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Default Warhammer Armies: Skaven *updated 8/10*

Found this today, all cred to BramGaunt @ Spamseer

Bram Gaunts Skaven summary.

I had a nice long look into the Army book, and as a passionate Warhammer player I absorbed as much info as I could.
I might be wrong at some details, still, I think I got all that's necessary to give a good overview. Remember that I hail from germany, and therefore I translated most of it as good as possible.

1st: Armywide special rules and differences from "normal" armies, changes from old book.

Magic Items: You have the usual Magic items with the usual restrictions (100 points for Commanders, 50 for heroes), seperated in weapons, trinkets, armour etc.
And than there are the "special" lists of items. Some characters as the Assassins for example are only allowed some of the special lists. Moulder Clan equip, Skryre wargear, etc.

Shooting into close combat - gone. Yes, it's gone. Really.

placing characters within the last rank - gone. Still, if a character decides to withdraw from a chalange and is placed in the last rank, he still benefits the unit with magical items, leadership, battlestandard etc.

Other army wide rules: Live to fight another day: +1 distance to flee.

you get +1 morale (up to a maximum of 10) in the higth of your rank bonus.

looted wargear (not sure about the name)
thats a short list of equip including several weapons and funny objects. You may have as many of them as you whish, still only once the same per character.

Warpstone pistol - 10 " range pistol with warpstone attacks (means magic attacs). counts as a pistol in all means.
Warstone rifle - S 5 Warpstone musket. Move or shoot.
Guardian rat - 1 WS 3 S 3 aditional attack with bearers initiative.
Tail weapon - 1 aditional attack with S 3, does not benefit with other wargear, may still be used with magic weapons.
Poisoned attacks -

2nd - Units.

I start with the boring stuff here, everyone who's interested into the hell pit abomination should scroll down...

If I do not mention otherwise, every unit has +1 to flee and +MW for ranks.


Clanrats -
the same.

Strength 3. Come with halberds and mail armour, shield upgrade available. One unit may have a magic banner. Champion may pic from the "wargear loot" equip.

Both Clanrats and Stormvermin may add one (1) weapon team of the following:
Flamethrower , Thing-shredder , Globe mortar , Rattling gun

Flame throwers now have flaming attacks.

rattling guns are the same, but do not hit automatically. they do not suffer a penalty for multiple shots or longe distance shooting.

Slaves -
come with hand weaponscheap shield, spear and slings upgrades. No weapon teams, no champion, Musician standard costs halved.
Slaves have two special rules, one is "cornered" which I do not remember... the other is "worthless" - as long as an enemy is only engaged with slaves, you may shoot into the close combat.
Slaves do not provoke panic tests from any other unit than slaves.

May make a free movement at the beginning of the game. No skirmishers. May have a Warpunnler.
come with two hand weapons and shuriken.
Champion has a 6+ ward save.

Giant Rats: little cheaper, do not count for minimum of core units

Vermin swarm: cheaper..


Gutter runners
May have a warp tunneler. skirmish, outflank from any edge.
Champion has a 5+ ward save. Same equip as nightrunners
May be given the following: Nets (a net counts as a shield and gives a malus to the enemy, I think it was -1 to hit, nut sure though.) poisened attacks fore some points.

Rat ogres.

Same price here, same profile, come with... frenzy...? don't know the english term. You are granted +1 attack but you have to charge if possible.
you may add as many ogres to the unit as you want, for each 2 ogres you may add one more handler.
May have a mastermoulder (counts as champion, may have some wargear, a Thing-catcher which grants him killing blow for or a great weapon.
Mastermoulder profile is 6 5 3 4 4 2 5 2 6

Plague monks: , come with two handweapons, one unit may have a magic standard.
Still have frenzy (was it frenzy? see rat ogres for what I mean...)

Jezzails: same price. 4+ armour save, NO skirmishers. May have a champion with BS 4 for 10 points. Unit size 3+

Censer bearers: the same almost, forgot about them.

Globardiers: unit size 5 - 15
Special rules: Life is worthless... may fire into close combat.
shoot from behind: when engaged into close combat, all globardiers which do not have contact with enemy models may shoot at the unit(s) they are engaged with.

I did not look up neither the abilities of special characters, nor their options. I'll just list them.

Lord Skrolk: in the list.


