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Eldar casting the malefic deck and summoning slaanesh daemons will be awkward.... with ancient doom n all. Altho cursed earth would boost the avatar's ++ save nicely

The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.
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CSM can cast Sanctic, SM and Eldar can summon Slaanesh Daemons, but Tyranids can't biomorph but still can get perils of the warp?

And Tau would rather fight alongside Necrons than Imperial Guard?

This edition is not only end of days for the rules system, but also for the 40k fluff.
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Originally Posted by Kroothawk View Post
CSM can cast Sanctic, SM and Eldar can summon Slaanesh Daemons, but Tyranids can't biomorph but still can get perils of the warp?
If you read the Tyranid codex they explain why they "Perils". Just replace "sucked into the warp" with "head asplode" and it's right on point.

Originally Posted by Kroothawk View Post
And Tau would rather fight alongside Necrons than Imperial Guard?
OR the Imperium would rather not fight along side Tau (as a generic whole) and that's why they ally with them worse than Tau and Crons.

Though Guard really should have been their own allies section just to let them whore themselves out as they will.

Originally Posted by Kroothawk View Post
This edition is not only end of days for the rules system, but also for the 40k fluff.
So new edition, same old complaints?
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From Dakka:
So got the book. Will jot down the things I notice
There is now a start of turn which is specfically before movement
Mastery level governs how many spells you can attempt to cast per psyhic phase as well as how many spells you generate. Psykers that take all their spells from one table know the sig spell. So lvl 1';s will know the sig and another random spell but you can only cast 1.
Psykers can know the same spells (which is a big difference form fantasy)
Perils table is pretty much take a wound with no saves of any kind, plus another feature, the rumours are true for these (on 1 you do a ld test, pass you take a wound, fail removed from play).
Something chew just asked, it is indeed correct IC's cannot join units that contain MCs or vehicles....
snap shots are bs1 still
Overwatch is still as it is now, no test to do it, no penatly for doing it
Charging through terrain is -2 to distance rolled and still int1
Multi assault. Still the same up to this point
A charging model is not permitted to move into base contact with a model in a secondary target, unless it cannot move into base contat with a unegaged model in primary target (think thats different?)
The wording for jet pack thrust move is still the same, in that it describes the jet pack unit. Cannot find anything to explain what a jet pack unit is....
FMC's cannot charge is they have changed flight mode that turn.
swooping is 12 to 24 still, 90degree turn before it moves, still run 2d6, grounding is still on a 1 or 2 and suffering a wound has to test end of phase but if grounded can charge.
Flyers now, if immobilsed crash and burn on a 1 or 2,
Ignoring the rest of the vehicle section for now (yes super heavies are in)
Excess wounds are indeed transferred to the unit from challenges
Ignoring terrain for now
Deployements are still the same
'Night fighting is just everyone has stealth
FMCS, zooming flyers or units in them are not scoring, claimed buildings are SCORING LOL
With reserves, I am struggling to find how much you can reserve, it doesnt actually say!
force weapons are now acitvated in the psyhic phase, one test for the unit
Dedicated transports can now infiltrate
IC's cannot infiltate with a unit unless he has infiltrate as well
Jink is 4+ but can only fire snap shots until end of their next turn
You need a 6 to hit for precision shot,
ignores cover is no cover saves against wounds pens or glances
power weapons are the same
Psyhic powers
Iron arm doesnt give EW anymore,
enfeeble is minus 1 str and toughness treats all terrain as difficult
Endurance is warp charge 2, targets friendly unit, they gain EW, FNP 4+ and relentless wow
rest are pretty much the same, the numbers have changed though (i.e endurance is now 5)
Prescience is wc2 now, 12inch range gives re roll to hit still
Foreboding is the same
Forewarning is the same
perfect timing is the same
Pre cog is the same
Misfortune, is different, all attacks that target that unit have the rending special rule... wow
Scriers gaze is you can now re roll the reserves roll outflank and mysterious objective
Daemonology we all know from leaks
santic no 6 is vortex of doom, str d small blast
pyro is still crap
Telekinesis, no gate....
replaced with levitation
targets the psyker he may move 12inches... they then cannot charge
psyhic malestrom is no 6, wc3, str 10 ap1 large blast barrage
Dominate the same
mental fort, the same
terrify, -1 ld, treats all units as having fear, and must take moral check end of phase, no longer removes fearless
Shourding, new power, gives pskyer and all units within 6 shrouded
Invis, all units targetting the unit with it cast on can only snap shot at it
Hallicunation, the same?
Something chew just asked, it is indeed correct IC's cannot join units that contain MCs or vehicles....
Ok then d weapons.

