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Re: new marines.... im a bit irritated that my 15000 points of Black Templars will be small in comparison. On the otherhand.... my new army of 40k iron warriors might be 'truescale' instead.

Swings and roundabouts i guess.

Fluff wise, it sort of moves the story on, but its kind of annoying that girlyman is the one doing it and as usual is bringin everyone together with his reasonableness...

Reasonableness has no place in the grimdark. Someone should have stabbed his neck again, the tit.

The whole dark imperium thing is interesting - given that one half is bathed in glorious roboute and the other is having the shit kicked out of it, i think the marines have their work cut out for them on the dark side - if they ever reach it!
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Want to say overwatch applies to ever unit charging now. There was something about it in a older blurb.

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Just gonna throw this out there now, since someone seems to have a complaint with every new bit of information we get.

Sure, before bolters wouldn't even be able to harm the annihilation barge and now they can. However it would take 35-70 marines with bolters to do so (range dependent.)

Or looked at another way, 3-4 lascannons; which is what it would have taken anyway.

In other words, yes slightly less survivable but good luck making that thing.

Edit: and thats on a toughness 6 vehicle with a +4 save and 8 wounds. Now imagine what you would need to throw at T8, +3 save, and +10 wounds.

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

Reporting Posts - read this

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Major newsbit
A facebook QA

I caught info about it on
Warhammer TV Q&A session from May 18th - =][= 8th EDITION DISCUSSION =][= - The Bolter and Chainsword

Important bits already:
Few immediate takeaways: Primaris Marines can be taken by all Chapters, and can be raised through traditional recruitment methods rather than being vat-bred. More interestingly, it is possible to update an existing Marine to become Primaris (this suggests, IMO, eventual upgrade of all Marines into Primaris over time).

What is a primaris space marine?
new generation of space marines. Blended primarch, custodes, and space marine geneseed. Bigger more powerful, but more specialized when compared to tactical squads. The entire primaris squad is all trained in the weapons.

Ultimate Founding...
New Primaris Marine Chapters! + they will be other existing Space Marine Chapters. Even existing Space Marines can be adapted and made into Primaris Space Marines.

What is Mark X Armor and what happened to Mark VIIII?
Mark X of Armor is new but didnt give a lot of information about it.
Mark VIIII is a mystery.

"Primaris Marines are more resistant to chaos."

Can Primaris Marines be corrupted to Chaos...?
Who knows, we will have to wait and see.

Will we see more Primarchs?

A cowled one may be on its way soon!!!!!!!
So there may be more on the way.

So this solves several fluff issues quite elegantly, and will likely lead to the reissuing of a lot of characters primaris-ed. And Im pretty sure that Fabius Bile will be TWITCHING to get a hold of this new toy.

The primarch is most certainly Mortarion with the Death Guard poised to burst into realspace like an overripe zit.

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Found a proper transcript on BolS:
40K: 8th Q&A Part Deux - Bell of Lost Souls