Ikit Claw:

Skrotz the mutant:

After a brief overlook he seemed pretty strong with WS 7 and 6 attacks...

profile: 8 8 4 6 5 5 10 5 8
Special rules: Flee + 1, Immune to psychology, Terror, great target, 5+ ward save, Sorcerer lvl 4. He counts as a demon.
The vermin lord may not be the general of your army.


Grey seer: +1 Morale. Comes with Lvl 4 and D3 warpstone tokens. may buy more.
The Screaming bell is his mount, optional. The model itself is HUGE, almost twice es big as the current one. Kit is also used for the "Plague Furnace"

Snikch: has a mantle which obscures him, he's only visible to units on 4+.
He has got a murdering profile, Initiative 10 and always strikes first.


Assassin. Sad part first: assassins do take a heroe's choice. They work pretty much like DE assassins, with lower profile (still I 9 ASF)

Warlock: At this stage he's a technician only, no wizard.
he may be upgraded to level 1 or level 2 for usual points for power levels.
Only one to have 2 warpstone pistols...
May chose lore of doom only. (more to magic later)

Plaguepriest: lvl 1 wizard. may chose lore of plague. May have a Plague Furnace giant swingy-thingy... oO

Now, lets start the interesting point:

Screaming bell.

Bell comes with Magic resistance (2), 4+ ward save, causes fear, is a Large target.. It MUST join a unit of storm vermin or Clan rats. The joindes unit becomes stubborn.
Bell has T6, LP 6, S 5, causes impact hits. The Rat ogre ringing the bell may strike with S5.

Enemy units in contact may chose to attack the Bell (WS of the ogre is applied here (WS 3)) or the prophet.

Moving the bell: It requires at least 10 models to move the bell at full capacity (5 Inches). For each model below 10, it loses 1 Inch of movement, if the unit dropps to 5 it may not move at all.

Ringing the bell (thats what you wanted...)
at the begining of each turn or magic phase (not sure) the player may ring the bell. At turn one he may only use 1 dice, at each of the following up to three.
The bell is automatically rung if wounded by a S5 or higher missile attack.

1 - nothing happens. Spank-spank the Rat ogre for failing-failing...
2 - 4 unit with the bell attached moves D6 inches forward (and may attack if possible)
5 - 8 all friendly units may reroll morale checks within 24 inches of the bell
9 - 10 Bell (not the seer) casts the Spell "Scorch" from lore of doom (see later with magic) at power level 5
11 - 12 All enemys with T7 or higher suffer D3 wounds
13 Say Ding-Dong alound and smile to your enemy. All Enemy units within 24 inches suffer D3 S4 hits. If the Bell is engaged in close combat ALL Skaven within the unit it is attached to may attack in close combat this round.
14 - 16 All units within 12 " gain +1 attack for this turn.
17: All gain +1 attack and get to reroll tohit and to wound
18: with a loud BANG the Bell is destroyed. All units within 4D6 inches suffer D6 S4 hits without armour saves.

if you roll two equals, the result is applied, but the unit pushing the bell suffers D6 S4 hits.
If you roll three equals, both bell and prophet suffer a S5 hit.

Plague menetekel:
It's not a furnace, it's like the bell itself, but with a big censer instead of the bell.
Moves just like the screaming bell, but may only be joined by Plague monks.
I do not remember a lot of this thing. It has two effects, the one's a mighty blow which causes a numer of hits declared with the artillery dice of S5 o the enemy unit in contact., the other makes all models in contact (friend and foe) take a Toughness test or lose one lifepoint.

Which leaves us with
Rare choices

Hell Pit abomination: .

It may NOT tunnel. It is a crawling, moving mass of dozens of Bodies moulded together, has severel arms, giant claws, etc. The drawing shows it to be at least 10 times as high as a man. It is NOT a giant rat, more like 100 sakven mutated together with parts of giant creatures. the pic was only small but it scared the crap out of me...

Causes impact hits, Terror, Large Target, Regeneration, Stubborn.

Profile: 3W6, 3 1 6 5 6 4 * 8
Moves 3 D6.If you roll three times the same, something bad happens. roll a D6 to see the result: 1: does not move at all, 2 - 5 moves at a random direction, 6: gains + 1 strength. If you roll a second or more 6 it looses 1 wound.
Special attacks: Troll 1 D6 to determine how it strikes
1-2: Feast: 1 S6 hit at all models in contact, no armour save, causes D3 wounds.
2-4: leash: 3D6 attacks. A unit that suffers a casulty get a -1 penalty to hit rolls against the abomination.
5-6: Crush: all miniatures in contact have to take a I-test or will be killed, the crushed unit suffers 2D6 S6 hits.

