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FINALLY something really cool!

All daemon units have Fearless, instead of Instability.
Daemons may be taken normally (See one of my previous posts).

Summoned units don't dissapear unless destroyed
Originally Posted by 0604854 So can you confirm that daemonic characters can join non daemonic unis (and vice versa) and whether they benefit from locus and other such rules.

Yes to both.


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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
1 is really good if it's an option rather than forced.
2 Fearless is good, but really, if you're losing an assault with Khorne Daemonkin... what? The rerolls can be useful however. But again, if you're relying on getting this warlord trait for Zealot, just ally in some CSM.
3 +1A. Sounds good. But not really. Only slightly more killy than they already are.
4 How useful are blood points? Provided you just slaughter enemy sergeants, it's okay.
5 Preferred Enemy; see Zealot, but to a lesser extent.
6. Ah. Depends on if you keep your kit. I'd assume not. Useful if it happens, but for the rare time you'd fail the Ld test (1 in 12 games) when that does happen (I'd assume rarely, maybe 1 in 6), and then the chance that you'd actually have rolled this trait...

Yep. Will be rolling on BRB warlord traits as per usual.


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Well this makes me quite happy, I had been planning to build my 2nd company of my IW's as a Khornate Cult, and this will work well for them!

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Would be nice to see some rules that allow you to get into CC more efficiently.. especially given how anti-close combat 7th edition is.

So far, nothing impressive.. but we'll have to wait for the actual codex to know for sure
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i must say i had hoped for something to deliver the foot sloggers also.

possessed, berserkers, bloodletters, etc.

something to make them viable.
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Originally Posted by otasolgryn View Post
i must say i had hoped for something to deliver the foot sloggers also.

possessed, berserkers, bloodletters, etc.

something to make them viable.
Well if one of the things said earlier is correct and Rhinos are FA then you could load up Bloodletters, Possessed and Berserkers in them. If the thing with its weak armour gets popped on turn 1 (though of course you hopefully have a small bit of cover or pop your smoke launchers for 5+cover) then you fall out where you were anyway and can act as normal on the next turn (though can't charge, though if you are worried about gap closing the likely chance is you had nothing to charge on turn 1 anyway). If not you can drive 6" forward then disembark 6" more as normal movement, then run if you want to get anything up to 18" of movement in that 1 turn. That means next turn the likely chance is with 6 +2d6 you are in combat.

The only prob I guess with that would be that Bloodletters have really weak toughness and armour saves, so would all take a S4 hit if it gets blown up by a 6 on the damage table then only have your daemonic save to get save you. That would mean roughly half the squad would die.
THOUGH how many S6 (or other things that can cause penetrating hits on the rhinos) are you going to have focusing on them rather than the BloodThirster who is also in their sights.

ALSO I am still unclear on this one and it has been argued in my gaming circle lots of times before... But can you choose to write down on your army list what unit is in what vehicle (AKA the guys with the red bases are in the rhino with the black X on the top, the guys with the orange bases are in the one with the black star of chaos, and the unit of chosen are in the blue star of chaos. Of course with open topped ones you could tell what is inside, but if it is sealed up, can your opponent force out of you what the contents is.

The argument against not declaring your stuff is inside of X is normally that you could change it. Though if you have an official list then that is hard to do unless your opponent is endlessly distracted and has to leave the room continually.
Or the other major one is that my army has high tech scanners or spies that surely would have been able to work out who is inside of what before this point in the battle. Especially if the things inside look nothing alike (Aka Kroot vs Tau).
We seem to have worked out that IF you choose to fire out of a firepoint it is normally clear what is inside shooting out, though even then that has caused issues such as "Well you know 4 boltguns shot out, and 1 of them I rolled with BS5, so that is as much as you know about what is inside" (then of course on the great reveal then it must be the lord and some guys with boltguns or whatever and that needed to be written on the list priory to this event, so you didn't just happen to have them there cos that was the best spot for them to be). This has also spread to Fortifications and stuff as well and having to work out if people can see inside.

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Originally Posted by mayegelt View Post
ALSO I am still unclear on this one...
I'm still reading up on the current rules, but my recollection of all previous editions is that your army list needs to be available and shared with your opponent on request and when you are deploying those vehicles you must declare if a unit is deployed in the transport. "Surprises" in these cases are often used as you say, to switch which units are in which tanks.

Chaos Army Showcase with photos (Updated 2013/12/02)
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Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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From Iuchiban on Warseer (with consolidating of some things by me) :
First proof the person who posted all this has the codex:

The main rule of the codex is "Blood for the blood good":

You get "blood points for every unit you destroy and for every unit you are destroyed. Carachters slained in challenges generate blood points as well.

At the beginning of your turn you can spend those blood points (effects lasts till the beginning of your next turn)

1 Adamantium will

2 Rage + Furious Charge

3 Feel no pain

4 +1A

5 Summon 8 bloodletters of 5 Flesh hounds

6 Summon 3 Bloodcrushers or one Skull cannon

7 One carácter becomes a Demon Prince (LD test, if failed becomes a Spawn instead)

8 One carácter becomes a Bloodthirster (Same as above)

Once you spend a blood points you loose them all. For example if you have 5 and spend 4 for Feel No Pain, the left point is lost.

