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Default Battlefoam vs Blood of Kittens is heating up!

10/06/2013 Update
Eldar is Here. Get Some! June 1st (Show 62)
40K Radio has their latest podcast out, they go over the documents BoK has laid forth and say they are all pretty much blatant lies.

I have a feeling this isn't really going to go anywhere, it's turning out to be a word against word type of situation. Seems allot of shady things are going on in the background with NOVA, BOLS etc
Seems they all have an agenda vs BattleFoam. It also seems TO's aren't deciding to deal with BattleFoam, it's BattleFoam who are deciding not to sponsor shitty events and this makes some people feel insulted.
If I'm not mistaken BattleFoam was told there'd be about 600+ people at NOVA but only 200 showed up, the T-Shirt thing was that they were meant to be given away in the swag back but the NOVA people decided to sell them to cover expenses for a hurricane and to save face.

They read some emails where the woman Romeo allegedly grabbed says they refunded the people who paid for the T-shirts and then also in the same email says they didn't.

Have a listen, decide for yourselves.

08/06/2013 Update

Network News: Battlefoam vs Blood of Kittens Update

At first I thought this whole thing a bit silly, I've met Romeo at Games Day UK and had somewhat contact with TastyTaste. I can't say my experience with either parties is positive but I've put all that behind me, let bygones be bygones etc.

I first thought TastyTaste was full of shit as that's what he does, he writes sensationalist articles to try and get as many views as he can on his blog for the add revenue and uses delay tactics to try and get you to come back for more (Like when he claims to have information but only puts out a little each day over a few days). Those page views = $$$

As I've now read all the declarations from the case it seems there might be allot of truth behind his posts regarding Romeo from Battlefoam, sure he writes it in a way to make it bigger than it really is but it seems it's all based on truth.

Anyway, some highlights from the declarations:
Jon Wolf, TO (Tournament Organiser) for War Games Con
4. For War Games Con IV, the 2012 event, we set the booth costs at $1,000 worth of
merchandise or merchandise vouchers. Romeo Filip agreed to provide $1,000 worth of prize
support for winner bags for 10 events. The expected value of each prize therefore was $100.
5. Leading up to the event, Filip refused to provide the agreed support. Instead Filip
offered 50 coupons for $20 off of shipping of Battle Foam merchandise. Larry Vela exchanged a
series of e-mails with Filip, but ultimately I dealt with Filip until a resolution was achieved. Filip
eventually agreed to provide appropriate merchandise vouchers, but only after I made it clear that
we would not allow Battle Foam to attend the event unless Filip made good on his promise.
Larry Vela, vendor organizer for War Games Con and owner of Bell of Lost Souls (BOLS)
Larry confirms the above and:
7. I have heard from other TOs that this bait and switch tactic involving large
numbers of small-value vouchers was used at other events by Romeo Filip and Battle Foam.
8. Shortly after Nicholas Hayden (TastyTaste from BoK for those that dont know) published his article about Battle Foam's bait and
switch tactic's, Mr. Filip telephoned me and complained about the article. He said he intended to
make an example of Mr. Hayden. This call was on a Friday.

9. On Monday, Mr. Filip called me again. He began by telling me he considered us to
be friends. He claimed that he had helped me develop my business and therefore I should be
willing to do him a favor. He asked that I: 1) remove any links to Hayden's website from my
websites, 2) delete any articles on my website that Nicholas Hayden had written, and 3) post an
article on my site vindicating Filip and denouncing Hayden for liable.

10. I refused, nothing that I could not speak to whether the information to which I was
not a direct witness was true.
Chandler Lee, TO of Feats of Blades
5. In advance of the October 2012 Feast of Blades tournament, Romeo Filip
approached me and requested to be a sponsor of the event. I sent a contract which set
forth that the cost of the booth space would be $400 in cash or $800 worth of Battle Foam

6. On the weekend of the event, Battle Foam employees came to Denver to set up
the booth as provided for under the contract. However, when Feast of Blades
representatives requested the promised merchandise, Battle Foam employees admitted
they did not have any instructions on what to provide.

7. Those employees later offered $600 in coupons for premier membership to 40K
Radio, an Internet radio show also run by Romeo Filip. 40K Radio is an Internet radio
program that airs twice monthly shows of interest to the miniature war gaming
community. The show is free, however, users can pay for a premium membership
upgrade that allows for subscriber to participate in a forum and to access certain "bonus

8. In my opinion agreeing to provide Battle Foam merchandise and then attempting
to provide 40K Radio coupons instead was a classic bait and switch tactic.

9. I spoke with Romeo Filip by telephone and explained that our agreement
required him to provide Battle Foam merchandise, not 40K Radio vouchers. I explained
that these coupons had little or no value to Feast of Blades participants.

10. Filip first argued that he was not obligated to provide anything because he never
signed a contract. However, I explained that even if a written contract was not signed,
the parties had reached an agreement and Battle Foam's appearance at the event
confirmed that Filip believed an agreement had been reached.

