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More from Scorpion on The Dark City:
Q: Sorry for the barrage but this one's kinda huge.. are saying warriors went to min size 10? If so do they still unlock venoms?
A: 5 is the minimum size but you can buy a raider to a unit that is 10+ big.

Q: Can an Archon have any AP2 weapon at all?
A: Not in Melee

Q: Which models can have a Venomblade?
A: Acothyst

Q: Are combat drugs an item that HQ's can buy from a list (like a Space marine captain can buy an Auspex), or is it directly bought within the entry? Can an Archon still buy it?
A: No drugs for archon

Q: Are Venoms and Raiders Fast Attacks as well as Dedicated Transports?
A: yes

Q: How have Incubi been changed?
A: No, but no way of getting assault grenades

Q:Are their Klaives now unwieldy?
A: No

Q: And what bonusses does the Klaivex now give?
A: He has Rampage

Q: What does soulblight do?
A: Sorry, soulfright:

At the end of shooting phase, a unit that has been hit by a weapon with that rule must make a Ld test. units takes wound with no armour or cover save for each point the test is failed by. Doesn't Work on Fearless and ATSKNF.

Both PGL and TGL has that.

PGL: range 18", S 1, AP-, assault 1, blast, soulfright
TGL: range 24", S 1, AP-, assault 1, blast, soulfright

Q: Does Urien still offer a S6 upgrade to Grots?
A: No.

Q: Stats on the wracks and grotesques? Also, Do they get FnP stock or earlier than other units?
A: The same... they start with FNP and...
Talos and Chronos start with FNP as well. And Chronos Spirit Probe gives DE unit within 6" +1 to FNP to a maximum of 4+

Q: Any shooting weapon options for Archon, like Blasters, Shardcarbines etc...
A: Yes

Q: Can Succubus take relics?
A: Yes

Q: Is Archon armor save 5+ or 3+
A: 5+

Q: Do Warrior squads come with Sybarites free?
A: No

Q: I heard from somewhere that each of them [Grotesques] now have flesh gauntlets, and can be equipped with liquefiers each. Any confirmation?
A: Confirmed!

Q: I do wish witches got something, hopefully they are dirt cheap.
A: 10 points each
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Here's more of what has come out info wise so far:
All missiles have the blast or Large blast rule.

The void bomb is large blast now,

Dark scythes that the voidraven can get instead of voidlances are 24", S 8, AP2, Blast, lance.

Mandrakes cause fear as well. So they have: Fear, Fleet, Infiltrate, Move through cover, Night vision, PfP, Shrouded, stealth, Baleblast, CCW. 13 points. A very nice unit.

stats: 4 - 4- 4- 3- 1- 5- 2- 8

Archon can buy his own Venom, and blasterborn can have venoms as well.

RE Archon: Cant get a Raider, only venom.

Q: Could you detail Urien for us? Pt cost, stats, special rules, war gear?
A: 140 points, Gnarlskin, CCW, Ichor Injector (Fleshbane, Lethal dose), Clone Field, FNP(4+), It will not Die, Night Vision, Master of Pain (same as ordinary heamon - treat the current turn as being one higher that it actually is when determining special rules from PfP), PfP, Father of pain (Master of Pain rule affects all unit within 12", not just his own unit). Casket of Flensing: Range 12", S 3, AP 3, assault 2D6, One use.

Q: So talos moving up with cronos have 4+ fnp? Would say a unit of 2 cronos give 4+ fnp to each other?
A: No, it affect the chronos it self as well. So one Chronos with spitit probe has FNP 4+.

Q: Really liking the sound of grots though. Points stayed the same on them?
A: 35 points

Q: Can archon take a gun other than the blaster and relic?
A: Blast Pistol

Q: Also iirc urien's states were pretty good.. s5 t5 w5 right?
A: S3, T5, W3

Q: Do sslyths have the bulky rule?
A: No, just FnP and Fleet

Q: What is Raider capacity?
A: As before

Q: Can you take Warrior squad and IC in the same raider?
A: As before

Q: What about bloodbrides - what do they bring to the normal Wyches?
A: As before

Q: Who can take power lance?
A: No one, only Power Swords

Q: Do Razorwings comes with missiles?
A: As before

Q: So archon with court and lhaeman will make his agoniser 2+ poison ap3?
A: No, Lhamaean poison doesn't affect the archon.

Q: Scorpion, could you clarify if chronos has anything other than increasing FNP within 6"?
A: Nothing more. Same weapons as before. It starts with a spirit syphon and can buy spirit vortex and spirit vortex. Vortex ans syphon do the same as before.