Addendum: Summoned units don't dissapear unless destroyed
Karn is NOT in the codex but Bezerkers are.
Artefacts are:

One Axe that you have to count the wounds infflicted with it:
1-2 +1S
3-4 Rampage
5-7 Sx2
8+ Instant Death
Effects are acumulative

One armour that gives you 3+, Feel no Pain and Eternal warrior

One Rune that gives bearer adamantium will, and you can explode it. If so, till your next turn, in a 24" bubble, all pyshic test get perils with any doublé

One Sword that gives you a blood point for every wound

One helmet that gives you fear and any 6 to hit generates an additional attack

One Axe that when bearer dies becomes a Bloodthirster but and the end your turn loses D3 wounds (Only inv saves allowed)

Axes are AP2 and Unwieldy +1S, the Sword is AP3

Bloodthirsters can not take these options.

Limit one Artefact per model.

Daemon Princes can take Artefacts.
Is it only units in the Khorne Daemonkin detachment that generate points when they die, or is it any unit in the controlling player's army?
Only the Demonkin units
Juggernauts for Zerkers?

Seriuosly? They can't.
There is Detachment similar to the Decurion: The Blood host

Mandatory: Slaughter cult (1 HQ, 2-8 Bezerkers, Bloodletters or Chaos Space Marines in any combination), 1-4 Possessed, 0-2 Spawn units, 0-2 Cultits

Benefits: Reroll Warlord trait and generates 1 Blood point every turn. When spending blood points you can for free get another bonus with less value than the first one.

Then optional:

Lord of Slaughter: 1 BT

Brazen Onslaught: 1-4 units of Termis, 2-4 units of Bloodcrushers (+1A in CaC if opponent has more models in that combat)

Khorne Bloodstorm: 2-4 units of Raptors, 1-4 units of Warp Talons, 0-1 Helldrake (+1S of HoW attacks)

Gorepack: 2-4 Chaos Bikers, 1-4 Fleshhounds (Fleshhouds get HoW, and Bikers reroll to wound their HoW attacks

Charnel Cohort: 1 HQ (not a BT), 2-8 Bloodletters, 1-4 Fleshhounds, 1-4 Bloodcrushers, 0-4 Skull Cannon (Fear tests with -2LD, if HQ is in reserves may reroll to enter the battle. Other units do not scatter if enter reserves at 6" of the HQ
Warlod traits

1. Warlord and all units at 12" reroll distance to assault

2. Warlord has Zealot

3. Warlord gets +1A

4. After killing and enemy carácter in a challenge, you get 2 Blood points instead of only 1.

5. Warlord gets preferred enemy

6. Warlord automatically passes the LD test if he is chosen for the 7. and 8. of the Blood points table. (Becoming a Daemon Prince or a BT)
RE: Rules changes
Lords of Skulls same

Bloodcrushers same

No modified FOC

Bezerker Champion and Aspiring champions have Access to the Axe of Khorne.

Spawns, possesed and helbrutes are all the same. Only thing is that they all have Mark of Khorne. Fiends are Daemons of Khorne.

There are no rewards for Daemons.

Termis in the codex do have the Mark of Khorne. That's all. The rest of the unit entry is the same.

[Daemons] have access to the loci.

[The Mark of Khorne is] in the point cost, but is not for free. For example a CSM is 15 points
RE: What's in the codex:
Units in the codex are:

HQ: Chaos Lord, Daemon Prince, Herald, Blood Throne, Skulltaker, 3x BT
Troops: Chaos cultists, CSM, Zerkers, Bloodletters
Elite: Possessed, Chaos Termis, Bloodcrushers
FA: Spawns, Rhino, Bikerts, Flesh hounds, Raptors, Talons, Heldrake
HS: Land Raider, Fiends, Defiler, Soul Grinder, Helbrute, Skull cannon
LoW: Lord of Skulls

Zerkers and CSM can take Rhinos
RE: What's different about this versus running a MoK CSM Army allied with Daemons:
The differences are The blood points mechanic and new Artefacts. By the way, I cannot see any rule preventing Daemons IC joining non-Daemon units. The BT are unique as well. The one with the two handed axe attacks with D Strength but at I 1.

Addendum: All daemon units have Fearless, instead of Instability.
So can you confirm that daemonic characters can join non daemonic unis (and vice versa) and whether they benefit from locus and other such rules.
Yes to both.
RE: Heralds in HQ slots:
Only one per HQ option
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That woundy axe sounds pretty cool and after my juggerlord got thunderhammer'd in the face last night i'm liking the eternal warrior armor.

I am a bit disappointed that there are no special that common? I thought every army had some named dudes.

edit: or does this point the idea that GW wants us to use the general CSM codex in combination with the daemonkin books?
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This is more akin to the Crimson Slaughter and other supplement books, where they likely won't have the rules and point costs for models and expect you to use the books they came from. So for this, we would be using the rules from the Chaos Space Marines codex and the Chaos Daemons codex.
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