1 nothing happens

2 -5, vehicles suffer penerating hit which causes d3 HP's
Models suffer auto wound and d3 wounds

6 vehicles, pen hit, d6+6 HP's
Models, auto wound d6+6 wounds, no saves of any kind
To deny the witch, you need to nullify all fo the warp charge points that were successfully harnessed by the pysker when he passed his test

So if I cast a power and roll 5 4+ you need to deny 5 times.

To make a deny the witch, select one of your units that was the target of the enemys psyhic power. You will then need to expand a number of warp charges, declare how many you will spend and remove them from your pool and roll them, apply any of the following

Additions are
The target unit contains pysker (inc piliot brotherhood etc)

ML greater then the pysker manifesting the power

Adamanitum will

To deny the witch on a blessing, or something which doesnt target one of your units, it is a stright 6 needed, no modifers
RE: Changes to Jump Infantry:
No its one or the other (move or assault), no jink
no unit can attempt to manifest the same power more then once per phase. So no having say screamer council or seer council spam the same power to draw your DTW dice out.

Nothing capping re rollable saves.

Checked again and the powers you have access to are in the dex's, no mention in the book of who has access to what bar the malefic and santic tables,

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Vector strikes and smash as per the rumours, one vector only on ground targets, ap2 no cover at str. Smash is always ap2 but if you smash dbl str and re roll armour pen
Ally rules are pretty much the same,come the apoc cannot deploy with 12 but then treated as DA's after.one eye open rule still in there

[RE: # of dice you can use to manifest a psychic power]: No limit on how many dice.
Do glances still cause automatic HP loss?

You now deduct all HP's lost then roll on the damage table, this sounds like you can glance a vehicle to death before you roll on the table.
Soul blaze is awesome in 6th, killing off those last few kroot or pinging more wounds on guard is worth it., it is still the same for 7th
Only scout cannot charge game turn 1, inflitrate cannot charge their first turn, couldnt see any other restrictions.
Any ability to charge out of a stationary transport vehicle?
Only if it is assault vehicle
I answered that, only one vector strike on ground targets, otherwise d3

Yes you can peril and die and power still works (unless it targets psyker) you can peril and fail to cast the power.

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More from MarkyMark on Dakka:

Ok, so the banshees in raider, if its a DT you cannot deploy in there, the restriction that only units that bought the DT can deploy in there is still there. But yes BB's can embark on allied transports.

Hollismason. No if you peril you resolve the perils stright away, the sequence is this.
Select psyker and power
Delcare target
Take pyshic test (this is where you can peril)
Deny the witch
Resolve power.

So if you peril and die you wont get the chance to resolve the power.

Here is the quote from page 24 for the pyshic powers

No unit can attempt to manifest the same psyhic power more then once per phase
Under pysker and psychic power (in the sequence table)
..... select a psyhic power known to the selected unit that the unit has not already attempted to manifest in this psychic phase.

Also, conjured units are scoring unless otherwise noted.

Skilled rider and hit and run are the same. (skilled rider still adds +1 to jink save only).

Ok, think this will cover the conjured units and allies: The allies matrix shows the levels of alliance between units that have different factions in the same army.

No cannot assault from outflank and can only assault if its a assault vehicle (already answered).

