless!) and against an enemy who had the two undead killing spells and was able to use them almost at will, three dispel dice against five power dice. So Yay, oh and I apologise if this more a fancy battle report than a story.
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Originally Posted by Mithras View Post
I finally got my first battles in agaisnt some high elves at 500 points (and I actually won one, tomb kings can still pwn in low point games if your lucky and if your not fighting something like the dwarfs.

What are mud men? When I eventually get down to painting (it's first army and I'm not very confident about painting) I plan to do try a clumps of dry sand effect.

Writing the story up now (I love the tomb kings, the characters get killed and you can just raise them back)
If you want to try a clumps of mud effect then try mixing flock with talcum powder a little static grass and pva glue.
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