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Originally Posted by GrizBe View Post
Given the nature of 4chan, I'd call that more wishlisting and forum talk then actual rumours. I'd back a cartload of salt onto those ones.

That said, there are some nice ideas there, but they seem a little unbalanced... hence wishlisting at worse, rejected playtest at best.
4chan (/tg/ in particular) has been a source of information in the past, but I agree, it's an odd list. I haven't been able to find the original source either so I'm not sure if it was presented as wishlisting or an actual batch of rumors yet.
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If these are lists of stuff coming from playtesting, rather than wishlisting, then some of the ideas sound interesting. Plenty of options to make getting into combat quicker more doable, and I like the sound of only snapshots on a turn that Ymgarls or a Lictor is revealed (it's a simply implemented mechanic that fixes one of the big problems with the unit in a way that makes sense in game).

Most of the codexes for this edition have been good so far in terms of having plenty of playable options, so here's hoping that the nids get the same treatment
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I think the extra Force Org might well help in the "no Allies" situation. I hope that one's true. I was hoping for a "Genestealer Cult" option, allowing Guard as allies.
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Either way Im excited for the new nids, may dig mine out again,Hooorayyyy
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Some new rumours via Faeit212:

This morning we have an older Tyranid playtest set, that is about 6-7 months old according to the source. So while looking at playtest rumors, its important to note that playtest rules tend to look much different than what the codex is, but still gives us a direction and feel for the how the codex might end up.

Please remember that these are rumors of a playtest set.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212

He states these rules are BETA and are around 7 month old

Hormagaunts :

may add an additional 20 Hormagaunts

Equipment: scything talons & adrenal glans


toxic sacks : (remain the same)

piercing talons : (+1 strength)

tyranid warrior (squad leader):

special rules:

leap, they just keep coming,synaptic back lash (tyranid warrior only) synapse creature (tyranid warrior only)

leap: may charge +6'' extra & do not lose initiative while charging through difficult terrain

they just keep coming: enemies firing at models with this rule suffer -1 bs

models with BS 1 must re-roll any successful hits on a model with this target.

synaptic back lash: after a model with this rules dies then all friendly units within 6'' of the models death suffer a single strength 3 AP - hit.

Old one eye to have his toughness increased

tyranid warriors

may add an additional 3 models


5 5 4+


piercing talons, leap, synaptic back lash,

special rules: will of the hive mind


toxic sacks: (read above)

adrenal glands: (read above)

range biomorph exoskeleton: (+1 bs)

increased exoskeleton: (+1 sv)

barbed strangler: (remains the same)

venom rifles: (tyranid rifles with poison) 18'' range (under re-testing)

will of the hive mind: while the squad remains with the full 3 models then the synapse range increases to 12''


may add an additional 2 models


6 5


scything talons, piercing talons

special rules: rampant rage, living battering ram, natural disaster


Toxic sacks:

range biomorph exoskeleton:

armoured shell: (2+ save)_

crushing claws: (+d3 attacks & +1 to range AP)

reinforced plating: (reduced strength of weapon being fired at you by 1)

heavy venom cannon: (strength 9 AP 2 heavy 2)

barbed strangler: (strength 5 AP 5 large blast, pinning)

twin linked devourers: (strength 4 AP 6 assault 4)

rampant range: when charging units the carnifex gains rage & furious charge)

Living battering ram: the carnifex deals d3 hammer of wrath hits

natural disaster: if the carnifex forgoes its turn in a piece of terrain (ruins ect) it can destroy that terrain and remove it from play

These don't read like the 4chan rumours, so I'm guessing that playtesting has either changed a lot, or the 4chan stuff is wishlisting. They do however back up previous rumours.
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4chan looks less valid now, the original rumors somewhat supported.
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I like the whole Synapses thing which reads as cool.

4 chan just read like wishlisting, if aspects are true then it maybe good, but these rumours if true help to cancel out 4chan at least.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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I rather like the 'they just keep comming' rule. Some people will bitch about the -1 BS, but it really fits in with the ravenous horde of critters maurading and swarming towards you image that the smaller bugs should have.
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and it will make overwatch hurt a lot less. one thing I can see happening from 4chan is the run and assault rule. it seems like the newer dexes have similar rules (look at eldars battle focus for instance)
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That "Leap" rule is something the Tyranids really need. Having an assault army that is not really fast and can't assault anything in cover kinda kills the purpose. Making your opponents re-roll Overwatch is just icing on the cake.

Some things on this test list look wierd (like the Warrior upgrade for gaunts or the ranged weapon profiles). I also can't imagine how to represent the difference between scything/piercing talons and the different exoskeltons and shells.

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