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Some of this will be repeated info:

Blood Angels Dreadnought weapons
Blood Claws
Sx2 Ap-3 d6 damage
Blood Fist
Sx2 AP-3 3 damage reroll to hit if you have 2.
Frag Cannon
8" assault 2d6 S6 Ap-1 damage 1 hit

M7" WS4+ S6 T7 W8 A4 3+
It doesn't degrade
if charge does mortal wound on a 4+
Crushing claws are Sx2 AP-3 damage 3
Scything Talons S: User AP-3 damage 3
Bonemace S8 Ap-1 d3 damage.
If with 2 weapons +1 attacks
2 Scything talons reroll 1 to hit.

Noise Marines
If killed in melee don't remove them, and at the
end of the phase they can attack with melee or
shooting weapons (even if engaged) before
removing them.
Blastmaster 48" Heavyd3 S8 Ap-2 damage d3
ignore cover
Or Assault d6 S4 Ap-1 damage 1
Doomsiren assault d3 S5 Ap-2 damage 1 ignore
Other sonic weapon Assault3 24" S4 ignore

Striking Scorpions
Move 7"
Can deploy everywhere more than 9" from the
+1 to hit against unit in cover
mandiblaster does mortal wound on 6
Exarch gives unit extra attack on 6 to hit.
chainsabre is the same as chainsword but +1

are S5 T5 W3 3+
Wraithcannon is 12" Assault 1 S10 Ap-4 d6

Wave serpent
M16" T7 W13. Serpent shield
reduce damage by 1, minimun 1.

Demolisher Cannon
24" Heavy d3 (d6 against 5 or more models) S10
Ap-3 d6 damage.

7 wounds, 5 attacks, 4++
Wolf guards are immune to battleshock within 6".
Morkai is S+2 Ap-3 damage d3 or Sx2 AP-3
damage 3 -1 to hit.

Grav Amps
are now part of the Grav Cannon
profile, Heavy 4 S5 Ap-3 damage 1 or d3 against
3+ saves
Centurions don't have malus for shooting heavy
weapons after moving
Omniscope gives ignore cover.

M12" BS4+ S6 T7 W14 2+ 5++
Nova reactor gives moral wounds
can put wounds on drones
Heavy 8 S6 Ap-1 damage 1
72" heavy 3 S7 AP -3 damage 1
can overwatch if within 6" from a charged unit
(generic Tau rule)

give his LD to each AM unit within
6". Those units also can't lose more than 1 model
from a failed battleshock test.

2+ 2+ S4 T4 W6 A4 3++
+1 Ld and reroll 1 to hit for every IF unit within
His Hammer is S+6 Ap-3 3 damage.

Death to the false emperor
Extra attack on a 6 to hit vs Imperium
Khorne - Reroll charge
Nurgle - -1 Ld enemies within 3"
Tzeentch - Mortal wound on a 6 against an enemy
units within 12".

M6" S5 A2 and can attack twice each combat.
Khorne axe S+1 Ap-1

S8 T7 W18 4++
Sx2 Ap -4 3 damage in melee
3 powers
His smite does d6 or 2d6 mortal wounds
Reroll hit and invulnerable of 1 for Thousand
sons within 9"

S4 T5 W6 A4 2+ 4++ (halves advancing)
on a 5+ ignore wounds
Manreaper is S+3 Ap-3 3 damage,
Pistol is Pistol 2d6 S4 Ap-3.
+1 S and T for poxwalkers within 7"
has the same ability for death guard unit of the
starter nurgle lord.

Shokk attack gun
is 60" Heavy d6 S2d6 AP -5
d3 damage if you roll 11 or 12 for strenght you
do 1d3 mortal wounds instead.

S5 T4 W2 Sv 4+
orks within 3" don't run away on a 6"
They can have power knife (Im not kidding) at
3points for Ap-2
Saw is Sx2 AP -4 2 damage
Claw is Sx2 AP -3 d3 damage.

Flash gits
have 24" Heavy 3 S5 Ap -2
After they shoot roll a dice, on a 6 they shoot
again at the nearest enemy unit. Badrukk reroll 1
to hit. Every model can have an ammo runt for a
single hit reroll in the shooting phase.

Is just a morale reroll.

M8" A2 Sv 4+
Mask make them attack always first in melee
+3" to charge or advance
-1 to hit them in melee if with exarch
Executioner blase is S+2 Ap-3 d3 damage but
with a -1 to hit.

M8" S6 T6 W12
Heavy Psycannon 24" S7 -1 2 damage
Psylencer Heavy 6 S4 1d3 damage.

is no longer an upgrade, but a
different warscroll
thunderwolf cavalry
M10" S4 T5 W3 3+

have 7 wounds on average.

frost shooting weapons
do mortal wounds on a 6
against a multiwound model that they wounded
but not killed.