Reading it again, it does look like you can reserve as much as you like. There is now a distincation between rolling for reserves and moving them on. You roll for reserves start of turn then you must move your reserves on first.

Did any of the special rules change?
Too many to go through dude. Yes some have changed (the rumoured ones vector jink etc).

DT can infilitrate I think i said, but only if the unit inside has infiltrate.

Yes jink is 4+.

It looks like he can start in reserve in a non DT

Fnp is 5+
detachments have been answered, can take as many as look as you meet the miniumum requirements (1 hq 2 troops)

Smash has been answered, 1 attack dbl str re roll to pen.

DT's in troop selection has been answered

Shrouded is +2 to cover save still

The mastery (getting sig for free) is for every psyker

Yes you can still default to primiars

Are you able to use a Consolidation move to move into base contact with an enemy?

A glance takes off a HP, does a Pen take off 2 HP?

NF [Night Fight] gives everyone stealth, no mention of ranges so thats a big change.

Barrage is the same except all wounds from mutliple barrage comes from the first shot only.

Wound allocation from shooting has changed as per the rumours

Jink, you have to declare before rolls to hit are made, you can still assault after but can only snap shot
From Natfka:
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
No more Double Force Org at 2k points.
When making a Battle Froged army, you can have as many force orgs as you want. So at 1k points, if you want 3 ICs, you'd just need 6 troops (divided evenly) to still count as "bound" in order to maintain your Objective Secured rule, etc.

Being able to ally with yourself is just an extension of this, because it lets you alternatively take a 3rd HQ, needing only 1 troop for his allied detachment.

This is relevant, why?

Many new things will specify "This model's detachment" in the near future. Unbound armies do not have detachments, even though they are one entity. So some wargear, or special rules won't work in unbound, rewarding use of the forge organization chart as a bonus, more so than a punishment to unbound (I'm sure some people will just see this as a negative, and not the positive as is the nature of the internet).

Most Warlord traits won't specify detachment, and will still apply globally to the army (or based on range, etc as it is now).

This is also a subtle way to affect formations, which count as their own detachment outside of the Force Organization chart. While an army may remain "bound" despite exceeding certain limits via an additional Formation, the Formation represents and operates as a self contained entity.

This will also limit ally shenanigans somewhat as allies are their own detachment.

Essentially: A bound army can have any number of detachments now, one must be listed as primary (from which your Warlord is drawn, so no taking multiple detachments and picking a Warlord based on scenario or opponent). Detachments must still follow the Force Organization chart, be they a normal army or allied detachment, or must be formations.

Unbound armies throw this out, and you just have all your models in one big mishmash, don't count as a detachment for rules that specify "this detachment" and just pick a warlord out of all the possible HQs. This freedom comes at the cost of objective secured and the rerolled warlord trait, and potentially other things down the line specific to codexes.

A hint as to what that very last line means? Imagine your HQ getting bonuses if the compulsory troops chosen for his detachment are a specific unit, or elites allowed to be taken as compulsory troops only in their detachment.
Also from Natfka:
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
This was unexpected, take a look at these.

Shrine of Aquila
Terrain Type: Ruins
the ruins are difficult terrain and all models inside receive a 4+ cover save regardless if they are 25% obscured.

Rules: Armies of the Imperium can re-roll failed morale checks if any models in their unit are inside the ruin. Any others get Hatred (armies of the imperium)

Terrain Type: Ruins
the ruins are difficult terrain and all models inside receive a 4+ cover save regardless if they are 25% obscured.

Rules: Models in the Manufactorum that are firing weapons that have the "gets hot" rule, can re-roll failed saves from wounds inflicted with the Gets Hot rule.
From Warseer:
Terrain has seen some tweaking. There is no Area Terrain, for instance. Each kind of purchasable terrain kit that GW sells has its own unique rules. Moonscape craters, for instance, provide only a 6+ cover, and are -not- difficult ground! In general, -moving- through difficult terrain is entirely unchanged. Assaulting through it takes 2 off your highest roll, but is otherwise the same. The generic Mysterious Terrain table is a thing of the past, but future Terrain kits may be released that have the Mysterious Terrain rule attached them... in such instances, they will have their own unique tables. The Crashed Aquila Lander kit, for instance, has a table unique to it.

