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Default Warhammer 40k 7th Edition coming 2014?!?!

Originally Posted by 40k Radio
The big 40k rumor is: This summer GW will release 7th edition 40k and 9th edition Fantasy has been shelved, for now.

All right before all of you blow us up step back and take a deep breath. This is from the source that have us pictures of the Space Marines and the Codex a month early. Also gave us pics of the Dark Elves which we described accurately a month early. Also gave us the info on the Sentinels of Terra. He also let us know that Nids were in January NOT December like so many other rumors sites predicted. So yeah he has been very accurate with the info he has given us. They way it was explained to us is that 7th Edition will be made to include the new Escalation and Stronghold rules. I would also not be surprised to see the Dataslates added to the main rule book.

Yes this is a rumor at this stage so take it with a grain of salt. But then again everything out source has said has come true. Only time will tell. Have a Merry Christmas with your families and don't let this put a knot in your undies.
Holy shit, that was fast. It seems like yesterday that 6th Edition had come out. What do you guys think? Personally, I find it far more likely that it's just a new release of the 6th Edition Rulebook with all that stuff included, but who knows, 40k radio says this guy has been an accurate source before.

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Dazed and confused.
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I thought the plan was to get all the codexes up to date with 6th before the next Edition. How many have they left to do?

If true there will be uproar, but hey, what's new? Doesn't take a lot to induce Nerd Rage
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Given how the guys at 40K Radio were intentionally misleading to stir up trouble before the 6th Edition Codex: Space Marines, and then subsequently slapped by GW for doing it, I wouldn't be surprised if this is them stirring up trouble to drive traffic to their site/show.

Or, more amusingly as somebody suggested, if it's GW intentionally spreading false information to figure out who 40K Radio's source is.

If Marneus Calgar is supposed to be "one of the Imperium's greatest tacticians" and he treats the Codex like it's the War Bible, but the Codex is garbage, then how bad is everyone else?

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Fantasy Rumors
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no, just no. i highly doubt it. 9th warhammer fantasy is due out first.

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A new edition? Doubt it.

A new printing of a bigger 6th ed rule book with escalation and stronghold assault. More likely, and maybe even sensible.
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Yeah I would imagine it will be a new version of the rulebook with everything in it, what on earth could they change? ...in fact don't answer that question...

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Ye i doubt they would put out a new edtion they only come around every 4 or 5 years dont they.

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Originally Posted by an anonymous source on Faeit 212 (solid source)
The next edition of 40k will be called 7th, not 6.5 when it drops, but as far as rules go it will be less of a jump than 5th to 6th.

The key areas being updated:
Interceptor, sky fire, fortifications, lords of war, allies and data slates.

As for its release it'll probably be September not "the summer."

It's not finished yet, still being tested so anything can happen.

The thought behind this edition is to make the game less alpha strike explosive and more "competitive" at all points values (even when including Lords of War), but D weapons outside of apocalypse may see alternate rules.

Pistols in close combat in 7th

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Well have not got 6th yet so bring it, by the time I'm finished painting my army 40k 20th special edition for pensioners will be out!

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Breaking the alternating 4-5year cycles? Unlikely. WH will have been virtually completed and almost ready to be sent off. The box set will be sculpted already, and almost be in pre-production.

Re. Stronghold and Escalation: GW make more money selling 3 seperate publications than merging them all into one book. Don't forget, if they do that then they have to remake the box set with it's core rulebook, and that box set makes them more money than just the book. If they were doing 7th already, then they would have to pick new races to go in the box set or risk losing a buttload of money.

These games take over 2-3 years to get to the stage of being ready to release. They've been putting all the core game time into WH. It's not *possible* to just 'shelve it' and throw out a new 40k core game instead.

I call bobbins on this one

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