Black rage
is fnp 6+ and +1 attack if charging.

allows reroll on hit and charging for
death company within 6".

Sanguinary guards
reroll hit if within 6" from a
BA General
Death mask is -1 Ld within 3". Encarmine
weapons are like power weapons but 1d3

gives each BA units within 6" an extra
attack, can charge after retreating.

is W6 aqnd gives reroll to hit at BA within
6", the axe is S+2 Ap -3 d3 damage.

Adeptus Mechanicus:
Forge Worlds keywords, Cawl has Mars keyword
and buffs Mars FW units.
Adeptus Mechanicus keyword is shared, Cult
Mechanicus kw and Skitarii kw are present to
differentiate. Bonuses target AM keyword
Canticles are chosen at the start of each Battle
Round and last that much, cannot be chosen
twice. Among the effects they allow for rerolling
1s to same FW kw units within 6".

3+ S8 T8 W24 3+
Wraithcannon assault 2 S10 Ap -4 d6 damage
Wraithsword S x2 AP -4 6 damage
Wraithscythes are 8" assault d3 S10 AP -4
Eldar battle focus is that they don't have the -1 to
hit when shooting after advancing.

Power from pain
is now dependant on turn
turn 1: 6+ fnp
2: +1 to hit
3: reroll run and charge
4: ignore battleshock
5: -1 to enemy leadership.

M8" W14 S7 T8 Save3+, can either create a 10
Fleshbane Termagaunt unit (you need to keep the
points for them) OR re-add 10 Fleshbane
Termagaunt models to an existing unit IF the lost
models has Fleshbane already.

Ork Battlewagon
M12" W16 T7 Save 4+, can
get T8 but loses Open-topped. Deff Rolla hits on
a 2+, 6 attacks S8 Ap-2.

220/230 points
M8 WS2+ BS2+ S8 T8 W8 4++
melee AP-4 d6 damage nightbringer, the same
but 3 damage the deceiver.
Deceiver can redeploy itself and 1d3 units
everywhere at almost 12" from the enemy but
can't charge.
Nighbringer has a shooting attack 12" assault
d6 S8 AP -4 d3 damage
They know a c'tan power listed at the beginning.
Apparently they are characters so holy shit they
can't be targeted.

Scatter lasers
are 36" Heavy 4 Ap0

can enter any Imperial vehicle and
give bubble buffs to Imperium keyword units,
depending on the Ordo chosen

Grey Knights
know a nerfed verison of Smite,
12" 1 mortal wound (3 if Daemon keyword)

Reanimation protocols are made at the start of
your movement phase. Roll a D6 for every slain
model, on a 5+ it comes back. You can roll again
in the following turns. You cannot roll if the
whole unit is slain.
Living metal allows for automatically regaining
lost wounds
Basic Gauss is 24" Rapid Fire **Ap-2**, Gauss
Cannon is Ap-3 Dmg
Discipline 10
Warriors cost unchanged form 7th.
Monolith M6" W20 S8 T8 Save3+, Gauss Flux
Arc Heavy 3 S5 Ap-2, Whip Heavy 6 S8 Ap-2
DmgD6. When it gets charged, roll on a D6 and if
4+ (or worse, depending on wounds lost)
charging unit gets D6 mortal wounds.

Space Marines:
Grav is S5 Ap-3 and does DmgD3 if Save is 3+
or better
Narthecium no longer provides FnP but heals a
model for D3 wounds

Markerlights are cumulative per phase and
provide different bonuses, depending on how
many hit the unit. Basic is reroll 1s, then you
have remove cover bonus, increase BS, use
Seeker/Destroyer Missiles (normally
Railguns have a chance to do Mortal Wounds
Activating Nova Reactor may result in Mortal
Firesight Marksmen are Independent Characters
Pulse rifles are AP0. Pulse Blasters AP-1 at 10"
and AP-2 at 5", Assault 2.
Ghostkeels and Stealth Suits give a -1 malus to
BS if shot at from more than 12", can deploy
outside of deployment zone at 12".
Broadside Railgun is Heavy 2 S8 Ap-4 DmgD6,
HYMP is Heavy 4 S7 Ap-1 DmgD3
Pathfinders and Kroots are faster than Fire

M 7" / WS 2+ / BS 2+ / S 5 / T 5 / W 5 / S 2+
His sword is S X2 / -3 VP / D3 Wounds
Ignores Wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+
Casts/Dispels (with an added +1 bonus) 2 powers
and knows 3 Powers from BA discipline

M 8" / WS 4+ / BS 4+ / S 7 / T 8 / W 14 / S 3+
Creates a unit of 10 barebone termagants or can
add up to 10 dead barebone termagants to an unit
(not over the unit size at the start of the game)


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Even with 12 Wounds on that Sunshark, looks like it will be a lot easier to shoot down. For shooty armies at least, not necessarily assault ones (wonder if Stormboyz will get Fly?). That'll shift the balance of them a bit, but at least they will no longer feel like they got bolted on to the system late.

Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers; all of which are true and horrifying to know.
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Mephiston is as badass as ever, and Corbulo looks like a no-brainer now.
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[QUOTE=scscofield;2410065]A few other leaks I am translating, from a store owner who is leaking info on an Italian forum:
  • Ork Battlewagon M12" W16 T7 Save 4+, can get T8 but loses Open-topped. Deff Rolla hits on a 2+, 6 attacks S8 Ap-2
Space Marines:/QUOTE]

Waaagh deffrollas are back!!!!!

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Da Golden Waaagh!

Originally Posted by Fiddlestix View Post
Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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These turned up on a Japanese GW store's fb page, with the caption "New SM heroes!"
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1970.JPG
Views:	44
Size:	53.9 KB
ID:	959984417   Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1971.JPG
Views:	40
Size:	62.2 KB
ID:	959984425  
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Chapter Ancient, Company Ancient, Primaris Ancient, Terminator Ancient. What is the difference between those ? Are they banner bearers like Primaris Ancient ?? Is there fluff for them?
Terminator has same equipment like Assault Terminators so why name change.

Also hate it because I planned to use Ancient as name for my Honour Guard.
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Originally Posted by Entarion View Post
Chapter Ancient, Company Ancient, Primaris Ancient, Terminator Ancient. What is the difference between those ? Are they banner bearers like Primaris Ancient ?? Is there fluff for them?
Different kinds of banner bearers, if you read the terminator ancient you'd see he only has one lightning claw and cannot take a storm shield, since he's equipped with the angelis standard.

Beyond that they all have more wounds, attacks, and better leadership as well.

As for fluff, there is some stuff here and there for banner bearers/chapter ancients though its very dependent on the chapter.

Originally Posted by Entarion View Post
Also hate it because I planned to use Ancient as name for my Honour Guard.
And there is nothing stopping you from using that title for the honour guard of your chapter.

Damnation is paved on good intentions; subtle and sugar coated or blunt and honest
A hero is someone who steps up when everyone else backs down.
Popularity is what people strive for when they lack the strength to be themselves.

Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

Reporting Posts - read this
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Warhammer 40,000 Faction Focus: Space Marines

They know no fear and are the Angels of Death, serving as the Emperor’s mailed fist, delivering death to the enemies of mankind. They are the most iconic faction in Warhammer 40000: Space Marines. While considered by many in the Imperium to be heroes, they are undeniably monsters to their enemies. The most popular faction in the Warhammer 40,000 universe is coming back with reinforcements, the new Primaris Space Marines.

Armies of the Adeptus Astartes are currently mostly played two ways. One is the Battle Company play style which consists of lots of Space Marines, grav cannons and (often free) vehicles. All told, it can often make them feel like a bit of a horde army. The other way is to pair them up with Space Wolves and Dark Angels to combine the numerous overlapping Universal Special Rules from Characters into a single, powerful unit.

In the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, Space Marine players will have a wealth of options for how they assemble their force. While this may mean that the builds that are currently most popular may no longer be the most efficient, it means that you can look again at the massive range of Space Marine units available, and know that all of them can find a place in your army.

Let’s start with the Centurions since these guys have been very popular since their release. They get the Centurion missile launcher, which is D3 shots at Strength 8, AP -2, which do D3 damage. They can also take two lascannons. which means these guys are terrifying against high Toughness, high Wound models. Now if hordes are what you fear, don’t worry, they can still take two heavy bolters and hurricane bolters, dishing out loads of shots every turn. These models will be extremely hard to kill with their 2+ save and 3 Wounds. And, be sure to keep an Apothecary nearby to keep these guys alive and kicking.

But, what about the question everyone has on their minds? What about grav cannons? The weapons that single-handedly changed the game in the current Warhammer 40,000? Well, I am very happy to say that grav weapons are still good, but have been mercifully toned down to a much more reasonable weapon. They now no longer relegate so many units in the game to being relatively poor choices, but they still pack a nasty punch for those of you that have these models in your collections.

Next up, let’s talk a bit about Predators. Predators haven’t been seeing much play in quite a long while. As noted above, with the abundance of grav weapons on the tables, being a vehicle was a hindrance. Luckily that is no longer the case. Predators are powerful, able to carry 4 lascannons into battle while being Toughness 7 with 11 Wounds – this vehicle is now a very scary unit. The Predator will be in your backfield raining death upon transports and elite units alike. Or, load them up with the Predator autocannon and heavy bolters, or a mix of any of those choices, as you can fire every weapon at a different target! Make sure to get these bad boys a new paint job in honour of the new edition and make some room in those army cases, cause Predators are back!