If the nasty thing is dead, playe a marker at it's position. at the beginning of your next turn, roll 1 D6.
1 - 3: Killed. The dreaded creature is dead, dead, dead. Your enemy may open a keg.
4 - 5: Rats leave the sinking ship, er, mean to say creature. Place D3 Vermin swarms.
6: It's ALIVE!! The Abomination comes back to life with D6 Lifepoints.

Doom Wheel -

Causes Terror, Impact hits (D6 + 1), Large target.

Moves like a chariot (3D6). If moved through difficult terrain it only suffers D3 S4 hits and moved on. However, if it moves againts impassible terrain it suffers D6 S10 hits and stops...
when negaged in close combat it may crush the enemy, causing D3 S6 hits.

Warplightning Arc - has to shoot 3 times each round, causing as many hits as the artillery dice shows you to the NEAREST unit. Strength is 6. Warlock may surpress firing with a morale check. Morale is 7.
If you roll a malfunction: 1: suffers D6 S6 hits, - 1 D6 movements. Three times this result and it is destroyed.
2-5 moves at a random direction.
6: Whats that button-button fore? Moves an aditional D6 until end of game.

Warp Lightnin canon - .
No more ward save, does not have to pick "flee".
It works just like a cannon now, with the following difference: The first Artillery dice is used to determine the beginning of the effekt, the second one for how far the Spark "jumps" and for the strength.

Malfanction: 1- 2 : it exploed.
3 - 5: oooops... shoots 4D6 in a random direction, with S 10, and exploed with the 5 inces blast at the end of the line.
6 - may not shoot this turn.

Plague catapult: Magic catapult with S2 poisened attacks with large template. Funny thing: one of the malfunction results makes your opponent place the large template anywhere within 3D6 from originalt target.


As reported there are two lores: Lore of Doom and Lore of plagues.

But first....

the DREADED 13th Spell - cure of the horned rat. Cast on 25.

Only grey seers may have it.

It causes 4D6 casulties at one infantry unit. No Saves at all. If the unit is totally destroyed by this, you gain a unit of clan rats equal to the number of models destroyed, otherwise they are only casulties (the fellow warriors just "release therir former brothers from their suffering")

Lore of Doom:

1 - Sulfurjump: teleports one character within 12 inches to anywhere on the table. cast on 5+
2 - Warp lightning: magic missile with D6 S 5 hits. a roll of 1 hits the caster.
3 - Howling Warpstorm: Flyers may not fly, and all shooting suffers -1 to hit. Skaven shooting excluded. cast on 7+
4 - Deadly frenzy: one unit gains frenzy with +2 rather than +1 attack. does replace normal frenzy (so you don't get +3 attacks) lasts until unit looses combat. Unit suffers D6 losses each turn.
5 - Scorch: places 3" template within 24 ", causing a flaming S5 attack to any model touched. Cast on 11+
6 - Jaws of the World Rat (seriously, it's named somewhat else, something with chasm or canyon or what ever, but the effect is the same...) Draw a line of 4D6 inches from the caster. Any model touched must take a Initiative test or is removed. War machines and chariots only on 5+.

Lore of plague.

1 - Plagebreath: cast on 5+, S2 breath weapon which ignores armour. In close combat engaged unit sufferd D6 S2 hits without armour.
2 - Poisened Gift: cast on 7+, unit gains poisened attacks. If it has it already, poisened attacks now work on 5+. Last til end of the game (!!)
3 - Wither: one Unit within 12 inches suffers -1 Toughness til end of the game. Cast on 8+
4 - Verminflood: cast on 8+: 5 " template moves 4d6 inches (not through impassible terrain, touched units suffer §d6 s2 hits.
5 - Foul clourd: cast on 11+ all units within 12 " suffer D6 S 5 hits without Armour: enemy on 2+, skaven on 4+, plague monks, censer bearers, globardiers and plague priests on 5+.
6 - the plague: same as before. cast on 12.

Weapon teams: almost forgot about them.

They come with heavy armour. As long as they stay within 3" of their attached unit they gain the morale bonus of their units ranks, and a 4 + ward save. They count as a single unit (and may be attacked and shot at as usual)

so, this is it. Enjoy =)

p.S. The battalion includes: 40 new clanrats, 20 plague monks and one giant rats/rat ogre kit. 85 euros.

