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Originally Posted by falcoso View Post
I do like the idea of tau becoming protected by the imperium - the weakest thing sin the universe which lose pretty much every battle to be the answer to the imperium's prayers.
Tbh it is a good idea, just the fluff may not add up

I don't even know about Mork or Gork so can't comment.

I like the 6s save against psykers, its like magic dispell, the other new stuff seems like bullshit.

What they should do is let u have cover and armour (except if u wouldn't normally get armour) cus if u r hiding behind a wall ur armour doesn't disappear, obviously thought to make it fair, if u get both save then the cover save should be high except when the cover save would normally be lower than armour, at which point it remains the same. Or something like that, it actually sounds pretty confusing reading it back but anyway...

I like that alliances are back... BUT Y R NECRONS ALLYING WITH SPACE MARINE, specifically blood angels, so what the rest of the imperium don't like them but blood angels do? and y r necrons allying with the imperium, they should be neutral except aginst old one races at which point they ally with the opposite team
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I don't know what to make from the "buying buildings" thing. I think he may just be making an assumption from the 40K approved towers and turrets from FW.

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Originally Posted by DeathKlokk View Post
Why must you stink up our forums with this obvious Bullshit?
I don't follow rumors all that closely after the mess regarding this Sisters with two different sources loudly claiming they were correct. If I stumble upon something and don't see it here, I post it. Otherwise I tend to stay away from the mess rumors have become. Basically I don't keep up with rumors enough anymore to be sure what is right and what is wrong when it comes to these things, especially when past rumors have been contrary to what I think.

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The 6++ vs Psychic Powers is hilariously dumb. It just shits in the mouths of Sisters, and pisses on Wolf Tail Talismans. And as for Collars of Khorne...
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falcoso: I must disagree with you that the Tau have lost most of their battles. The First, Second and Third Sphere Expansions are filled with Tau victories. In fact the Third Sphere saw the Tau Empire's size increase by 133%. It's just that they haven't been updated since the 4th Edition and typically the big victories are contained in an army's Codex while in others they tend to be on the losing end. Plus unlike the other races, they don't have a personal timeline of battles and significant moments. Which we'll probably seen when they are next updated.

Though I won't deny that if the Imperial gathered a proper crusade to face the Tau that they would eventually wipe them out but it would not be a swift campaign simply because they have been constantly adapting and improving their tactics and technology.

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nothing about this interests me in the slightest, even if its fake there is nothing here that makes me go "well, thats interesting at least"

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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I like that they're putting psykers in the spotlight, but the projection of their apparent versatility worries me, even with the 6+ save.

I'm also a little put out by the idea of random charge lengths.

I think everyting else is just peachy-keen.

taking this with a teaspoon of salt, though.

boobs. that is all.

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If the Emperor was gonna whack any god I think Gork an Mork are the last on his mind, Be The Chaos Gods or the Hive mind

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Ugh...I hope not, I don't like any of this. The fluff is worse than terrible.

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Originally Posted by DeathKlokk View Post
Why must you stink up our forums with this obvious Bullshit?
Yes, I much prefer my bullshit to come in slightly less obvious forms.

Any rumour posting now is totally indistinguishable from wishlisting and should be treated as such.
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