How about we talk a little bit about the famous Primarch that just came back, Roboute Guilliman? We’ve all seen his stats and he looks like a beast with his 9 Wounds and 6 Attacks. His gun also is good, being Rapid Fire 3, giving him 6 shots at half range. It is also Strength 6, AP -1 and does 2 Damage per shot – essentially an auto cannon with more shots on a platform that hits on 2s and is hard as nails to kill. He also wields the Emperor’s own sword which gives him +2 Strength and slices up enemy armour with AP -4 and 3 Damage per swing. Plus on the wound roll of a 6+, the weapon does an additional D3 mortal wounds…ouch! This guy can kill most things in the game by himself.

His new armor is pretty awesome as well, giving him a 3+ invulnerable save and allowing him to get back up of a 4+ the first time he dies. Good luck killing Roboute. He cannot have anything else going for him could he? Well, he also gives all Ultramarines within 6” of him the ability to re-roll hits and wounds. That is magnificently powerful. Guilliman is a warrior straight out of legend and will be seen on many a tabletop.

Lastly, let’s talk about the iconic Space Marine Dreadnoughts. These machines, unfortunately, have been outpaced by other units for a while now, but that is all about to change. Dreadnoughts in the new edition are Toughness 7 with 8 Wounds, which makes them a lot more resilient than before. They also have 4 Attacks that are Strength 12, AP -3 and 3 Damage each, which will put a serious hurt on any target. Their heavy flamer is excellent for overwatch and killing hordes, and the heavy weapons they can take make them scary at range as well. I anticipate a lot of twin lascannon equipped Dreadnoughts in the near (far?) future.

Dreadnaughts are no longer pushovers, and they can be scary in close combat and in shooting. Like all vehicles, they no longer have to worry about the punishing damage table rendering them worthless due to immobilisation, etc. It is a good day to be a Dreadnought…you know, despite having to be horribly injured and stuck in a walking sarcophagus.

Overall Space Marines are a very versatile army and will play more closely to their lore without the free points and character bombs. I hope you are all ready to retake the galaxy for mankind!
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New Warhammer 40,000: Choosing Your Army

Creating an army in the new Warhammer 40,000 is a lot of fun.
There are as many ways to go about this as there are Warhammer 40,000 players out there; some of you will pick you army based on your favourite models, some based on a particularly inspiring bit of lore or background you’ve read, and some because you like the way certain units behave on the battlefield. For most of us, it’s a bit of all of the above.
Choosing an army in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 can be as simple or as easy as you like. At the most basic level, you can just put whatever models you have in your collection on the table and get rolling – this is the very essence of open play.

For a little more balance and structure, you can use Power Levels. These can be found on the datasheets of every unit and give a rough approximation of its relative effectiveness. Power Levels are ideal for narrative play and allow you to very quickly work out which force is more powerful so you can either add or take away a few units to balance it or play a mission that calls for forces of different sizes (like a siege or a glorious last stand).
The final mechanism for selecting an army is to use points, most commonly associated with matched play. These will be familiar to anyone who plays the game today and are designed to balance your force for use in the 12 Eternal War and Maelstrom of War missions.
While Power Levels are purposefully an approximation of a unit’s effectiveness, points are, if anything, more granular than they have ever been, with each individual item costing a certain amount.
The best way to show this is with a quick example. We’ve used a Drukhari force, lead by an Archon (classic).

This army is 1000 points and is Battle-forged using the Patrol Detachment. It is typical of what you might expect from an army of this size.
We have an HQ choice, a mix of units kitted out to deal with both Infantry and Vehicles, Transports and a Flyer to back them up. The points for each model, gun and item of equipment add up to give the army’s total cost in points.
One thing you’ll probably notice is that vehicles generally tend to cost more points in this edition. Though you’ll find that their increased flexibility and durability means that they are certainly well worth taking. (This is especially true of Drukhari ones, which can now not only ram enemy units but fly out of combat and still shoot you!)
Another thing you’ll likely see much more of is vehicles and squads with mixed weapons. So, in this case, those splinter rifles the Kabalites are carrying can be targeting squishy infantry targets while the heavier guns in the squad can hunt larger prey. It means you might not need dedicated anti-infantry or armour units as much if you’ve spread that killing power around your army.

This army is a fairly typical Drukhari force, but the new edition opens up a whole range of new options. Previously, a lot of the more extreme army builds were only available to certain armies through formations, but now anyone can use them! There are Detachments available that focus on each of the nine battlefields roles, which gives you loads of options for building a force, even within a Battle-forged list.
Ever fancy a whole army of tanks? How about a Penitent Engine crusade? Or an entire swarm of flying Tyranid monsters? Or an army of speed-mad Ork bikers and buggies?
They all sound awesome.
The options are endless, the choice is yours.


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