Q: Whats your overall impressions army wide? Do we lost or do we gain via point costs and rules changes?
A: Thats one hell of a question. I havent played any 7th games yet so this is more a feeling than anything else.
We are going to see other units in play: Grots, Mandrakes, Scourges. Court.
I dont know if Venoms not having night shields is going to affect the Venom spam strategy.
Wyches are out, I cant see a use for them.
Beasts are NOT what they were. I think the WWP and DS Raiders, venoms and Ravengers are going to give us the suprise element in a game.
As Mushkilla mentioned in another post: its a new puzzle.

Q: Are Cronos still Monstrous Creatures?
A: Yes

Q: Do Lhamaeans still have their 2+ poisoned CCW?
A: Yes

Q:Also, is their cost the same?
A: 10 points

Q: Can I go with a Court full of Lhamaeans?
A: Yes, up to 12 of them

Q: Trueborn are min squadsize 5 correct? Are they otherwise unchanged?
A: Yes, they cost 11

Q: Are incubi also min squadsize 5?
A: 3

Q: Are splinter cannons more expensive for everything now? And what does the second cannon cost for the Venom?
A: 15 points, 10 points

Q: Do mandrakes have any non-cover-save save?
A: No

Q: What does a trilance Ravager cost?
A: 125. 110 with D.C. 5 points for each lance

Q: bloody hell thats ridiculous, so cout an be made up of 12 of any model?
A: Yes

Q: medusae have the ap3 s4 eye burst?
A: Yes
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got this
mixed italian and english (easily translated)

The Legion of Perfects Project

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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From "The Astropath":
4) Combat Drugs. D6 for every unit.
1. +1A
2. +1S
3. +1I
4. +1T
5. +1WS
6. +1Ld

Strength from Pain. The effects are based on game turn.
1. Nothing.
2. Feel No Pain (6+)
3. Feel No Pain
4. Feel No Pain, Furious Charge
5. Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Fearless
6. Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, Fearless, Rage

Bloodbrides have Haywire

Wyches / Bloodbrides / Succubi: 4 + invul VS inflicted wounds in every Combat subphase.
Lelith: standard 4 + invul. 3 + invul VS every inflicted wounds in Combat subphase

Succubus can take: Replace close combat weapon witch Archite Blade 20 P.ts Replace splinter pistol with blast pistol 15 P.ts. Take Haywire Greandes 5 P.ts. Take a Webway Portal 35 P.ts Take objects from Close Combat Weapons, Weapons and Wych Cult / Cruelty or Artifacts.

Up to 4 trueborn can have Special Weapons.
trueborn Up to 2 can have Heavy Weapons.

Scourges are "16 P.ts" and "up to 4 models" can take special/heavy. They're Jump Infantry

Only flyers have Skyfire

Blood Dance is a Warlord trait that gives +1WS
And more from Scorpion:
In the Wargear section there is a note that states that Venom blades are only for Acolyths but...
In the Solitaires option it reads that the solitaire can change his carbine for a blast pistol and a venom blade.

Trueborn don't get access to carbines, jetbikes have Hit & run.

Baleblast is 18"

Q: What kind of save does a venom get now? He said no shields, so is it just left with cover and jink?
A: It has its 5+ inv. Only vihicle with flickerfield, no other can get it.

Q: Price on Aethersails?
A: 5 points, making flat out 24".

Q: Could i ask what, if any, changes have been made to Lelith, is it true she is now getting re-rolls on to hit + wound instead of bonus attacks vs WS?
A: 150, Rampage. No armour saves vs her melee weapons. Same inv as before. A league apart: reroll hit & wound in challenge, warlord trait: blood Dancer: +1WS, making her WS 10.

Q: Can Archons take 2 blast pistols?
A: Only one pistol

Q: Was there any change to how many special weapons can be taken by a squad of Trueborn since the size increased from 3 to 5? (Still only 2 dark lances/splinter cannons and 4 blasters?)
A: No change

Q: What exactly does the Wych special weapons do? Still trying to figure out something with the 100 wyches that I have
A: 2 Razorflails: AP5, Specialist weapon, re-roll to hit. Shardnet & Impaler: AP5, +1A, re-roll 1's to hit and wound. 2 Hydra Gauntlets: AP5, Shred, specialist weapon.