11. I made it clear that I would not accept the coupons and that unless he provided
the agreed upon prize support that I would not allow his employees to set up a booth on
the event floor. After a heated discussion, Filip agreed to provide a gift certificate of
$100 which I used to purchase a Battle Foam bag to give away as prize support. The
gift certificate was the only Battle Foam prize support Filip gave as part of the
agreement. As a result of Battle Foam's failure to fulfil its obligations under the
agreement, I asked that they leave the event on Saturday afternoon.

12. Although I was not willing to accept the coupons as payment for the booth space,
I agreed to distribute the coupons so that Filip could promote his radio program.
However, I found that I could not even give the coupons away. Attendees did not want
them. Even if participants accepted the coupons, many later threw them away.

13. I have heard numerous stories of other tournament organizers who experienced
similar difficulties with Romeo Filip and Battle Foam. I have also heard that many
Tournament organizers no longer do business with Filip and Battle Foam because of his
bait and switch tactics.
Michael Brandt, TO for NOVA Open
6. On the Saturday of the 2011 convention, someone came up to me and said that an angry
Mr. Filip had my mother. Laurie Brandt, cornered in the 40k gaming hall, and was yelling
at her. When I approached, I noticed there were a lot of people gathering around her. As I
neared, I heard Mr. Filip's raised voice. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that
she was in tears.

7. Mr Filip started ranting at me and I told him to stop. I then asked my mother what was
going on. She related the following to both Mr. Filip and myself. Mr. Filip found her in
the 40k gaming hall, and grabbed her arm. She told him to let go of it - twice. He finally
did. He was angry and wanted to talk about something. She told him she would come and
find him when she'd finished what she was doing.

8. As he began to turn away, Mr. Filip physically took hold of her arm again. This time she
wrenched it away from him. People came to her side. Shaken, she asked Mr. Filip what
he wanted. He began raising his voice and yelling at her about selling the t-shirts he'd
donated to the NOVA Open, making demands and threats. Nothing she offered to defuse
the situation was working and more people were beginning to stop what they were doing to
see what was going on.

9. At some point, Mr. Filip began berating her and belittling her in front of the many
bystanders, stating that she didn't know anything, that her partner (me) had kept her in the
dark, did not trust her with important details of their agreement, that she was incapable of
understanding a simple conversation. When he started demanding my presence, Mr.
Brandt was fine with that and tried to leave, but Mr. Filip continued to rant and demand
that she stay until I arrived. She felt threatened and unable to leave, and became more and
more upset and embarrassed by Mr. Filip's words and actions. She said she just wanted to

10. As soon as she had explained what happened, she immediately left to compose herself.
Mr. Filip demanded that she stay. I told him I could put up with a lot of stuff, but someone
bringing my mother to tears was not one of them. I then spent a great deal of time trying to
defuse his anger until, finally placated, he returned to his vendor booth.
Nicholas Hayden, TastyTaste of Blood of Kittens.
16. In my March 7th article I wrote that Filip had threatened members on public forums.
I have attached hereto as Exhibit C three pages of screen captures for the
forums. These screen captures depict a portion of a relevant conversation. It shows that Filip first
warns a member identified as killionair that he will identify who he is. Filip wrote, "oh, and I
have a few favors called in to find out who you are. In due time my friend in due time." Later
Filip continued to write, "hey clown, I'll tell you this one time and one time only, I will find out
who you are and we will handle this like men..... you have no fething clue who I am and what I am
capable of doing... when I find out who you are, and I will we will take care of this. I promise you
that. You habe pushed this to far and you are now my new hobby. Tick, tick, tick, your time
is coming." I interpret this, as I believe most people would, to be a threat of physical violence
against the individual.

Here is one of the pictures in question

To sum it all up? Romeo seems like he has some anger management problems, he's also a manipulative liar with a hint of self entitlement.
One of the podcasts I listen to said it best (long time ago, I has shit for memory but the voices in my head tells me this is close enough to what was said): "BattleFoam is a great product but Romeo is the worst thing that could happen to that company"

Romeo, I will be expecting that cut off horse head in my bed any day now...

Seems Romeo from Battlefoam wants to sue the Blood of Kittens news blog. BoK posted something that Romeo didn't like and he is now demanded that they prove what was posted in a court of law.

I have no idea what was posted about BF so if anyone can clue me in I'd be interested to know. Romeo is known for throwing around legal threats so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

My guess is that Romeo backs off because of the negative publicity this will cause. With GW trying to shut down sites left, right and center you DO NOT want to be associated with doing the same.

Full story here
This is the official announcement by Blood of Kittens that Battlefoam LLC has taken legal action against this site over a post made in March.

Everything in that post I believe is true, gathered from sources and material available from the Internet, and since being threatened with legal action, I have done subsequent research and gotten sworn statements from witnesses that further prove its truth. For the time being, while certain aspects of the case are pending, the original post in question has been taken down.

