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Default Guard Rumors

Hey there gents,

Picked up an interesting little tidbit here from Warseer; make of it what you will....

Originally Posted by onlyjoking...

I spoke extensively to Robbin Crudace at the Games Day about the upcoming guard codex. I asked him about the platoon drill special rule that has been floating around here on Warseer and while he didn't deny it the rumour he mentioned that it would be more a case of intergrating and streamlining the traits and variations that make the guard so special into codex, in the same way as the upcoming marine 'dex does.
Asked if there would be more tanks he said that including variants there could be "almost twenty".
He said the core image of the codex would revolve around the three parts that make up the combined arms approach of the army: infantry,tanks and with paticular emphasis in his voice artillery.
The most intriguing part of the conversation was when he said that he wanted to make the lasgun much more "interesting"!
He refused to confirm the release date saying that they were well beyond the concept stage.
Make of this what you will folks and don't forget that pinch of salt!

Originally Posted by Karnage

I can confirm the tank comments as when I discussed with him, he said that he had "about 21 different tanks" in the new book, and that the book would be big.

Also, he said that he wanted to go back to how he feels the Guard should be seen. Lots of men, lots of tanks, huge amounts of firepower and complete attrition-style warfare. All in all, although I didn't get MANY hints (and some of the stuff mentioned here is news to me), I was very happy with what I heard.

I do find it quite interesting to hear two people confirm the '20+ tank variants' thing...this is above and beyond anything I've heard before. Mayhap it'll be just as exciting a time for Guard players as it's fixing to be right now for Marine players!

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Wow, 21 tank variants, hell! That's an impressive feat. By the definition of 'more troops, more tanks' I can presume a decrease in the points cost across the board?

Lasguns more interesting, huh? So they're finally going to admit they can light campfires into the fluff too!

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I thought the rumor would be something stupid
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I hope they drop the points cost all around. I've heard the points cost for the new SM characters and they are pretty low for what you get. I want to see the Smurfs balanced out. Go Guard!

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if does indeed come true then guard are going to be alot more instresting

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I had been thinking about jumping into guard, but the new kill points rules have me a little nervous to try.

Have there been any rumors about addressing this? Might they change the guard rules so that you get kill points for platoons instead of squads?

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Aye, I'm looking forward to the new Guard book, can't wait to see what hes done with them.

The comment about the Lasguns is interesting, does that hint that the rumour about rapid fire 3 for Lasguns is correct. Hmmm.

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For me the most interesting thing is what will happen to the las gun, which is generally pants. Perhaps the ability to fire a single more powerful shot with a higher ap (as seen in many of the novels) and spend a turn reloading?
As for the tanks, I imagine this is just bringing all the existing variants and tank types from the existing range from the forgeworld camp. Perhaps making plastic kits instead of resin will make them more affordable. There must be at least 21 scattered across the various Imperial Armour books.

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Tbh, the forge world leman russ varients arn't too bad price wise, at least in my opinion.

What I want to see: The infinite variety present in the guard ranks represented in the book and army list.

What I dont want to see: Very very low points guardsmen (my infantry army will get even further behind schedule)
Loads of stupid special characters with magic the gathering type army upgrade rules 'replacing' traits, a la codex spaz marines

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This kind of worries me. 'Complete attrition-style warfare'? Fantastic -- but I play drop troops.
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