Q: Is the Voidraven Bomber now 10/10/10 as rumored?
A: Yes

Q: Can any of the voidraven, razerwing, raider, ravager, venom or reavers jink and fire at full balistic skill or are they stuck snapfiring after jinking?
A: Only snapfiring

Q: You mentioned that an acoultist is the only one that can use a venom blade. Can you confirm that scourges can no longer use a venom blade even though there is one that comes on their sprue?
A: Solitaire can get it too.

Q: You mentioned Trueborn have the same weapon options. Please confirm that they can still use shardcarbines. Other rumors have identified this as an option that was removed.
A: It is indeed removed

Q: Can you confirm how beast packs work. Can you really take 12 of anything in any combination and don't even need to bring a beast master in the pack?
A: Yes, that is true

Q: Are there any new army specific rules for any of the units besides pfp?
A: No

Q: When you take a Talos or Chronos in a group of 3 do they stay as a unit on the table or do you purchase them together and then they act independently on the board?
A: It states unit size 1-3

Q: What does the ossifactor do?
A: R: 24" S1, AP", Assault 1, Fleshbane and if a non-vihicle is removed as casualty, that model's unit saffers D6 hits, Ignoring Cover, S = T of model removed and AP-.

Nice and 1 can be bought pr 5 wracks just like LG.

Q: Has the shredder changed?
A: R12", S6, AP -, blast, Shred.

Q: [RE: Beastpacks] Have any of the prices for the models changed? Up or Down?
A: Beastmaster 10 p, Khy 10, RF 20p, CF 30.

Q: [RE: Beastpacks] How does the unit composition work? Similar to the 5th ed rulebook, or different?
A: 12 models, free choice.

Q: You mentioned that the Heam model is more like the old Heam Ancient, is it the same price?
A: 70

Q: Does anything change or 'speed up' the PfP table?
A: Hemon, Animus Vitae (need to wound with it - this actually very nice!!!) Archon in the formation. (not a very good formation)

Q: Are the Relics usable and interesting, or crap and interesting, or neither?
A: Artefacts of Cruelty are mostly good I think. There can be some nasty combinations.

Q: Is there any way to make Dark Lances better, or have they changed? I never found a Ravager particularly effective at busting tanks.
A: The same.

Q: Have weapon profiles changed, especially, haywire blaster?
A: Some have, some have not. Haywire blaster is still the same.

Q: What are the options for Arena Champ? Just power sword and Agonizer?
A: power sword and agonizer

Q: Reavers still Skilled Rider?
A: Yes

Q: Any changes to reaver options and their pricings. Blaster? Caltrops? Heal-L?
A: 16 points each, Blaster 10p, Heat Lance 10p, Grav 5 p, Cluster 15p. Same options as before, allthough Clusters give D6 S6 HoW hits, all their HoW hit have shred, and Grav gives concussive.
EDIT: Correction: "crap! ! I am so sorry!!! It is rending and not shred. I mixed it up!"

Drugs give:

on a D6:

1. +1A
2. +1S
3. +1I
4. +1T
5. +1WS
6. +1Ld

warlord traits:

1. warlord and DE within 12" have Fear
2. re-roll Seize, Night Fightig reserve (INSANE GOOD!!!)
3. Warlord has Rage
4.Warlord has Hatred
5. warlord gets +1 WS
6. warlord and DE within 12" get Fearless

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it has to be noted that DE has one of the most crappy warlord trait table in the game...even Chaos Marine is better, imo

The Legion of Perfects Project

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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From Dakka:
Coven Warlord Traits:
Allow Chronos and Talos within 12" to reroll FNP of 1
Warlord and any Grotesque unit he is in have it will not die
If warlord is alive add or subtract one from reserve rolls
If warlord is slain by weapon with ID ap1 or ap2 you score D3 victory points
warlord and wrack units he is in get FNP 4+
Warlord has Preferred enemy.

PFP chart is different too going fearless on t2, fear and fearless on t3, add fear and it will not die on t4, loose fearless and add zealot on t5, and t6 add eternal warrior

Wargear section is diabolical playthings. One allows the bearer to add his pick of several USR, vexator mask is -5 init to enemy when in a challenge, orb of despair is s1 ap 2 blast ID, one gives D6 additional attacks in CC but only St3 and no AP but at I10, another gives IWND on a 4+ and poison only ever wounds them on a 6, and the good old nightmare doll that adds one to fnp and ignores first ID would model takes.