However, it will be back up as soon as possible, and in no way should the fact that I took it down be viewed as an admission of any wrong doing. I took it down to try and facilitate a constructive dialogue with the party who made the legal threat, Romeo Filip of Battlefoam. It has not seemed to help, but I don’t want it to be said that I did not try everything in my power to maintain the high ground. Romeo and Battlefoam seem to insist upon forcing me to prove my statements were true, in a court of law. Once I do, not only will I put the article back up, but I will put the judgment there too, as the ultimate proof of the truth of my statements.

Here is a snippet from BF C&D letter:
Your Defamatory Article is legally actionable. Because you published it on the Internet, the audience for your defamatory statements is immense. In the Defamatory Article, you falsely accuse Mr. Filip of the following:
* physically and verbally threatening potential Battle Foam customers;
* lying to current and potential Battle Foam customers and business partners;
*consistently default on agreements with current and potential business partners.

You also falsely accuse Battle Foam of the following:
*lying to current and potential Battle Foam customers and business partners;
*consistently defaulting on agreements with current and potential business partners.

Funny thing is, I would never have know about this if BF didn't sue BoK... I guess any publicity is good publicity...

After reading the BF C&D it seems they are trying to scare him into paying them $2.500 and never to post anything related to BF ever again. Kinda reminds me of another company that sell miniatures I buy...

As I've said, dont know the details but Romeo didn't like something posted on BoK in March so is now suing them.

BoKs response letter can be summed up as: So? What you gonna do about it? What was posted is true, substantially true or statements of opinions. As you filed a claim against me you will have to haul your ass from Arizona to California to settle this in court!

Seems the articles name was Meat for Meta: Bad Battlefoam Practices.

I have a feeling this court case is going to cost Romeo allot more than just ignoring it would have.

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I'd have ignored it... BoK are idiots who like to mouth off to try and get attention for themselves....

Which is probably why Battlefoams sueing him... BoK's a bad history of basically saying 'X company is crap, don't deal with them', which I think is what he's done here from what I can gather.

While it may be bad publicity for Battlefoam, its also the right thing to do. Hell... I'm pretty sure if anyone here started saying Bits is a con merchant who didn't supply the parts they orders or anything like that, we'd all be supporting Bits in kicking the guys ass for trying to ruin his good name.... And that's basically what BoK's done...
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Interesting. I'm curious to see how this turns out.
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I agree, Interesting. As i have nothing to do with either of them it doesn't effect me. What is everyone elses experience with them?

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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
What is everyone else's experience with them?
My buddy's got a sweet BF case for his IG army. Had nothing but good times ordering it, he strongly suggested I check it out as he was taken care of quite nicely. I've checked them out, even gone so far as to send in an e-mail about custom trays and was responded to in a professional manner. Friggin' awesome product, and decently priced considering the GW alternatives.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

40k Army Projects

Industrial Table WIP
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Ive ordered from BF as well, had a bit of trouble with the custom creator tool for the foam as it didn't save the image and i had to cut/paste it from a screen shot to send it but once they got the image i got my stuff and my IG are happily sitting in it!
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Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
Interesting. I'm curious to see how this turns out.
Me too. Hmm one thought though where is the line between defimation and a bad review?

Da Golden Waaagh!

Originally Posted by Fiddlestix View Post
Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
My guess is that Romeo backs off because of the negative publicity this will cause. With GW trying to shut down sites left, right and center you DO NOT want to be associated with doing the same.
Funny how a spat between two companies with no association with GW still ends up being pointed back at GW and that ONE blog disappearing for an as yet undetermined reason is somehow "sites left, right and centre".

Why not just report the news rather than trying to make it ?

Originally Posted by Battman View Post
Me too. Hmm one thought though where is the line between defimation and a bad review?
A Bad review is "I don't like Battlefoam's customer service" or "I had a bad experience with Battlefoam" or "Battlefoam lied to me"

Defamation is "Battlefoam lie to their customers" when that is not true.

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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
I agree, Interesting. As i have nothing to do with either of them it doesn't effect me. What is everyone elses experience with them?
Don't use them myself, but several people from my local store do. Nothing but praise from them for BattleFoam.

As for BoK... he's a sensationalist moron who claims to have 'exclusive rumours', but all he's ever posted have been reworded reprints of rumours from known reliables. Plus.. he's a history of badmouthing companies just to cause a stir.

A Bad review is "I don't like Battlefoam's customer service" or "I had a bad experience with Battlefoam" or "Battlefoam lied to me"

Defamation is "Battlefoam lie to their customers" when that is not true.

^This. BoK's saying that BattleFoam have been lying to customers and not filling orders etc. Which is flatly untrue.
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Yes, "Battlefoam lies to it's customers" is defamatory language. Unless you can produce one witness to testify they've been lied to. Then it's reporting. Defamation is hard to prove.
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