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Originally Posted by DreadLordRedAxe View Post
Something about it just doesn't seem to fit well in the way the Tau fight. Orca's carry 1 unit of firewarriors and maybe 2 units of Crisis suits, a Manta carries much more, but having something take up that much space in a transport actually takes away from the possible firepower a hunter cadre could bring to a fight. One unit with a lot of guns that can only fire them effectively if it doesn't move while the entire Tau combat philosophy is about being mobile hence the prevalence of jet packs and vehicle multi trackers. We use them as gun lines cause the rules of the game almost dictate we should, that is not how they are meant to fight, I don't run them as a static gun line and do quite well against even the best GK cheese lists. Also the sheer size of the thing would make it a good target not very Tau like for ground based units. I love a big model as much as the next guy but something like that just doesn't sit well with me for Tau.
Don't forget though that Tau are all about adapting to solve problems, and if they find that they're outclassed by heavier firepower I'm sure they'd find a way to not only match the firepower, but do it on a far more mobile platform (akin to the Dreadknight with a Jump Pack).

Tau aren't just mobile hit and run tactics, they're also about innovation and experimentation.

They do what other races don't (Imperium refuses to innovate if they aren't forced to because they're afraid of technology, Eldar doesn't use the technology they used to because they're afraid of falling into their Hedonistic ways again, Dark Eldar makes new toys to hurt things in the most efficient manner but that doesn't make it better, just meaner, Orks don't innovate as much as they do kludge, and Chaos is all about putting Daemons into Toasters. In all of this, only Tau try to make consistent progress in technology.).

And in the end of the day (especially when dealing with massive Tyranid monsters on their front door) I would believe that the Tau wouldn't be against making something bigger, and full of more firepower if it meant giving themselves the advantage they needed in a fight.

Would it be something they'd use everyday? Not likely. But I'm sure when they do it'd make big holes where the enemy used to be.
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I can see the Tau either using *gasp* drop pods, or even mounting them on mobile platforms aka the dreads on a StormRaven.
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Some new details on the massive suit via BoLS (SOURCE):

via Stickmonkey

Tau UBER-suit

Dual (not linked) Rail Cannons
Missile Launcher
Many upgrade options including Stealth

BONUS Tasty Morsel:
Markerlights gain the ability to grant Skyfire.
It sounds less like the heavy walker we were thinking of and more of a light walker with that AV status. Though it's interesting to see something that doesn't have a lower rear AV like most vehicles.

EDIT: Just had a thought. We've been assuming this suit would be Dreadknight size or bigger....I'm going to go out on a limb and say it'll be on a Dreadnought base, and likely a little taller, but not as wide as one to boot.

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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
BONUS Tasty Morsel:
Markerlights gain the ability to grant Skyfire.
Makes total sense, but would it just grant it to the missile thingys, or to basically all troops? That could make Tau into Anti-Air killers....
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Decided to poke into the BoLS forums for more info and found some! (SOURCE)

Stickmonkey (8-1-2012)

Tau Codex early next year.
Kroot and other existing allies are there, however they are limited. There appears to be an "Allies" supplement which will be out about the same time and include many more options. (aside: Dare I start a Spring of Allies moniker...ah well then it will end up being 2 years from now... )
Crisis suits completely redone.
Stealth suits completely redone.
Pirahna has new option and I am not sure if it will be reboxed together or be sold as an upgrade kit.
New Pathfinders were seen being worked on a while back.
Ethereals expanded, new unit options around them.
There is a FW Tau model which has a unit entry in the codex. (My take is this might actually be a new plastic kit taking over a FW model, and before anyone yells GW doesnt cannibalize FW...yes, they do, they have, and they will.)
The floating chair ethereal was seen being worked on for a new model.
New fast skimmer sized between hammerhead and pirahna.
Flyer has dual gattling cannons
Flyer has option for rail guns
Flyer has bombs (not missiles!?)

Rule rumors (these are rumors people! I hate posting rule rumors cause I am not involved in that. Please take fwiw)
Railguns have a JOWW effect, they can hit multiple models in a line, but if hitting vehicles has a max number of hull points it can cause. the way this is described is it draws a line from the barrel to table edge, every model under starts taking hits starting with the closest. if it hits a vehicle or structure with HP, its strength drops, once it hits 3 or a table edge or fails to make a penetrating hit its done. rhino line's watch out!
There is some rumor of an Anti Psyker weapon. like night fighting, but no psychic powers for a game turn.
There is no flyer dedicated transport, and the existing flyer is going to be competing against some very good other options
The jetpack troops have some option to "pop up and shoot" from behind cover.

Ornithopter (8-1-2012)

I was told, that GW is trying to invert their release order. Instead of two follow up waves after a Codex release they will release one or two smaller waves of models before every codex, one big release with the codex and some stragglers thereafter (mainly re-releases and model updates). This is widely known and not hard to deduce. But I was also told that this is only a test run for two upcoming releases and GW is fully prepared to switch back to the old modus operandi or a completely different release schedule.