Cover, by and large, is unchanged. Focus Fire, as a rule, is no more; and cover saves are granted on a model by model basis. Is it in cover (25% obscured?) from the shooters POV? If so, then yes, you get a cover save. If not, then no. The exceptions to this are clearly defined. Ruins, always grant cover if you are -inside- them, regardless if you're physically obscured or not. Same for Twisted Copses (citadel wood) and Craters.

+1 cover save for vehicles if you can see a part of the vehicle, (therefore allowing you to shoot it) but you can't see the facing of the vehicle that you lay in arc of is still in, just as it was before. The rumor that vehicles could not claim cover from Infantry was a falsehood; however Vehicles are the exception to the above "if you're -in it- you get cover" rule associated with Ruins, woods, and craters. They must still be 25% obscured to claim cover.
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More from Warseer:
Vehicle Wreckage (0 hull points) is, you leave the vehicle in place. It is now Difficult Terrain. Unless otherwise noted, a model taking cover behind Difficult Terrain gets a 5+ cover save. Explodes results, on the other hand, to not instruct you to place a crater. You simply explode, and remove the model (after resolving the explosion effects)

Ruins, and the overall -absence- of "Area Terrain" do not provide you with a +2 cover for going to ground within them. They are difficult, they provide 4+ cover for those inside, regardless if they are 25% obscured. Nothing more. Now...the specific Ruins...Basilica Administratum, Sanctum Imperialis, Shrine of the Aquila....they are the exact same...but each have their own unique special rule. You and your opponent may choose to ignore these rules.

The datasheet rules in Stronghold Assault for each piece of terrain is used for those pieces. Defense Lines and Barricades, in general, provide a 4+ cover. Defense Lines (aegis and wall of martyrs) provide +2 to cover if you go to ground behind them/within them...so there is still plenty of 2+ cover. Walls, barricades, and defense lines you are behind (in contact of) count you as being in contact with an enemy who charges them. (i.e. that enemy need not charge all the way to your models, just the barricade they are hiding behind)

I can find no reference to a limit on how many units may be held in Reserves.
Nightfighting has been simplified to be an option that either player can invoke in a mission where that rule is used. If neither does so, there is no Night Fighting. If one does, it is rolled for only on game turn 1. On a 4+ -everything- has Stealth. Simple...no?
Each piece of purchasable Citadel Terrain has its own unique rules. Sanctum Imperialis, for instance, or Moonscape, or "Twisted Copse" as they call the Woods. Shrine of the Aquila...all have unique rules.
Also, there are no longer any guidelines on restrictions or maximums for amount of terrain on a battlefield, or how to deploy it. It is left up to player preference and agreement. (which I vastly prefer)

Factions is a term that refers to what most players are accustomed to calling "Race" or sometimes more vaguely, "Army"; but is perhaps better interpreted as "Codex". Imperials is -not- a Faction. Adepta Sororitas, Astra Militarum, Imperial Knights, and each type of loyal Space Marine are all individual Factions; for instance.

The only time this is of particular import is when you are building a Battleforged Army; as your "Combined Arms Detachment" (what we recognize as the standard FOC) must consist of units only from a single Faction (codex)... or, alternatively, -no- Faction. (an option that I suspect will become available somewhere down the line) Savvy?

Furthermore, your "Allied Detachment" (which is identical to what we know already) must include units only from a single Faction, and that this Faction must be a different one from your "Primary Detachment".

All in all, it looks as though Combined Arms Detachment, and Allied Detachment are the -only- detachments so far...but that there will be others...and they will have their own, unique, FOCs. They will also have their own requirements and Command Benefits. Some Detachments, for instance, may have the requirement of needing to consist of units taken solely from the Orks Faction...