One detachment is wracks, raider, venom, grots, Urien, talos, and cronos. Rerolls WL and affects enemy leadership.
There is a Grot formation that is a hamy and 2 grot units and the grots get special rules based on a dice roll. +1 s, +1T, fleet, shred, rage, or FNP 4+
one has cronos, 2 wracks, hamy. wracks get precision strike and count turn as one higher. Warlord auto gets a wl trait.
One is a unit of Talos but must have 5 talos in the unit. They get scout and additional VP for wiping out units.
another has 2 wracks in venom gives D3 VP for first blood, Must be held in reserve but auto come in on turn one in their venom via DS
Hamy with 3 wracks and 3 raiders allows Master of Pain to exted 12" from hammy and auto gets a warlord trait
Cool one is 1 each of hamy talos and cronos. This is fielded as a single unit so the hammy is in with the MC . They get +1 WS and I and hamy auto gets warlord trait
Carnival of pain is several of these formations together.

All in all fluffy, really cool, and the artwork in the book is incredible along with the fluff.
Info from the Coven Supplement from EvilSpaceElves on

From a 100% reliable source wishing to remain anonymous (confirmed by pics):
COVEN Supplement

Power from pain - by turn number.
1 – nothing
2 – Fearless
3 – Fear, Fearless
4 – Fear, Fearless, it will not die
5 – Fear, It will not die, zealot
6+ - Eternal Warrior, fear, it will not die, zealot

This is a straight copy from the book - yes some of the powers are omitted on purpose as they are not listed in the chart every turn

Warlord chart
1 – talos & chronos reroll FNP rolls of 1 within 12”of warlord
2 – warlord plus any grotesques he joins gain it will not die
3 – add or subtract 1 from reserve rolls
4 – If your warlord is slain by an attack/weapon with AP 1 or 2 or with the ID rule, gain D3 VP
5 – Warlord plus wracks he joins gain FNP4+
6 – Warlord gains preferred enemy

10pts – pick one of the following at the start of your turn which lasts until your next turn – IWND, fleet, poisoned 4+, rampage (used each turn)
10pts – fighting in a challenge – opponent suffers -5 to initiative
25pts – 8”range, S1, AP2, assault 1, blast, instant death, no effect on vehicles (used as a grenade in shooting phase)
10pts – Additional D6 attacks at S3, AP- at initiative 10, grant an additional pile in move at this step, no bonus applicable for furious charge, rending etc
20pts – IWND 4+, only wounded by poisons special rule on 6
35pts - +1 to FNP rolls, negate first wound suffered if it has the ID rule but when this happens, the item is lost

Coven Detachment
Required – 2HQ, 2 Elite
Optional – 4HQ, 6 Elite, 4 Heavy Support
Units that are available in the detachment – Urien, Haemonculus, Raider (DT only), Venom (DT only), Wracks, grotesques, talos, chronos
Benefits – if this is the primary detachment you can reroll warlord chart from this book. All enemy units within 12”of 1 or more models from this detachment suffer -1LD

7(!!!) formations as well!
And from the Dark City again:
Q: so lelith is trash?
A: For 15 pts she can get an Impaler allowing hernto re-roll 1's to wound...

Q: Has anything changed in reaver profiles?
A: No

Q: Every Stat the same like armor save?
A: Yes

Q: Unitbsize 3-10?
A: 3-12

Q: Bladevane gone?
A: Bladevane gies HoW S4, Rending

Q: Other then webway portals deepstriking, no scatter. Once its on the table does it act like it used to, any reserve can enter pls through it?
A: Nope, no other use than DS without scatter.

Q: What is the Detachment in the Codex?
A: 1-2HQ, 2-6Troops, 0-3Elite, 1-6 FA, 0-3 Heavy

Q: What are the special rules for flocks?
A: 3W, 4 A, rending, swarms

Q: What are the special rules for khymera?
A: S4 T4, deamon

Q: What are the special rules for fiends?
A: Rage

Q: What are the special rules for Beastmasters?
A: same but... any beastmaster can get power swords/ Agonisers for 15/25 points. Imagine 12 of them with agonisers. Very expensive but alot of 4+ poison, AP 3 attacks

Q: Isn't the Solitaire a unique Harlequin troupe master?
A: Solitaire = Solarite (scourge champion).

Q: What the changes to hellions, if any? Did the price go down as rumored?
A: 13 p

Q: Are the Helliarch weapon/options still the same?
A: champion can take PGL. hellglaive: +1S, AP5, two handed. Stunclaw: +1S, AP6, ID in challenges

Q: What about Drazhar what happened to him? Did he change?
A: Short answer: yes. No jumping around anymore, can only join Incubi and gives them..... +1 WS. Rampage, otherwise the same.