GW has used the period of reduced LotR activity to produce new ranges far in advance. GW sits on a whole pile of army books/codexes and finished masters and has the flexibility to alter their release schedule seamlessly. The next two releases (Warriors of Chaos and Dark Angels) follow the old pattern, but the next two releases (Tau and Eldar) after these are deployed in the new fashion.

The Tau Codex was pushed back because of this, but only the book. The first batch of models will be released even earlier than planned (maybe even this year) – and yes, there are Kroots and no, there is no Lamprey – this whole set of rumours is 105% fake.

Faeit 212 (8-2-2012)

Flyer waves incoming: Four more fliers in the pipeline: renamed Eldar Nightwing (finished), Tau Copperhead (finished), and a medium sized Space Marine and a large Ork flyer.

Model production and codex production are decoupled after the planning phase now. Warriors of Chaos, Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marine codices are finished, Tau and High Elves nearly finished.

Every army rulebook from now on will have a special defining mechanic.
- Tau have a system of unit upgrades that get unlocked by another unit or other effects. For example, a Firewarrior cadre with an ethereal next to it, with markerlight support and scouting kroot unit will get a serious buff. Every unit has a small chart for three of these effects.
I know some of this is old, but I felt it'd be good to get it in here just to round everything up good and proper.
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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
I know some of this is old, but I felt it'd be good to get it in here just to round everything up good and proper.
Yeah, those used to be posted up here somewhere - probably lost in the great Russian saga.

Happy to be hearing more Tau rumours... heavier battlesuit sounds good (rumours sound like a broadside+ which is awesome). I just want our troops to be either better (BS4 at least) or cheaper, a flyer (preferably the baracuda in plastic), and a ground based way to get skyfire which isn't on a fortification. I'm hoping that isn't too much to ask for. I'm a friendly player, so uber competitiveness usn't an issue, although my other army is 'nids so I'd prefer it if one of my armies wasn't something that everyone reckons is hopeless straight out of the gate.

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More from Faeit212 (SOURCE):

Tau Battlesuits

Rumors are fickle things, and often come from some vein of truth to them. Earlier we were discussing a walker (vehicle) for Tau. Here is the stats for what might possibly be the same unit, (although it could be a different one), since this one is a monstrous creature.

Playtesting is a hazardous thing for rumors, since they are true when they are released, but may look completely different when the final product is in hand. This is probably one of those cases, and if you are one of the playtesters that likes to chime in on occasion.... this would be a great opportunity to do so, or email me at [email protected].

Please remember that these are playtesting rumors, take with salt. So which would you prefer? The monstrous creature Tau Battlesuit, or the Walker?

via shaso_iceborn on Warseer
it's pretty much a Dreadknight sized suit with dual (note not twin linked) rail cannons and SMS with a rule for something I will call "hail-fire" in that it shoots massive barrage of weaponry if not moving in the movement phase.

WS2, BS4, S5, T6, W4, I2, A2, Ld8, Sv2+4++ (corrected stats)
As usual I pass along only what I hear so take with applicable salt.
I'm going out on a limb (again) and make a guess, well a prediction actually.

This is not the same thing as the 2 HP Battlesuit. I'm thinking that the 2 HP Walker is something about the size of a Dreadnought (which is my guess regarding it earlier), and the MC is a separate thing that is the size of a Dreadknight.

The basic logic behind this is the description of the two things don't mesh quite right in my head. No one is saying how big the 2HP Walker is, and some of the weapon loadouts and roll descriptions sound different.


Some things that were Natfka's comment section. Only posting because they seem discussion worthy:
Anonymous November 28, 2012 11:09 AM
I tested this battlesuit. That startling is correct, the 4+ invul. Comes from a shield generator. It does not have Inteceptor/skyfire

Anonymous November 28, 2012 11:11 AM
Note that although it DOES have special
Rules for firing, rail guns do not have the rumored Line Firing mechanic.
EDIT: And then there is this one as well from the comment section:
Anonymous November 28, 2012 4:51 PM

Last tidbit for today, the "Big Battle Suit" I tested was noted as being on the large oval base, it's picture showed that it is VERY similar in design to the Golden Daemon Bot. It comes with the Rail Cannons if you would like for it to. It has BS 4 similar to the Hammerhead. It again, follows that profile. People are wondering is what it offers instead of the Broadsides. First, it's more flexible. Second, it can't be instant deathed (by high strength weaponry). Lastly, broadsides have gone up in cost slightly. What do broadsides provide? Dedicated anti tank and more railguns for the price. I find it likely that more dedicated tau armies will opt for the "Big Battlesuit" and more allied contingents will opt for broadsides.
EDIT: And yet another one (responding to a response to the one directly above):
Anonymous November 28, 2012 5:09 PM

Interesting. Could you speak to the Broadside cost increase?
Anonymous November 28, 2012 8:48 PM

If you want your Broadsides to be the same as they are now, they'll cost slightly more.
Obviously I can't attest how accurate the commenter rumors are, they might be real (as Faeit212 does seem to draw in a lot of rumormongers of the anon nature), or they could be trolls. I'm sharing for completeness and discussion purposes only.

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