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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
There already are. The Legion supplement covered them last year.
Fist, let's not play games: there's a new rules set that will invalidate all codices and supplements. There was no mention to Legions surviving 8th edition.
Now it is.

The Legion of Perfects Project

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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The first 8th FAQ stated that all current armies would remain valid and in play....


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Dazed and confused.
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I'm not playing games. They announced in the initial unveil that all existing books would be carried forward. On top of that TS are fresh off the press and we know Deathguard minis are on the way, so it's pretty much nailed on there'll be Chaos Legions in 8th.
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There's definitely going to be legion type rules - they'll just roll the chapters/legions/regiment type stuff over, and expand the eldar/orks etc accordingly.... they sell more stuff then!
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This raises questions. They're saying that there will be few models that won't feel the effects of morale, but it sounds like single model units have nothing to worry about.

I'm interested to see how Tyranids and Synapse Creatures work now.

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*eyes Morale post* I'm starting to understand their protests that they're not making the 40K version of Age of Sigmar, because they're sure rifling through its pockets for loose mechanics.
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To quote one of my friends from a FB chat yesterday.

Just some thoughts on changes to Leadership and the "battleshock" phase being imported from AOS.

Definitely looks interesting and a much quicker version than in 7th. will depend heavily on what special rules each army gets. ATSKNF was a huge weight that allowed marines to completely ignore morale on many occasions while punishing all other armies (including Chaos) that did not have it or fearless. Based on what I have seen after glancing at AOS, i think this is how the leadership stats will change.

-Fearless units will be Leadership 10 just like in AOS.
-Brave Units like space Marines will have a leadership of 7
-normal units like Guard will have a leadership of 6
-cowardly units like gretchen will have a leadership of 5

high leadership units without fearless like Necrons may have an 8 or 9.

Statistically, horde infantry demons like bloodletters in AOS can take 1-5 casualties and not care about tests. at 6-7, they have a chance of losing an additional model, and 8+ casualties in a turn can be very bad. alternatively, marines, which we know are going to be leadership 7 base, can absorb 1 casualty per game turn without needing to fear Battleshock and up to 3 each turn and still have a fair chance of passing .

A post on facebook speculating that ATSKNF will give a reroll on Battleshock was tagged as "a good speculation" by GW. This would mitigate some of the danger for Marines. Assuming this is true, then a marine unit can (with some reliability) take up to 2-3 casualties each turn without a low fear of testing (2-12% failure) and up to 4 and still have a fair chance of passing (75%)


We also discussed our guesses to how Synapse would work.

I suspect it will be more like all nids are leadership 10 while in leadership range but drop to leadership 5 or 4 outside. that way it stays relevant to all armies, but you have to cause a significant number of casualties to nids to make them care.
In general I initially found that the morale preview to be pretty depressing, I am not too much of a fan of just removing models from the table top for no real reason.

But after having this conversation (I omitted the non relevant portions) I am not whole sale depressed, but I am really REALLY interested/concerned about how the special rules regarding moral (Fearless, ATSKNF, and Stubborn primarily) are going to be used.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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Hmm...This might encourage Eldar to use Avatars more often then due to the moral boost bubble it confers

Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
"Hey! I just made a full suit of tactical dreadnought armour!"

"Cool! Does it work?"

"Well, my virginity now has a 2+ invulnerable save so yeah, kinda did "
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Dazed and confused.
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More of a fluff post today. Looking forward to everything this new Crusade is going to bring.

Those of you familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe who have seen the new galaxy map, will certainly have spotted at least one major change.

The Great Rift is a tear in reality that essentially divides the Imperium in half. Its emergence was a literal galaxy-shattering event, which threw the Imperium into chaos and ushered in new wars across nearly every world in the Imperium. So powerful and far was this storm that the very laws of physics fray at the edges as the inconsistencies of time fluctuations, once largely localised to larger storms such as the Eye of Terror, spread across the galaxy. Some worlds felt centuries go by in an instant while others were all but frozen in time, and still others have suffered constant temporal shifts.

None fully understand the origins of the rift – though there are many theories: the breach of the Cadian Gate, the sorcery of a Daemon Primarch, catastrophe in the Webway, mass bloodshed and fire in the Damocles Gulf – all may have caused or contributed to it. The rift is variously known by the cultures of the galaxy as the Crimson Path, the Mouth of Ruin, the Warpscar, the Dathedian, Gork’s Grin and a thousand other names besides. To the Imperium it is the Cicatrix Maledictum, or just the Great Rift. To those on the Terran side, it is a tainted scar across the sky. To those unfortunates on the far side, it is far worse…

While we saw the beginnings of this great tear in the events of the Gathering Storm, in the story of the new Warhammer 40,000, Roboute Guilliman, Lord Commander of the Imperium’s armies, looks out over the ruins of his Father’s empire and sets about its reconquest in a crusade to liberate those worlds embattled by the forces of Chaos and free those beset by xenos predators closing in on the weakened worlds of Mankind.
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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
More of a fluff post today. Looking forward to everything this new Crusade is going to bring.

Can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy of the BRB(LRB?) and get a look at dat juicy lore.

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