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Default Big amount of rumours

SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! I don't know how true it is and also SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!
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This again? Yeah I don't think there's enough salt in the wolrd to be taken with the stuff coming from this 'GW staffer'- bull shit I do cry!
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Lot there to take in. Seems to be a lot going on with the fluff in 40k if its to be believed. Some of it believable, some of it not. Hard to think GW would make such wholesale changes to the 40k world though.

Interesting use of language by the 'interviewee'. Quite a lot of hostility to people around him and upwards. Would you really say all that on the internet; think not.

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Yeah it's gotta be said, this looks highly dubious at best. In all honesty I suspect this is some kind of frustrated nerd out there posing as an interviewee or, more likely, wrote the whole thing up using his own personal views and wish listing to satisfy his nerd-rage and post it up. Wouldn't have been the first time either...

The biggest give away I suppose, apart from some of the dubious nature of the rumours, is the language used. Even if you're confident that you're being completely anonymous- most people who are in employment and have had to pay bills and taxes are usually a tad more mature than that.
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I am Alpharius.
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I say pure bullshit to most of that... I have a hard time believing that to be an actual GW employee... Sounds more like an angry Chaos Fanboy raging (No offense, but there is some truth in this...), seeing as he bashed the hell out of the Ultras, and everything related to them...

This is how I would act if I had a suit of power armor and got my hands on the guy that wrote that:

[Flerden] 9:05 pm: Why the hell can't he just go offline if he goes to watc tv?
[dark angel] 9:06 pm: It is Doelago, we will never know
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I've seen less bollocks at the Kandahar Shower Block.

You hate Mat Ward? Really? So, you're willing to provide identifiable information of yourself, and/or lable an entire department because of your personal opinion?

For a company "haemorraging money", then with 7.5 Million Pre-tax profit, they MUST be doing poorly.

Inquisition Codex? Really? I thought it was slated as Ordo Malleus? And Necrons? Why not talk about it in real time terms, and state "after Orcs and Goblins", or something?

"They don't like to talk about squats here"? Strange, I've never had that much of an issue with being pointed in the right direction for information over them.

As to being Tongue in cheek, have you checked out the Ork Codex? Ranging from "Ork goes in Here", to Ogre Kingdoms Gnoblars. You can have grimdark with tongue in cheek humour.

"Gray Knights are getting their own codex"? Really? Bindi/BnK? I thought it was Ordo Malleus? Also, Gray? Really?

Grey (wait a sec, Grey? Multi-lingual is he, oh-ho!) Knights have fodder from the Ordo Hereticus... Hereticus?

"I do fluff, so I don't know the workings of the game" - yet you're chatting shit like this?

Also, "insist on using shitty outdated phase out system" - yes it's shitty, and outdated - but at the time, it was damn decent limiting factor that made armies consist of more than half ton of Scarabs, 3 Monoliths and 20 Warriors. Surely that would be better than "lol dood werent not me who created that buoiii".

"Leading questions, leading question etc." Hey, hows about I pander to you.

As to Matt Ward and Goto complaints - you don't speak about colleagues that badly. Plus, a contract can be modified if you're not fulfilling what's required. Although please not Mat Ward on Fantasy.

Convenient that you're in the "let the fans fill in the blanks frame of mind".

"For a fluff writer I know remarkably little on the fluff but still think I can actually go and tell FFG that they're doing it wrong".

"Imperials end up better" - eh, durp. New edition, new rules. 4th Edition Chaos wiped the floor with 4th Edition Space Marines, as did Orks, Eldar, Daemons, and Necrons.

"Guilleman will be duying soon" - oh will he, in stasis and all?

"Gorgutz will get rules" - Oh now you've done it son. Gorgutz belongs to Relic Entertainment, and you know what happened last time someone else owned a trademark you wanted to modify.

"I don't know much about the game, but I know the ins and outs of an Englishman's mind despite being half the globe away" - Phil Kelly's not proud of "what he's done"? Oh, I'm sure. Sure you're a cock, that is.

Does nobody read over what's going to press "No". As if you'd release that to even the most avid and proficient investigative journalist, unless they're Harry Potter with some sort of Polyjuice potion or something to make them tell the truth.

Ironhands will be getting some love after the "clusterfuck" of Mat Ward. Really? Clusterfuck?

Chaos Codex, July-Sept 2011. Oh, trust me. I'm going to be raping you to kingdom come if you're not correct on this.

"Night Lords huge fan" - Riiiiight.

"Inq in 3 seperate codices - wait one second, didn't you just say this earlier -

SoB and Inquisition are confirmed to be in the same Codex, but Sisters will be fieldable as a competitive army, capable of functioning on their own. Inquisition will be the same way; They're basically getting rules to allow them to function as allies, and be efficient at it. Both options will be totally viable.
If you're going to lie, at least make everything keep in line in the same damn interview.

Farsight Enclaves Minicodex - yeah, and I'm a Yellowfin Tuna.

Clusterfuck Eye of Terror? - Yeah it was a fix, so fucking what. It was a fucking amazing campaign though.

Admech getting a whole lot of attention over the next few years. Eh, time will tell.

"The imperium makes a comeback". Oh, right. So, all that shit about rectifying about how the Imperium is always better than Chaos was a load of bollocks was it?

The Necrons and the Tyranids go at it more than once? Oh, so suddenly, the Tyranids can eat metal as biomass can they?

So, Fulgrim's loyal to the Emperor, despite being a snake daemon thing.

Wait, what? The outer worlds fracture, but the Imperium bounces back?

The Imperium = Rome? Really? It's more like Christianity or the Muslim faith, actually, rather than Rome. There's certainly no Messianic tale other than a poor reference to the War in Heaven, which is actually more akin to the 4th Crusade.

You're bouncing ideas around about the Starchild theory - BUT when the Emperor dies, he's gone for good? Right.

Eliphas the Inheritor? Really? After being Relic's IP?

Expect the Imperium Admech and Skitarii to target the Tau - oh, right, after the complete victories they've had you mean with their current number of Armoured Infantry and Tank Regiment's they've sent into combat with them?


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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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Eh... nothing I haven't read/seen/heard/ debunked before.
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Gotta be utter shite.

Can only be the machination of a Fan who is fed up with the current way that GW is handling the game, probably mostly pissed at the fact that anything sold inside a GW is massively over fucking priced and that the whole plot of the game has pretty much stood still for the last x amount of years.

I would love to see half of the stuff mentioned come true, and in all fairness, some of it will be... New codexs for dark elder, tau, dark angels etc and I've been told by someone who works for GW that there is going to be a inquisition style codex (and dark elder, dark angels and tau) coming out but the guy i know said codex, not codex's. then again maybe he didnt know any different either.

Most of it has to be wishfull thinking tho, but i guess there is only one real way to find out. wait-an-see.

Everyone has a purpose, just so happens mine is more of an example to others of what NOT to do.

I know it's time to go to bed when the last post in every thread has been written by me.

Hooobit, nothing more nothing less.
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Part of the problem is that GW has the IP set at WK 40K if they move it forward that is a whole new ball of wax, and money to rebrand the game.


"NOBODY expects the Deathwing Assaulting Fortress of Redemption! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless efficiency.... Our *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to the Lion.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again."

"Now, Interrogator-Chaplain Biggles...Fetch the CUSHIONS!"
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Sorry I didn't really realize how false it really could be...I was just trying to spread some possible rumours....I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
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