Q: So hellglaives no longer count as two CCW's?
A: No

Q: Clawed fiends used to have 4 wounds and 4 attacks.... Curious most about the wounds.
A: 3W, 4A

Q: I can DS 6 Scoruge squads without scatter with 4 HB. My real question is can I bring 3 2 man Haemy squads then split them or just 2 HQ's?
A: Just 2 HQs so only 2 of these 6 sourge units can DS without scatter and only if Hemon joins them and have WWP (35p).

Q: Can you please give more details about sslyth? Still 2 wounds? Armor save? Still 35 points? Attacks?
A: Same as before, FnP and Fleet

Q: Do you see any way to make wracks troops?
A: No

Q: Can I take a soul-trap on a Succubus?
A: No

Q: What is the point cost for a blaster in a squad of Kabalites?
A: 15 for blaster, 15 for SC and 20 for DL

Q: Can Bloodbrides take haywire grenades for the entire squad due to them being a squad of hekatrix?
A: nope, only the champion can.

Q: Are wracks the same as before? Points? Stats? Special equipment? Min squad size?
A: the same stats, yes. minimum size 5. 10p. 15 p for LG, 15p for Ossefactor. Acothyst 10p. Acothyst can get Mindphase gauntlet, Flesh G, Sciccorhand, Venom blade, Electro whip. Agoniser, Stinger Hexrifle, LG. Hexrifle is ok now, Sniper, AP4, Precision shot gives ID. So it becomes AP2, ID when that 6 to hit is rolled. thats not bad for 10p.

Q: what is the cost for a klaivex and did his weapons or stats change?
A: incubi are 20 p each now. 3-10 unit size. Klaive is the same, 10p, and same weapon 15p for demiklaives

Q: Can the Succubus take the Huskblade?
A: No, only Archon

Q: The HB is rumored at 25 points, confirm?
A: 25p, confirmed

Q: The rumor I heard was that sslyth are now 25 points... true or are they 35 still?
A: 25 is correct

Q: Most armies updated to 7th lost access to pinning, even the sniper rule lost it. Is sad.
A: Our necrotoxin missiles did that in the old codex, right? Well its gone now.

Q: Webway portals aren't unique?
A: Nope, not unique

Q: Does the Cronos fnp arua thing affect only dark eldar?
A: Only affects DE

Q: Are raiders/venoms etc available in the fast attack choices?
A: And both are fast choices as well.

Q: Do the DE still have Night Vision?
A: Yes

We now have 2 items that give -2 Ld to nearby enemy units. Within 6" and 9". So even with Ld 10 som pinning tests would be great!.
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Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
it has to be noted that DE has one of the most crappy warlord trait table in the game...even Chaos Marine is better, imo
Hey, at least you can opt to roll on the tables in the BRB right?

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

40k Army Projects

Industrial Table WIP
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It seems that a unit of LC terminators will be an absolute nightmare for the DE if it can get stuck in.
Rather than having a CC unit capable of dealing with them, it looks liek the only thing DE can do against 2+ save combat units is redeploy and pray you get a turn to shoot at them. No-one in their right mind would ever send Incubi in CC with dedicated 2+ save units.

Going out on a limb and say that until I see the codex, DE may have been shafted on that point.
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More Coven info:

1 - urien or haemy plus 2 units of grots - d6 roll at start of game for grots - +1S, +1T, fleet, shred, rage, 4+ FNP

2 - 1 haemy, 1 chronos, 2 units of wracks - all wracks gain precision strike, wracks treat turn 1 higher for pfp. if haemy is the warlord he gets trait 4 automatically

3 - 2 units of wracks in 2 venoms - if a unit in this formation scores first blood, gain D3 vp rather than 1. Wracks must start embarked an in reserve. Deployed turn 1 via deep strike

4 - unit of 5 Talos - gain scout. Score an extra vp for any non vehicle unit killed in combat

5 - 1 haemy, 1 Chronos, 1 Talos - form a single unit. Characters may not join it outside of this formation. Talos and chronos gain +1ws and init. If haemy is warlord, gain trait 1 automatically

6 - 1 haemy, 3 units of wracks with raiders. Master of pain from haemy confers to all units in this formation within 12". Warlord trait 5 if haemy is warlord

7 - all 6 formations as above in 1 formation - called the carnival of pain. Urien form formation 1 has his master of pain rule confer to whole formation. All non vehicles reroll 1's to wound in combat
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So this saturday is the release of the dex and painting guide right?

Also things don't seem too bad.
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