Formations, consequently, are also Detachments, but of a very special kind. Formations, consequently, are the -only- kind of Detachment that an Unbound army may take.

Lastly, with regards to Factions, is that each Codex Supplement is specifically the -same- Faction as the Codex that it is a Supplement for. Codex: Clan Raukan -is- the same Faction as the Space Marines Faction. Codex: Iyanden is the same Faction as the Eldar Faction. So yeah, you can't have an Allied Detachment of Crimson Slaughter to your Primary Detachment of Chaos Space Marines...but you really don't need to...you can take a Crimson Slaughter Combined Arms Detachment instead.

[USRs]Some have been altered for simplicity. Split Fire and Counter Attack, for instance, no longer require the Ld test they did before. Most are identical, but some have been tweaked. Rampage, for instance, no longer grants any benefit in the case of a Disordered Charge. The best change is that most of the rules are very clearly written, with regards to how they interact with one another, obscure rules, and special situations. Most of the USRs are entirely self-contained, and do not require that you reference other sections of the book to decipher them. Precisions Shots is now a USR, rather than an addendum attached to the Character section. Vector Strike is 1 hit, or d3 against things high in the air. All in all, nothing ground breakingly different.

Soulblaze is unchanged.

Deepstriking vehicles count as moving Combat Speed, rather than Cruising.

Walkers have Hammer of Wrath, and neither they, nor Monstrous Creatures, nor anyone else have a forbiddance on climbing up levels of ruins...at least not that I have found.
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From a comments thread on 3++ (link):
Most Important Rule still exists.

Turn is start of your turn, movement, psychic, shooting, assault, end of turn.

Turn still refers to player turn.

True Line of Sight still exists.

Unit coherency is 2" as per normal; 6" vertically.

has MC and multitrackers change for the purpose of shooting at shooting phase or overwatch
The wording is the same "in shooting phase"

Psykers can know more than their mastery level of powers ONLY if stated otherwise. Otherwise number is as per mastery level.

What are the basic rules for casting psychic powers? (Is it 4+ per die and need "successes" equal to the spell's WC, as rumored?) Is there any limit on power dice or dispel dice per turn?
4+ per die; need X successes where X is WC level

D6+masterys for power; D6 for dispel (each D6 is =)

How do Snap Shots function?

Can units consolidate into new combats? If so, how exactly does it work?

Psychic focus – generate all powers from one discipline (even one power); gain primars. If you gain another power from another discipline, lose psychic focus. Powers not part of a discipline do not count against this.

Chaos psychic focus – mark of chaos or being a daemon of a particular chaos god = auto primaris of that god in addition to others.

Powers generated beofre game and done openly. YOu choose the order generated.

Same as before – choose a discipline, roll a D6.

Generating warp charges – player turn rolls a D6; each player gains D6 warp charges. Player turn adds all mastery levels of psychic units (this includes!!!!!!! psychic pilot and brotherhood of psykers).

Attempt to manifest psychic powers until warp charge pool is 0. Cannot ATTEMPT to manifest same power twice.

Delcare a target and make a psy test followed by a deny the witch.

two or more 6s = perils.

Cannot psy power target a unit in a transport.

Taking psy test – declare how many warp charges you are spending and then remove from pool. Roll a number of D6 equal to points expended and for each 4+, you get one Warp charge point. If total is greater than or equal to the cost for the power, the psy test is successful.

Deny the witch is essentially the same (6+, +1 for being a psyker, +1 for higher mastery level, 1+ Adamtin will) but must equal or exceed the number of successful warp charges.

You can nullify blessings and conjurations; same process but without bonuses.

Psy hoods allow the wearer if within 12" to attempt to nullify the power as normal. Can only be used inside a vehicle if against vehicle.

All armies can generate from Daemonolgy except Tyranids. [Zion's Note: And non-psyker armies obviously]

GK can generate Santic as normal but none from Malefic. Other psy on Santic = perils on any doubles.

Daemon rule psykers can manifest Malefic as any other but not from Santic. Other psy = perils on any doubles.