What is a Primaris Space Marine?
  • New generation of Space Marine
  • Bigger, more powerful
  • More focused in role
  • “Very very *specific*” – in regards to battlefield role
  • other types in the future, still specialized
Indomitus Crusade
  • What Guiliman has been up to
  • Banded together parts of the Imperium
  • Created new Primaris Marines
  • New founding of Primaris Marines
    • Ultima Founding – Entire Chapters of JUST Primaris Marines
    • All marines gifted with Primaris Tech
  • Not all test tube babies, can be made from recruits
  • Existing Marines can be upgraded to Primaris
  • *Andy seems Really excited to play with different stories about how flesh turners will feel about Primaris Marines
    • Will they accept them
    • Will they want to work with them
    • Will they want to be “upgraded” to a Primaris Marine…
  • Primaris Marines – Add them as you like to your existing army
What is Mk. X and what about Mk. IX?
  • New class of armor, not just for one troop type (alluded to different abilities)
  • What happened to IX–who knows? It’s a mystery!
Indomitus Crusade part 2 – This time it’s personal
  • Guilliman travels to give Primaris Marine tech to all Loyalist Chapters
  • Fighting vs Chaos
  • War on all fronts, including Xenos threats
  • He’s trying to help where he can – but the Galaxy is kind of on fire
Creating the New Rules
  • How long has it taken to develop 8th? At least 18 months – probably longer
  • Lots of testing, lots of background changes
  • Improving Three Ways to Play
    • Specialized more for each
    • take feedback and improve each version of 3 ways to play–match play, narrative, and open
  • Continue to playtest the rules
  • update rules for match play, narrative, and open
Army competitiveness/parity at competitive level?
  • Lots of playtesting and future playtesting
  • Not afraid to make changes in the future
  • And react to feedback “quickly”
FAQ/Feedback Sites
  • There working on ways to get feed back in the future
  • Currently it’s just Facebook/events/in person
  • Later they will have a new “forum-esq” site
How many Imperium know about Guilliman’s Return?
  • Not many regular Imperial Joes know about him.
  • Think about it – Not everyone knows about a Space Marine!
  • If one shows up on your planet? It’s not good.
  • Who knows about Guilliman? Upper echelons of Military Orders, High Lords, Chapter Masters etc…that’s about it
Primaris Marines — All From Mars?
  • Primaris Marines – 1st Batch is from Mars
  • Eventually all Chapters will be able to make their own – Guilliman is gifting the tech to chapters so they can create their own
Melee vs Combat?
  • CC is much more devastating
  • Surrounded units CAN’T Fall Back
  • Units are A LOT quicker?
  • Sweeping advance – consolidate from one combat to the next
  • Combat happens twice per game turn vs shooting’s once per game turn
How will “Initiative weapons” work?
  • Lash Whips – Combat Interrupt – not the only weapon, but it’s an example
  • Power Fists will be -1 to hit! But if it hits, it hits hard.
  • Unwieldy could be minus to hit (implied – not confirmed)
  • Other levers than initative to pull
  • Basically, if a weapon had a rule that impacted the way it worked on the initiative step, GW has tweaked those weapons via other modifiers besides “initiative”
Selecting Psychic Power – Pick them or roll?
  • Match play – you can choose or roll
  • Open / Narrative play – optional
  • You get to CHOOSE: Random or pick
Perils of the Warp – Still a threat?
  • Yes – but no major details
Choosing Armies
  • Force Org. detachment for pretty much every army. Even an army entirely made of Elites – there is probably a force org chart for that…
How will you tailor your army?
  • More access to command points, stratagems, army specific rules
  • You tailor based on Keywords (more below)
Specific Army Rules (examples) – this one was unscripted so it’s very general concepts
  • Imperial Fist – Better vs. Defending/fortifications
  • White Scars – Hit and Run
Battle Forge Army Each Unit/Detachment must share one keyword, Examples:
  • Imperium – limited stratagems to just generic “Imperium”
  • Space Marine – Gain access to Space Marine Stratagems on top of Imperium Stratagems
  • <Chapter> – Specific Chapter Strategems on top of the others
  • The more specific the key word the “deeper” you can go with the Stratagems
Characters in Transports
  • Based on transport capacity, not number of units
  • Characters can hitch a ride with a unit
  • You could fit 2×5 man units in 10 (something) transports
  • If a transport has a capacity of 12, you could fit a 10 man squad + 2 other characters for a total of 12
Command Squads have rules to help protect characters
  • Tyrant Guard example
  • Command Squad example
  • Lookout, Sir! type rules
Rule *Drop Pod*
  • 9″ Away from enemies
  • Units deploying from the Drop Pod at least 9″ away from enemy
New vs Old weapon changes
  • Weapons have been rebalanced
  • Grav shouldn’t be the “Auto-include” that it is now
Combos for Competitive Play?
  • Yes, with Keyword Mechanic it’s still a thing
  • Combine Keyword combos and Psychic Powers – competitive players can still build power lists
Exploding weapons without templates?
  • They still hit pretty hard
  • Battle Cannons seemed to work just fine for Pete
Invulnerable Saves
  • Work pretty much the same
  • Saves are an “instead of” roll vs an “in addition too”
Power from Pain happens *after* damage roll
  • Come back on a 6
  • You still take the damage, so it’s a lot like an additional save
Large Creatures – Will they get to smash?
  • Yes! Good save, Bit faster, and smashy
  • Large Creatures will work!
Wound allocation
  • Defenders choice
  • No longer directional
  • Defending player chooses where the wounds go
Can I play an entire army of Dreadnoughts?
  • Yes
Legion Strength – Will The Codex get redacted/replaced?
  • Well, “the chap who wrote it is back” –and it did not go well in 10,000 years, so we’ll find out!
Primaris Marines and Chaos influence
  • They’ve been designed to resist, but we’ll wait and see…
Tactical vs Primaris Marines
  • You should take both – they serve different roles
  • Tactical marines are more flexible, Primaris Marines are there for specific battlefield roles
  • You’ll see this repeated thought the Primaris types vs “regular” Space Marine roles
Psychic Powers
  • Mix of old and new. “The intention of those powers” will be kept for new and old powers
  • Example: Mindwar – it’s a classic power, but it might be tweaked slightly for new edition
How will you collect feedback?
  • Now – Facebook, events, Twitch
  • Later – Working on a New Site for feedback
  • Forum-ish site with upvotes/downvotes
GW and Tournaments
  • Yes , working with and talking with them. Giving advice and more interaction with T. O.
[email protected]
  • Email them questions!
Terminators, will they feel like Terminators on the battlefield?
  • Yes.
Does Pete thin his paints?
  • Yes.
On a scale of 1 to Kharne, how excited are you for 8th?
  • Angron Excited!
Will you continue playtesting 8th after the release?
  • Yes, even after the release.
More Primaches?
  • Possibly…mentioned a “cowardly(?)” one.
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Quite interesting stuff for sure. Looks like they meant Flesh Tearers, not Turners. Bad transcript.

Should be interesting for the Adeptus Astartes if Guiliman throws the Codex out of the window for a revised edition. He does seem to be falling back on Legion tactics.
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*Cowardly* primarch? Is that an Oz reference?
I know there were rumours about The Lion a while back...
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Originally Posted by Gret79 View Post
*Cowardly* primarch? Is that an Oz reference?
I know there were rumours about The Lion a while back...
I was struggling with that, lol, thanks for making me see it!

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Originally Posted by Gret79 View Post
*Cowardly* primarch? Is that an Oz reference?
I know there were rumours about The Lion a while back...
The comments over on B&C had it as Cowled primarch, which fits a lot better. The BOLS transcript was unsure if it was Cowardly. But Cowled is spot on for Mortarion.

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