Ha, almost forgot:
Mounts. Yes, Mounts.
Three different ones there:

Boneripper-Ratogre: 6 4 3 5 5 4 3 5 5
causes fear, may only be placed within Clanrats, Stormvermin or Rat Ogres. Monstrous mount.

Pox-Rat: (most likly only included so you can use this pest-lord-model...
6 3 3 4 4 1 5 2 2, poisened attack, cavalry (like the demon mounts for chaos, this one is mounted on a bigger base, but counts as cavalry.

Litter: + 1 armour, 5 4 - 4 - - 5 4
It obviously fights. I think that the caracter is treated as if mounted to a chariot here.
Found this today at BOLS - All cred to BigRed and his fellows over there

There are foul tidings on the fetid winds that emanate from Skavenblight:
The old book had the following CORE units:

Giant rats
Poisoned Wind Globadiers

Now, with the exception of Globadiers, all can be put in ranks and they are all core.

Rumoured mount options are:
Grey Seer - Screaming Bell
Plague Priest - Plague Furnace, Giant Rat
Warlord - Rat Ogre, Giant Rat, Litter/Throne of some type
Mounts are only for characters and Nurglitch will be used a lot both as a Warlord and a Plague priest.

Ikit Claw will be a spellcasting nightmare. and effective in combat to boot. He will be able to use all the Skaven spells or any of the normal 8 lores.

Deathmaster does indeed have a dagger in his tail!

SiN is in.
+1" flight remains.
Skaven may still decline challenges and use LD for the unit.
Life is Cheap is only for slaves.

Vermin Lord is back
Doom Wheel is back
Seer LD7
Assassin is a hero choice
Warplock pistol or muskets for all characters

Clanrats: 4 points.
Nightrunner: 7 points, no skirmish, one movement before the battle starts, two hand weapons and throwing stars included, LD:6 (9 with full ranks).
Stormvermin: 7 points with halberds and option for shields, S:3, 25 point magic items for the champion.
Rat swarms are non 0-1 and 25 pts each.

Rat Ogres: 40 points, plus 8 points for each handler. Frenzy, champion WS:4, A:4. Master Moulder is a kind of unit champion with LD 6 and option for things catcher, no mixed units with Rat-ogres and giant rats.
Jezzails: S:6.
Gutter Runner: 6+ ward save.
Plague Monks: no poison.

Hellpit Abomination: is in and quite potent.
Plague Furnance: giant censor pushed by plague monks, impact hits and gas.
Warp-lightning Cannon: fires like a common cannon with a 3" template at the very end of the line, strength still random, no armor save, D6 wounds, crew doesnt have to flee, LD 7, @90 points

5 different weapon teams
Warpfire thrower
Poisoned wind mortar, similar to globadiers
A hand to hand weapon team with impact hits and additional attacks
Warpdrill to tunnel for Eshin units

13 different spells, 6 for Warlocks, 6 for Plague priests.
D3 warpstone tokens for every mage at the start of the game.
Warp lightning does only d6 hits and 1 still hits the caster
Spell to stop fliers
Spell for -1 BS to all enemy shooting
Big rumours about the "13th Spell" in the Skaven armybook:
CAST: 25+ (cannot be augmented with extra dice through items)
Effect: Target unit suffers 3d6 wounds; no saves allowed. Any surviving models are turned into clanrats.

Plague Furnace is a mount for a plague lord/priest. It is said to works like a Cauldron of Blood, giving a bonus like poisoned attacks or frenzy to nearby units, whilst nearby Pestilens units gain either Hatred or possibly Stubborn.

Plague Catapults are S:2, no armour save, 5" template and the target unit must take a panic test if wounded.

Storm banner is like the old one except it runs out at 4+. Which I think is probably better than before.

~As usual, standard caveats apply to all of this. Have fun

*edited for more details, and yea Im lazy *

Warlord Queek Head-taker
Verminlord - roughly 500pts
Lord Skrolk, Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens - Bringing Skrolk lets you take plague monks as core
Thanquoul and Boneripper
Throt the Unclean, Master Mutator of Clan Moulder
Ikit Claw, Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre
Grey Seer

Warlock Engineer - wizard 1/2, Skryre Sniper weaponry available
Plague Priest - lvl 1/2 wizard upgrade available
Deathmaster Snikch
Tetch – nothing has been given on him except his name, and this name doesn’t appear in any current lore

Character Mounts:
Grey Seer - Screaming Bell
Plague Priest - Plague Furnace, Giant Rat
Warlord - Rat Ogre, Giant Rat, War Litter