Perils – roll D6; randomly applied for units with brotherhood.

1) ld test; pass = 1 wound/ glance with no saves of any kind; failed – removed from play and unit suffers D6 S6 AP1 hits (wound allocation from psyker
2) 1 wound / glance no save; randomly select one power and power is lost
3) 1 wound / glance no save; if currently psy phase roll D3 – number of warp charges lost from both players pool
4) 1 wound / glance no save
5) Ld test; suffers 1 wound / glance if failed; if passed – no ill effects
6) ld test; fail = 1 wound / glance; pass = 3+ invul, fleshbane, armourbane, smash until next friendly psy phase

weapons are fired individually within unit

BS6+ still works as before

Snap shot BS can be modified but only if rule states can modify snap shot BS

WOund allocation is the same – closest to closest.

25% is still cover percentage needed [Zion's Translation: Models need to be at least 25% obscured to claim cover?]

no changes to weapon types that i can see

Cannot declare charges against unreachable units or units it cannot see.

Overwatch is the same.

2D6 still for charge distance.

-2" for charging through terrain

You CANNOT consolidate into combat. Same as before.

Morale appears the same.

Unit types the same

-Deployment same. CANNOT charge the turn you change flight modes.
-If suffered one or more unsaved wounds during a phase; must take grounding test. 3+ all good, 1-2 as normal.
-You can be grounded and then charge the next turn.

All garg creatures have stomp and unstoppable.

Vehicle movement is the same as is combat speed and cruising speed. Stationary = all weapons. Combat = one plus snap shots; Crusising = all snap

Ordnance firing from vehicle = all others snap shots.

Flat out is the same.

Hull points are the same.

VD cha(r)t
1-3 shaken
4 stunned
5 weapon destroyed
6 immobilised
7 explodes (S4 within D6")

AP2 + 1 to damage chart; AP1 + 2

Vehicles are WS1

Rear armor in assault

Glancing counts as 1 wound and pen as 2 wounds for combat results

Emarking / disembarking is the same.

Transports bought for units count as their respective FoC

CHANGE – damage results of shaken/stunned/imob/weapon destroyed = Ld test for embarked passengers, if failed can only snap shot

Jink – declare before to hit rolls are made, all models gain a 4+ cover save but can only snap shot (during next shooting phase)

Cannot charge from stationary vehicles

Dozer blades +1 to AV WHEN RAMMING

Wounds from challenge carry over but the challenge remains ongoing until end of combat phase.

