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Default LA Games Day News ( HOT )

From our friends at BOLS.

NEWS: LA Gamesday
Posted by bigred | Sunday, August 24, 2008 | news/rumors 25 Comments

Rumors brought to the community by Warseer's: Colonel_Kreitz

Morning all,

LA Gamesday has come and gone, and the following tidbits have dribbled out. I'm sure there will be more to follow throughout the day:

Phil Kelly is working on this supplement that has been rumored since last year. ~There are no timelines on it, but earlier rumors placed it sometime in 2009.

Plastic Valkyrie
This long rumored kit is still said to be a possibility, but not definite. Phil kelley said that GW has the technical know-how to produce the kit, and that there is simply a business case to be made for putting it into production. ~Earlier rumors had placed the Plastic Valkyrie alongside Plastic Stormtroopers as part of the upcoming IG release schedule.

Scenario Book
With the dearth of mission vairey inthe 5th Edition book, this one seems like a no brainer. GW is considerering a scenario book with additional missions and possibly a campaign system. No production work has begun. ~This is a very old rumor that has reared it head again after many months of silence.

40k Movie
Black Library in response to an audience question replied (paraphrasing): "Well, hypothetically, there could maybe be a direct to DVD release of some kind of CGI movie with Ultramarines next year. Maybe." The quality of said effort was described as being on the same level as the Dawn of War II cutscenes. Essentially the Black Library presenter made clear that something is in the works, while issueing no guarantees as to whether it would ever be finished, or released, much less an actual timeline.

~That is a lot of good stuff in there guys, have at it. I'm not going to jump up and down yet in regards to a 40k movie. We have all seen these efforts come and go inthe past, but I'm happy GW is still pursuing the overall concept.

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Originally Posted by Judas Masias View Post

~That is a lot of good stuff in there guys, have at it. I'm not going to jump up and down yet in regards to a 40k movie. We have all seen these efforts come and go inthe past, but I'm happy GW is still pursuing the overall concept.
Totally agree with you, would be awesome to see, whether or not it happens though is different

- tallis
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nice boy, daft though !
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I have to admit the intro's to DOW and DOW2 are amazing, even people who are not familiar with the hobby really like these little movies,I think a dvd movie would sell by the bucket load. As long as they have a decent story and tons of action it will be well received.

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Originally Posted by Judas Masias View Post
From our friends at BOLS.
Actually it isn't. The first line of the BoLS post is a link to the Warseer thread where they got the news.

So its from "our friends at Warseer" :-)

Which is probably why Brimstone is going around getting POed at people that link to BoLS stories :-)
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Brimstone gets PO'd at about everything. He's a bit of an asshat. But congrats to whoever discovered the information. It's still pretty small of a rumor for GW to dish out at a games day seminar.
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The seminar was more about the new SM stuff that was coming out. Plus Phil was getting mobbed by people that were asking him about every kind of army that was available so he answered a lot of questions about tons of other armies. I had the most fun in the "deamon lounge" being able to talk to 6 golden deamon winners and 3 slayer sword winners plus you got to see and hold golden deamon models. I got a ton of painting tips as well.

THe Plastic Valkyrie I feel will not be made the same way the plastic ork stompa is not going to be made. There just isn't enough demand from the one army to be made. Since it can't be looted by orks or taken by space marines but it possibly could still be produced if they think there will be enough cross over for other armies to buy it.

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Heres an update to what has been said from what i heard from the seminars with jes goodwin and phil kelly and a little bit talking to phil after that

Dark elfs look friggen awsome but unfortunately theres nothing offical yet for dark eldar, some test mini's between some of the sculptists but GW hasnt pushed them for anything yet for a new line, which was said a new DE line would take a few years since basically EVERYTHING would be worked on, but nothing was addressed in terms of a codex, there may still be hope for the DE players for at least something new!

Same goes for the pics of the new eldar jetbikes, atm they are just test mini's floating around between designers, GW hasnt pushed anything for them yet

Orks are going to have a very merry xmas

In response to the plastic Valk, well phil was saying that right now any of the races are contenders for a new plastic superheavy, BUT nothing is decided yet, my guess though, it will be between a stompa, a thunderhawk and a valk in the end, and eldar scorpion would be cool too but not sure since there arent any planned eldar anytime soon but with the new ork sm and gaurd releases(yes gaurd is confirmed) i would believe those would be most likely but hey still could be wrong, what ever it is i think it will be awsome and phil and jes were both saying the team is excited to get started on another project like that with how well the baneblade went

Like i said above, NEW GUARD!, yes IG are in the water works, no word on how far through they are but they are probably going to be the next 40k race redone(unless something drastically haults them) so look out for new IG in my guess would be the next year or 2

Dont expect any FAQ's to give DA/BA/BT/SW things that the new marines are gaining, so no BA vangaurd vets or BT thunderfire cannons, phil was saying they want marines with seperate codexes to be that, marines diff from codex marines, not codex marines + baal pred/deathwing/ravenwing/wolf gaurd, so dont expect anything huge changes to marines with their own codex to get any huge changes until their new respective codicies come out, this also means no redeemers for non-codex marines, but there may be small faq updates for changes with weapons and equipment in preexisting equipment in other codicies, like the changes to storm and combat shields, but even then thats only a maybe

Expect to see more things like chronus and the scout sarge in most new upcoming codicies, GW is heading to a more special char heavy kinda thing, that bein said, chronus and the vet sarge dude are NOT limited to ultrasmurfs, theres nothing stopping you from taking their statlines and abilities under a name you came up with if you like in a imperial fists or ravengaurd army and in fact thats encouraged, the named characters are only for known/existing special chars, theres nothing stopping you in taking a pedro cantor in another army using his char under a diff name and again GW is trying to encourage this, so all those ultrasmuf specials can be used in diff armies if you like

Oh yeah i have held the finished marine codex... and looked through it... its friggen awsome.. also heavy

Well thats all i got, hope you guys enjoy it!
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Frankly I hope Orks get a stompa, but only if its a bad assed as the Games Day Baltimore honorable mention one that Adam Shefki. Guard getting a valk would be kinda cool, but they already have a superheavy so who cares.... although, I could use one to make a 'uge battlefortress throw some tracks on it some big shootas.... I just hope we get plastics for most of our army list choices I am getting to where I actually prefer plastics to metal anymore; easier to convert, cheaper, better able to make dynamic poses... Two words for any lurking GW employees

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