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Originally Posted by CPT Killjoy View Post
Any news? It's been quiet for a bit....
No news for a very long time, last time we had any news was on Sunday.... you're right it's been quiet for a bit...
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My philosophy, at this point is: Chaos is getting a dex in 6th, likely in autumn, and 6th is coming in summer. Let the pieces fall where they may.

boobs. that is all.
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My bad, didn't see anything on Sunday.

"In the game of chess, you must never let your opponent see your pieces."
-Captain Zapp Brannigan
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Courtesy of a source from Darnok:

Alright, this is depressing. Really depressing. I thought this was a rumor forum. Well, I scoured the heck out of this grand ol' internet of ours back in December 2011, and I'm going to list off what I have heard is planned for the year of 2012 (surprisingly accurate for the first four months, almost five).

January: Vampire Counts army book (I made this list right when the first VC rumors started hitting, which is actually what made me want to consolidate the rumors that I put stock in)
February: Vampire models
March: Tyranid and Space Wolves model waves (I had heard a lof of Space Wolves, Nids and Necrons, and just did put stock in another full Necron wave yet)
April: Empire army book
May: Dark Angels or Chaos Codex (obviously I was misled about this one)
June: Necron wave (off a month, but my May guess probably won't fall into June, because I don't see them releasing a 40K codex a month before 6th ed; so what's coming in June? Fantasy models)
July: 40K 6th ed
August: 40K model wave
September: Warriors of Chaos book
October: Empire models and Dark Angels or Chaos codex - whichever wasn't released in May (well, the latest rumors - as of 3 months ago since the well is so dry - has this as Chaos)
November: Hobbit!
December Warriors of Chaos model wave and 40K model wave

So far, I've only been off by a month for one of the releases. And I'm looking forward to my friends and all the other naysayers eating their words when they find out I've been right about the rest of the year.
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Originally Posted by experiment 626 View Post
In Mr.Kelly's defense, the 4th ed Eldar books was almost entirely re-written on him when he went on a sabatical after first writing it.
It was while he was away that Jervis, in all his infinite wisdom, decided to impliment the now infamous "simplify it!" template that also ruined DA's & CSM's.
I remember when this happened. A lot of us got to see the draft before and after it got changed, and fought tooth and nail over several things but got ignored. The main one was the changes to Guardians squads, that made them a terrible choice and removed all squad options. Phil was not impressed when he got back.

Also, if this 'snapfire' rule comes in, 'nids had better get an update dropping the costs of their units pretty damned quick, as they will suddenly become a completely untenable army to use. Get shot in your opponents turn *and* when you charge? Shooting is already the more efficient way of killing than combat, making combat worse is going to kill the codex.

Chaos daemons will suffer too. A free round of shooting, then another when you finally get to assault?

On the Chaos Codex, I don't believe there has been the feared interference.

There are 2 rules to being a success in life:
1) Never give out all the information

A random collection of my stuff

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I was so sad when my plasma grenades were stolen...
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Some more legion rumours, almost nothing new but a rumour is a rumour
Originally Posted by warmaster
i've been content till now to sit back and watch...but i think nows the time to chime in.concerning the soon coming chaos legions.....lets say "theoretically"(to protect my source)i have a close friend in game development.they have assured me that the new codex will be everything we debased chaos junkies have been hoping for and more!!!!!!

first,legions will be able to fight the way they are meant to, and with the way 6th editions % system will work,the armys will be even more legion specific playable.....

word bearers with all possessed as troops,or iron warrior armys with insane amounts of heavy weapons,all terminator black legion armys!!!!!also,dreadnaughts are not being replaced....they are being made even meaner and will have more weapon options-and NO RANDOM EFFECTS!!!!

there will be new characters...can you say little horus, honsou, argel tal, korpharon, the soul hunter...just to name a few.

existing characters will be made meaner and more playable(cost less).also,the new fluff is -as i was told-mind blowing,melt your brain down for a week!!!!

about 6th edition,i was told that it will blow your mind once you actually play it,the game is faster,bloodier and will turn you into a blood thirsty warlord who cant wait for his next fight!!!!!!

for those of you who are already complaining about the future with 6th edition i say this......wait and give it a chance,my source has told me that gw has been listning to us and that 90% of 6th edition was made with the input of veteran players

word has it all cult troops will be cheaper, and that the thousand sons magik abilities will make peoples heads spin!!!!basically chaos WILL BE THE BAD BOYS OF LEGEND.
Dont know how reliable this person is so I figured I'd point out all the new rumours in the quote.
New stuff in this post: Word Bearer with all Possessed Troops, SC Argel Tal, Korpharon and The Soul Hunter (unless it's suppose to be Korpharon, the Soul Hunter).
The rest has been posted before or is of no worth (like "thousand sons magik abilities will make peoples heads spin", this is opinion based and unless you can lift up units and spin them around has no real value as a rumour).

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Sounds way to good to be true.
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Yeah, no. Bullshit, I wouldn't be even a little surprised to learn that that everything that guy said was a lie. I don't believe a word of it. GW barely listens to input it gets from its play testers, the chances of them involving veteran players (that aren't employed by the company...) in the development process of writing a new edition is slim to none.
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The bit about SC's being meaner and cheaper, what exactly can they do to abbadon to make him meaner? The guy is a CC monster as it is

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