  • Acute senses – same
  • AWill – same
  • ATSKNF – no more extra 3" on regroug
  • Assault vehicle – can assult from vehicle unless it arrived from reserve that turn
  • Armourbane – roll additional D6 for armor pen
  • Blasts – same with apoc crap thrown in
  • Blind – failed I; WS/BS1 until end of their next turn
  • Brotherhood – covered
  • Bulky / Very / Extremely – 2/3/5 for transport capacity
  • Barrage – same
  • Deep Strike – same
  • Concussive – I1 if hit by this until end of next assault phase
  • Counter-attack – same
  • Crusader – 2 dice for run, pick one; +D3 for sweeping advance
  • Daemon – 5+ invul and fear
  • D-weapon – 1 = nothing; 2-5 = pen hit with D3 HP; D3 wounds; 6 = pen hit D6+6 HP or wounds – no saves only from 6
  • EW – immune to instant death
  • Fear – Ld test; if failed WS1 for remainder of fight sub-phase
  • Fearless – same
  • FNP – 5+ same
  • Fleet – same
  • Fleshbane – Same
  • Gets Hot – same
  • Force – psy power as discussed
  • Furious Charge – +1S; no if disorderd charge
  • Graviation – same as SM book
  • Hammer of Wrath – models strength
  • Hatred – same
  • Haywire – same
  • H&R – same
  • Ignores cover – Same
  • Instant death – same
  • Independent Characters – WAIT FOR IT - cannot join infiltrate units if it does not have it. thanks for answering half the question. dicks however this to me identifies that an IC can confer it to a unit since they restricted only ICs joining if they do not have it; cannot join MCs
  • Infiltrate – same (as is outflank)
  • Interceptor – same but nothing to help shooting at ground targets
  • IWND – same
  • Jink – discussed already
  • Lance – vehicle armour values count as max of 12
  • Master-crafted – same
  • Mighty Bulwark – same
  • Melta – says against vehicle but otherwise same (im noting this as armourbane says armor values; not vehicle armour values)
  • Missile Lock – reroll to hit rolls when one use only weapons; D6" scatter instead of 2D6" for one use only
  • Monster Hunter – same
  • Move trhough Cover – not slowed by charging through difficult terrain; Tyranids REJOICE; auto pass dangerous
  • Night Vision – ignore Night Fight
  • Pinning – one or more from a weapon once firing unit has finished (one per unit)
  • Poisoned – same
  • PotMS – cannot be used if flat out or smoke lauchers used
  • Precision Shot – same
  • Preferred Enemy – same
  • Psy Pilot – discussed
  • Psyker – discussed
  • Rage – +2 on charge
  • Rampage – +D3 in fight subphase if outnumbered in combat; cannot gain if disorderd charge
  • Relentless – same
  • Rending – same
  • Repel the enemy – charge on turn disembarked from building
  • Sentry Defense System – can auot fire with weapons even if unoocupied
  • Shred – re-roll failed to wounds
  • SHrouded – +2 cover
  • Skilled Rider – +1 cover to Jink, ignore dangerous
  • SKyfire – normal BS against air; snap against ground
  • S&P – same
  • Smash – all attacks AP2 and can choose to replace with 1 Smash attack at double strength and can re-roll armor pen
  • Sniper – same
  • Scout – same looks like
  • Soul Blaze – same
  • Specialist Weapon – same
  • Split Fire – no ld check required
  • Stealth – +1 cover
  • Strafing run – same
  • Strikedown – same
  • Stubborn – Same
  • Superosnic – same
  • Swarms – same
  • Tank Hunters – against vehicles
  • Templates – looks same
  • Torrent – same
  • Twinlined- same
  • Twohanded – no +1A
  • Unwiedly – I1 unless MC/Walker
  • Vector Dance – second pivot
  • Vector Strike – 1 hit unless FMC or Flyer. AP2 at strength and random allocation. Ignores cover. counts as shooting a weapon but not against a target (i.e. can shoot another waepon at a different target)
  • Vortex – looks same
  • Zealout – looks same.
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Smash is indeed 1 attack only now. Ostensibly a Daemon Weapon would still boost that.

You must change flight modes from swoop to glide and wait a turn before charging.

Wow, if true, Straken is basically useless now. And Lord of Change (and MCs in general) nerfed big time.
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Originally Posted by Straken's_Fist View Post

Smash is indeed 1 attack only now. Ostensibly a Daemon Weapon would still boost that.

You must change flight modes from swoop to glide and wait a turn before charging.

Wow, if true, Straken is basically useless now. And Lord of Change (and MCs in general) nerfed big time.
FMCs got boosted by all the other changes like only one Grounding Test

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More from 3++ (yes, he has the book, image of it is on that page):
Any change to 2+ rerolls.

In the psychic section do conjured units have a rule saying they don’t score?

Do MC still get cover for a foot in terrain?
No – area terrain no longer exists.

Is fearless the same in close combat or did it revert to 5th?
Same as 6th

Could you enlighten us on desperate allies and scoring. Are DA scoring ? Are tropps from DA super-scoring ?
No restrictions on scoring for any allies. yes they get objective secured.

Battle Bros – benefit from warlord trait; ICs can join; "friendly units" for psy powers, abilities, etc.; can use special abilities to repair vehicles; can use modifiers and re-rolls on reserve rolls; can embark on each other's transports

Allies of Con – treated as enemy units that cannot be charged, shot, attacked or targeted; cannot move within 1" of each other; no warlord, no IC joining, and basically none of the above stuff but are impacted by that effect enemy models.