Clan Rats
Storm Vermin
Rat Swarms
Night Runners
Giant Rats – Master Moulder as a packmaster upgrade

Jezzails - No longer skirmish, Sniper Champion @ BS4
Gutter Runners
Plague Monks
Censor Bearers - drop to 14pts, 2A on profile (3 with frenzy)
Rat Ogres
Poisoned Wind Globadiers

Warp Lightning Cannon
Plague Catapult
Hellpit Abomination
Doom Wheel - 3d6 movement, immune to psych, impact hits, 150pts

Special Items:

Storm banner, Weeping Blades, Warpstone Stars, Warpscroll, Warpstorm scroll, Brass Orb, Death globe, Fellblade, Sacred Banner of Horned rat, Skalm, Skavenbrew, Smoke bombs will be in the book.
Warpscroll now S2
Weeping blade: AP, D3 wounds, Can be used by GR champion
Infernal Bomb: an Assassin can place it wherever he likes during the movement phase. It can be triggered anytime during the game.
When triggered, on a 2+ roll it explodes with St10 D3 wounds (center of template) or St 3 (if touched). A roll of 1 couses no effect.
warlock gear moved to regular arcane item
on a 4+ extra PD
+2 to warplightning hits

This is looking fairly decent imho. Personally Im wondering if the ratarsed army still is overfilled with "counts as magical attack whatnot thingys" or if that has been toned down a bit

Gonna be fun to see Ikkit Claw back in his former glory(in 5th he was an awesome sorcerer) amongst other things

The supposed 13th spell looks very much like "curse of the horned rat" from 5th, but with a bit different mechanics. I really dont think 25 is the true casting value, if the spell even is real. If it is true then I dont think the "can not be augmented by bonus PD" is true unless Skaven Wizards gain DE similar rules for casting spells with unlimited PDs rules. Having a spell that relies in IF, or an average roll of 5+ on each die is not likely

What I dont like is giving the Grey Seer LD7. That eliminates the only reason for picking a Warlord in the army instead of a caster. Boooo!

Slaves should imho get S+T 2, will be interesting to see what happens to them. Slaves are 100 times better then gnoblars atm, and they cost the same points...

I also gotta say that Im very surprised and a bit worried over the extremely thin amount of rumours that has circulated around the Skaven army. Has GW so successfully shut down the rumours on the net??!?
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Win/Draw/Loss(5th ed results)
EC: 45/2/12
Tau: 28/3/7
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Nice list.

When are we due the Skaven? I heard it was soon but havent kept up to date, I am loving the excuse to get out my WFB army and re-learn the game (onlt restarted 40k recently and havent got round to WFB yet).

Like the extra war machine inclusions, gives me some nice modelling projects when the Eldar stuff quietens down.
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I hope nightrunners keep their skirmish.. I was planning to build a skirmish rat army.

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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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kaven are November, IIRC.

Anyway, Respecticles to you MM. Saw it earlier, but thought it would have posted already, so didn't bother. Cheers mate. Shame about the Grey Seer, although The Rat Ogre mount seems interesting.


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Awesome, I've been hoping to see something like this recently.

Originally Posted by MaidenManiac View Post
I also gotta say that Im very surprised and a bit worried over the extremely thin amount of rumours that has circulated around the Skaven army. Has GW so successfully shut down the rumours on the net??!?
I was thinking the same thing. We seemed to have reliable Space Wolf rumors for months before the book came out. If Skaven is indeed due in November, I find it suprising that more info hasn't been released. The only pics I've seen have been the official GW ones. Is GW REALLY so worried about "leaking" their images and info that they want to crush the hype?

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Any ideas when the Skaven book and initial release of miniatures will be available to advance order from GW?

Also GW stores will be getting their 'black box' next week including copies of the new Skaven sprues and army book.

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hmm, FW say they are getting into fantasy + skaven are released with a vermin lord....

we can but hope :D
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Chaos Dwarves are Forge World, IIRC.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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I like the addition of war machines also. While I don't like "Life is cheap" for only slaves, I understand. It makes sense, and it's really easy to use in an annoying way if it applies to all units...

Haha forgeworld Vermin Lord. That would be brilliant.
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yikes, I have a friend who plays skaven, and will be looking forward to this. He fields a plague themed list, so all the new toys will make him happy.

For myself though, I'm getting a bit worried for all my bretonnian lads - it seems that clan pestilence will have more than a few things that will bypass their armour completely.

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