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Haven't had a chance to look at them all yet, but my thoughts so far:

- Weirdboyz went from 'bad' to 'super shitty'. You are never going to have enough Mastery to successfully push through powers unless you want to essentially auto-Perils, and that's assuming you got lucky enough to roll Sanctuary, Hammerhand, the Vortex Grenade one, or Gate of Infinity, since none of the other powers are particularly useful for Orks. Yah, I'll just bring a Big Mek thanks.

- Dark Angels got absolutely nothing except they didn't fix the Sergeant not being able to bring assault weapons. Fuck you, GW, why even bring out an FAQ for Dark Angels that fixes nothing and nerfs a couple of units (Darkshroud losing Stealth, and not allowing Hammer/Shield Terminator sergeants - they don't seem like nerfs since they've been around since forever, but since the FAQ gives us NOTHING good then I'm pretty sore about it. Oh, they gave Company Veterans a not-retarded wargear selection, because people will bring them instead of Sternguard now that there are infinit Allied detachments from whatever book you like. Right, guys? Guys?). However, they got a couple of huge indirect buffs, the main one being Battle Brothers with all Imperial armies with the 7th ed allies chart and the two others detailed below:

- Heldrake got a really solid smack with the nerfbat, now forcing it to follow the rules for Flyers rather than having all the advantages with none of the restrictions. This is also a huge indirect buff to every Marine army and specifically Grey Knights.

- Speaking of Grey Knights, they're now Battle-Brothers with a load of people, have a shitload of Warp Charge with bonuses to Deny, can royally fuck over the Daemons that everyone's screaming about (as can most armies, but Grey Knighrs can kill Daemons laughably easily with Banishment, a Warp Charge 1 stackable Malediction and Preferred Enemy Daemons with S5 Storm Bolters), and get Sanctuary (THE greatest power in existence, in my humble opinion). These guys are DEFINITELY my go-to Allies for Dark Angels. Really want to bring Knights in a Grey Knight Land Raider so I can run around with a bunch of T5 2+/2++ guys, but as it is I'll simply bring a couple Razorbacks with 5-man Strike Squads and give all my Deathwing a 4++ or 2++ depending on their loadout. Also makes Azrael into a metric bastard.

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You can't stack Maledictions unless they are different ones (like if there was a second Power other than Banishment that worsened Invul saves). So no, GK can't use Banishment to completely rid Daemons of their Invul saves. At best they can reduce them to a 6++.
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So be it.
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For blood angels,


Our furioso libbies are now mastery 2, and libbies can take ml2 for 25 points not 50. However, we also lose the book powers, so no more flying dreadnoughts... Oh, and our vanguard veterans keep their assaulting from deep strike! Interesting developements...

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wow just reading through the FAQ's not sure if i like what they've done with Ahriman's staff but won't know till i start play testing it.

and my beloved wierd boy has been seriously "double fisted with no lube" he most definately will be getting shelved unless they do something with the new codex. i'm not sure why people didn't like him he was mostly helpfull when attached to my 30 man slugga squad nothing says "how ya goin" like 30 boyz dumped in your face with the 'ere we go, and on two occasions getting a Waarrgghh off on the first turn. That is just my opinion anyway
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My guess is Orks are just changed for a few weeks till the new Codex is out.
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I like how they royally fucked up the SW and BA Codex's IC ... they fucking have NONE. They amended all of the IC and made them into just fucking characters now ... no joining squads now for either codex.
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Holy jesus fuck daemons of khorne can take the axe of blind fury now.

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Originally Posted by Adramalech View Post
Holy jesus fuck daemons of khorne can take the axe of blind fury now.

My life is complete.
Um, that's been in the CSM FAQ for about a year now. And Daemons of Tzeentch still can't take the Scrolls of Magnus, though they're a similar object to the Axe in how they're written (just for MoT instead of MoK).

Still, I really think the Black Mace is an incredibly better option than the Axe on a DP. A lot of what you're paying for with the axe is the AP2 at initiative value--something the DP already has. Yeah, the S and attacks are stil worth it--but wouldn't you rather have Fleshbane, the chance of IDing enemies with every wound you inflict on them, and a 3" DOOM aura for a mere 10 points more, plus the same bonus to attack #?

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Originally Posted by OIIIIIIO View Post
I like how they royally fucked up the SW and BA Codex's IC ... they fucking have NONE. They amended all of the IC and made them into just fucking characters now ... no joining squads now for either codex.
I want to say that is just them putting the chart from the back if the 6th BRB into a FAQ for pre 6th codexs


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Overall, I'm upset with the FAQs...but it's also 2:30am and I'm wasted, so I guess maybe I'll get back to this tomorrow.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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