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Apart from the shameless name dropping there is one flaw with your plan.
I'd call it enforcing a point not name dropping.

I've also worked on set with James McAvoy (engaged in a staring contest and won), January Jones, Kevin Bacon (mincer), Madonna, Micheal Fassbender (nice bloke, seemed to like me - is he gay?), Vernon Kay (took the piss out of him about sexting sluts in the bar) and... Paddy from Emmerdale...

Next week I get to meet Meryl Streep and Richard E Grant.

If you wanted name dropping you should of said
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Make sure Meyrl is going to portray Thatcher as the evil witch she really is won't you?
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Filled in. I'm a little disappointed in the film, but i understand that as a first outing, there's going to be issues. My personal opinion is that although Space Marines are the poster boys of 40k, it makes the film less accessible to the general public. I believe the Eisenhorn trilogy should be made. With the main characters being human and more easily identifiable, the chances of it being more of a mainstream hit are increased, without stinting on the 40k atmosphere or background
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I completed the survey and I passed it on to all of my game group.
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Personally the movie was a BIG letdown I expected a much better story from Dan Abnett or maybe it was not his fault and was poor directing. The Animation was way sub par I expected something at least as good the DOW trailers not worse than. If they use the same animation company for another movie I will not buy it and I would only rent it from a redbox $1 machine at the supermarket.
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Overall I'd give the film about a 6/10. It gets major points from me just for being a 40k movie. The same way I looked favourably on Fire Warrior because I could see all this stuff I knew in a more active setting.

The animation was pretty awful. Everything was always either dark or in a dust cloud and while I understand that it was made on an extremely limited budget that didn't totally excuse it. I enjoyed the story, which considering my usual dislike of Dan Abbnett was surprising to me. My only issue with the story was the heavy handed use of foreshadowing. The final confrontation had me groaning. I knew exactly what would happen the second it started.

I didn't dislike it. And I would love to see more attempted. This was a first attempt and if they get better as they go I'll gladly support them.
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I gave it a 7 as it was a good first attempt but definitely needs improvement.

Also, I voted for space wolves versus deamons. Talking about an epic showdown of brutality and horror!!

Give me Dark angels, and I'll think about it...

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Oh and BTW, there ar e people on Youtube that make better animations...

Me is disappoint

Give me Dark angels, and I'll think about it...

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i cannot believe people gave the film over 5, it is quite possibly the biggest pile of bobbins i have ever seen!
At least some people have taken off the rose tinted specs long enough to watch the film.
The imperial fists held Horus and his leigons long enough for assistance to arrive and send him packing but 100 of them cant take down a DP and some rowdy rable... utter tosh.
The atmosphere of the fill was ok but in places they didnt finish off the animation during panning section it becomes just a blank no detail.
Face it, it was another GW failure. Failure to really put their money behind their product and belive it will make them a huge amout of money. It will make money because of the books, computergames and the game and us the massive fan base who love the world that they have created.......errr ok rant over
If you didnt notice im not a fan.
Im with the live action film fans it is way more cost effective plus they could even get a few fans into large crowd scenes who would do it for free cuts costs.
For me it would have to be Space Wolves and Thousand Sons now thats a massive grudge match.
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I FINALLY received my copy yesterday (it was supposedly despatched on 10 Dec so that took more than 2 months to arrive in London from Jersey!)

Anyway apart from the fact that the business processes and distribution supplier suck, what about the film...

I give it 7/10

I had low expectations having read so much negativity on various forum sites. I already knew the CGI was going to be pretty low grade so for me that really didn't detract from enjoying the film.

I think the story was actually pretty good. It had good pacing. Set up the characters fairly well. Didn't pander to the MTV generation by moving too quickly into the action. Personally I would actually have liked a little more exposition (not about the 40k universe but to the story itself). For example, while we have the graphic novel to explain why it was just a squad of novice SMs, why not have a short scene (could have been Severus and Pythol talking as they readied their battle gear) to explain it - ie it was a hard choice to make but we simply couldn't spare any other Battle Brothers from the fight with the Tyrannids on Algol for what might be a wild goose chase and anyway it will be a good testing mission for the new guys!

Some people have complained about the walking and more walking. Errr I don't see the problem. It didn't go on THAT long and it was used to again set up characters and build tension.

So for me the story/script gets a big thumbs up but could have had just a little more exposition.

The music was spot on as was the overall look and feel. It definitely captured the 40k atmosphere.

Some people have complained it is only 76 mins long (inc credits). People need to realise that this has been made with a view to potential TV sales and this is the EXACT length needed for a 90 minute commercial TV slot (to allow for advert breaks). I have no problem with the length.

People have complained about the "old" space marines. Again I do not really have a problem. As far as I recall it doesn't actually say anywhere in the fluff that SMs are immortal. I have just assumed that they grow old at a slower pace.

The one real beef I do have with the film is the SPOILER ALERT...

...empty strike cruiser on their return. Where are the Chapter serfs or Servitors? This could have easily been covered with a couple walking in the background and, when the trouble starts, a few dead bodies in the hallways.

SPOILER OVER (sorry I don't know the spoiler tags)

Now could the film have been better - sure! However, they will never have AVATAR size budgets ($200m - which is more than the annual revenue of GW).

I would have loved to see BIGGER battles etc but for a first attempt I think this was pretty good (except the CGI - which is a shame).

I truly hope this is a success as it will give confidence to do another with, perhaps, a bigger budget!
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