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Default Imperial Armour 10 rumours..

Originally Posted by White Lancer @ 40k Online
Hey up, went to Warhammer World yesterday for a GCN meet and managed to have a good look at IA10. Suffice to say Carchardons are going to probably become very popular.

Sons of medusa are a literal offshoot of the Iron Hands having seceeded from them in M35. They are even more hardline Mechanicus than the iron hands themselves following prophecies which have been noticed through flickerings in the Astronomican as Mars passes through Terra's orbit. they get a giant Cyborg Master of the forge who allows you to upgrade your Devastators to have FNP so long as their moddeled appropriately

Exorcists have sub cults within them essentially like the Thousand sons in the Graham McNeil novel. They are also at odds with the Ordo Hereticus for their forbidden knowledge regarding Daemons. The Special character comes equipped with a Thunder hammer that auto wounds psykers and daemons, is immune to psychic powers 50% of the time and I believe allows combat tactics to be replaced with fearless.

Salamanders get a funky dreadnought which was built by Vulkan and a duelling captain who comes with 2 power swords (i think) andhas no chapter tactics rules.

Minotaurs are essentially the High lords of Terra shock and awe weapon. They go in and take on anyone even other Marine chapters on a regular basis. Bit of fluff where they beat on two feuding Astartes Chapters. One retreats but the other is mauled nearly to the point of extinction being an Ultramarine2nd founding several other UM sucessors swear a blood vengeance on the Minotaurs. Special Character is a chapter master with a power spear that can function as a bright lance for one shot.

Mantis warriors have a duelling librarian with his own special psychic power and allows for infiltrate.

Star Phantoms just prior to Badab war have lost their homeworld through a Hrud migration. They have a fascination with Death and particularly the idiom: "Only in death does duty end". The special Character Androcles, who takes out Huron, is captain of the 9th and allows you to take Devastators as Elites as well as Heavy

The mystery terminator in IA9? Well he's the Carchardons Chapter master armed with lightning claws and a chainfist which he can split his attacks between. Originally a conversion piece he looks to be released at the end of january, the forgeworld boys have been looking at the blogposts on the internet and have been amused that just because the picture is green tinted everyone is jumping at him being a mantis warrior or one of the sons of medusa. there are no plans to release Mk1 Termie armour with IA10 but its on the to do list. Chapter tactics wise he allows you to replace combat tactics with Furious charge however afterwards if the unit destroys another in close combat it becomes subject to rage. Fluffwise the carchardons are a crusade type fleet however they are constantly crusading and essentially "living off the land" not coming back in for resupply and are essentially the Imperial boogeyman. Fluff also suggests that the Raven Guard are their progenitors and that the founders were the monsters created by Corax in an effort to rebuild the Ravens after Istvaan V.

You also get a siege SM army which can take Ironclads and siege dreadnoughts as troops. Squadrons of predators, vindicators and whirlwinds. You have to take a compulsory Master of the seige who comes with Artificer armour. Further more to offset the power gamey elements of the list (You can take Achilles as Heavy Support...) the army has to take a special siege objective which it must claim otherwise can only ever draw.
Obviously all this needs to be taken with a large dose of salt, but some interesting stuff none the less.

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
We don't need to use any military force to defeat the imperium, we'll just send GW legal at them. As soon as they see the first sign of a thunderhawk gunship, their IP infringement addled brains will go into meltdown - they'll smash everything out of the sky with cease and desist letters.
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I hope some of thats true, especially if the 'funky dread' and 'Cyborg Forgemaster' get models.
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I was also there yesterday and read through the proof print. All in all i was very impressed, a lot more charecters and fluff than IA9 as a lot of the story of the actual campaign has already been dealt with.
The guy from FW also said to me that as well as the Carchadons chapter master they may be releasing a model for the Novamarines special charecter in IA9.
The Salamanders charecter dreads statline was awesome, the forgeworld guy said that the chassis was built by Vulkan almost as a prototype Ironclad.

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Sounds interesting...

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look forward to it.

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Exorcist marines. Well now if there rules for them I might start playing space marines now. Looking forward to this.
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Exorcists, Minotaurs, and Mantis Warriors, awesome.

I'm a little peeved that there's nothing on the Executioners, and that there's nothing yet for Sarlaq.

As those two are major players, I'm going to put across two idea's here - one) it's a load of bollocks, and b) he's just forgotten them.

I'm hoping it's the latter.

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Space Sharks? The Imperial Bogeyman? Want plz.

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Why no mention of the Lamenters?

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