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I am liking this move. A bit annoyed that it is not available on the iPhone, but hey, I will be getting a new iPad this summer anyways, so whatever.

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I would like this move, but there are two main reasons why I don't.

a) I don't have an Ipad, and unless I get a job, won't be getting one anytime soon.
b) The Space Marine Codex Is the same price as the paperback book, which is 24.99. Couldn't they at least lower it down a couple of 's - otherwise People will most likely stick with their physical copies.
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It's a move in the right direction definitely but I'm not rushing out to go and buy an iPad. To me the name sounds too much like it's for the busy woman on the go at the wrong time of the month.

I find it funny with all the apple rage though, I used to really hate apple products until I bought an iPod touch and I find it much better than any of the alternatives even to the point where it's better than a lot of smartphones just without the calling facility and 3G (although the 3G model is out now) The only thing I really hate about apple is iTunes. It's a horrible program that doesn't do anything I want it to and decides by itself what it wants to sync to my iPod meaning if there's something I don't want on it I have to delete it from the library and just unticking it in the sync area doesn't work for some reason. Anyway, slight digression ;)

If it was available for iPod touch/iPhone then it'd be awesome and obviously making it available to android users will probably come with time. Remember GW are all about grabbing money so releasing it on as many platforms as they can to maximise their profit is an almost certainty in time. They do really need to reduce the cost of the books in the app though, paying more for a copy that can run out of battery is ridiculous.

Edit: To be honest regarding price, it makes sense for them to charge more if they'll be providing updates BUT this can piss off the people that only have paper copies as they wont have the latest goodies. Plus the 360 degree viewer on the SM codex seems fun but gimmiky and overall useless and just there to force the price up.

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Even though I love they are going digital, I only have a Kindle and won't be getting an Ipad any time soon, so it's a shame but at least they are heading in the right direction.
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Well this sounds rather interesting that they have finally decided to do this. I just hope for that now this means that they will update the codex's more often in the digital format, However this kinda puts people with the book at a disadvantage so im not sold on that. The other thing I dislike is that it is only available on the Ipad and im not a fan of apple products.
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Well I don't like the fact that it's JUST on the Ipad but I guess my daughter can kiss hers goodbye.

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I'm crazy disapointed by this, I have an IPAD and when I saw the annoucement, went straight onto IBooks to check them out.

24 for the space marine codex. Are you joking? Why would I buy that? Seriously? What on earth would make me pay the exact same amount as the physical copy for the digital one. I mean, what??

The rest of them are just overpriced white dwarf articles. Seriously, the deathknell is just the painting guide from white dwarf and the gaming article from white dwarf, but for 2.50 or so.

The scrolls of binding? Just that, just the same articles from the white dwarf but at .69p. Come on! What the hell seriously???


And this is coming from someone who normally thinks that the majority of people who whine and complain about GW are pathetic and need to get some perspective.

This though, I can't understand, perhaps there is someone with experiance about the move into digital that can explain these prices?
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I don't see any issue with 24 for the digital SM Codex, compared to 24 for a fucking 4 year old book in paper format...

Equally fucking ridiculous prices. There's no VAT on books, no fucking excuse for the price rise.
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Originally Posted by darktide View Post
If they stick to just the [email protected]#! for a format then they will loose a LOT of players. I know that in my gaming community they would loose over 90%
Jeez, there really is no pleasing some people huh?

They don't have any digital content, its in the wrong format, price increases, poor quality, bad rules, enviromental damage, famine, plague, disease etc etc.

Its a hobby/modelling company that specialises in making plastic men for us to paint and play with, if you all want to stop playing because they put stuff in a certain format that you don't have or like, well, have a nice day.

Seriously, why would you quit because they favour apple for their digital content, alot of people have and use apple, and who says they'll never use other formats?

Even if they don't, people will more than likely convert and circulate them into compatable formats.

Relax buddy and take a deep breath.

Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
I don't see any issue with 24 for the digital SM Codex, compared to 24 for a fucking 4 year old book in paper format...

Equally fucking ridiculous prices. There's no VAT on books, no fucking excuse for the price rise.
This however annoys me no end. No production costs should equal a cheaper price right? Wrong.

I hate the fact e-reader companies are doing this shit, and getting together to keep prices high.

I hope the government tears them a new one in the lawsuit filed against them in the U.S
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Why not just as secure PDF's over iTunes?
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