Desperate – same as AOC plus if within 6" roll a D6, on a 1 they do nothing

Come the Apoc – same as Desperate but cannot deploy within 12" of each other.

No restrictions on scoring for any allies. yes they get objective secured.

Warlord Traits:
Warlord traits –
Tactical; 1) while alive, can discard up to 2 active tactical objectives (TO) instead of 1
2) one use only, end of your turn, opponent randomly selects TO and discards
3) generate one additional TO first turn
4) redraw all TO on first turn if you want
5) while alive, re-roll VP awarded for TO
6) +1 VP for objective secured TO by Warlord

Command –
1) 12" use of warlord Ld
2) 12" use of lowest Ld for enemies
3) 12" move through cover
4) +1" for run and charge within 12"
5) 12" bubble of shooting re-roll 1s to hit (suck it tau – this is permanent)
6) same as above but for assault

Personal –
1) Counter attack
2) Furious charge
3) outflank
4) 1VP for characters slain in combat
5) FNP
6) Fearless and IWND

Strategic –
1) stealth ruins + move through cover
2) choose for night attack and all models in your army have night vision
3) warlord + 3 units (non-vehicle) have infiltrate
4) +1 to seize and re-roll reserves if warlord alive
5) -1 to opponents reserves
6) first enemy turn, 3 enemy units take a pinning check

Under psychic powers conjuration is there anything that says conjured units can’t score?

Under psychic powers does it say a unit can only attemp a psychic power once per phase? ie multiple IC can’t atttempt to cast the same power if they are in a unit.

Under vehicles is there anything saying vehicles can’t score?

Objectives deployed before table halves decided.

Who deploys first chooses who goes first or second after deployment.

How about close combat weapons? Power axes, mauls etc…

Can you still move and fire rapid fire at full range?

Have sweeping advances changed?

Does fearless have the old no retreat rule again?

Has ATSKNF changed much?

Maelstrom of war missions are missions based upon Tactical Objectives.

Also can the "defending" player use his mastery levels to generate "dispel dice"?

Normal missions do NOT uses Tactical objectives.

When do you get your cards for Maelstorm missions? Before or after table sides/Deployment?
Beginning of turns.

Roll a D66 – consult table; can never roll the same one twice.

what does glancing hit actually do now?
Take a HP

Was the declaring jink for flyers or all skimmer and bikes. If so then serpent and bikes have lost some shine
Anything with the Jink rule – so skimers, bikse, flyers.

Can fliers still choose to shoot ground targets at regular BS?
Yes – choose skyfire or not.

What about Mixed Wounds and Fast Dice, does it still allow you to roll saves one at a time because there is different saves and/or a character?
Same as before.

What is the strength of the explosion of an open-topped vehicles for the passenger? (Was 3 in 5th ed gone to 4 in 6th ed)

Craters = 6+ no matter what; 4+ if GtG in craters.

Do weapons that have the Get Hot USR still cause a loss of HPs on vehicles on a 4+?
Loses HP on a 1,2,3

STOP – Misread something; EACH player adds their Mastery Levels each psy phase; so you get D6+ML for dispel as well. Apologies this was wrong before when I said you only got D6.

Any changes to walkers?
None that i saw

Is moving through difficult terrain in the movement phase 2d6 pick highest (as before) or -2" (as with charging)?

Does an Open-Topped Vehicle still add +1 to the Vehicle Penetration table? (Hadn't seen it on the VP table part. Asking just in case).

"In some Army List Entries, a Psyker will have one or more specific psychic powers listed – where this is the case, it will be clearly stated. These Psykers always start the game with those psychic powers. Otherwise, a Pysker generates random psychic powers from amongst the psychic disciplines known to him."

Brotherhood and Pilot can manifest unless they have a specific power.

How D weapons work now?
6 only ignores invul/cover
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