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Default Tourny Rant?

TL;DR - If you don't like the fact that GW might drop local store support for prizes, then be ok with higher entry fees, or lesser prizes. It's fun to bash GW, but try to remember that they exist to make money. I think we can all agree that GW makes some dumb assed moves, but try to look at the actions of the company in reality, and not thru the lens of a fan. They well only survive as a company, which is based in a nation that is still in recession, if they make tough cost cutting decisions which will not impact the consumer base too much or damage the overall quality of the products.

Just found this online, not sure if anyone else has posted it, but I wanted to put my two pennies in. It looks like GW is on a downward trend. but looks can be deceiving. I still buy product from my local game store, and have every intention of getting 6th ed. I have been playing since the very start of 3rd and have played ever since, with only short breaks for the military here and there. I don't want to insult anyone, but there comes a point where you are just bitching. I for one have only played in local run tourneys, and have only ever won a local store gift card. I paid my entry fee and that was the end of that.

I feel like the blogger doth protest too much. I know that in my local area we have maybe 15 active players, and about 30 within 2 hours of my location. Its enough for me, and enough for 8-12 man tourneys. Most of my games are lunch and one or two weekends a month. I enjoy it like that.

That being said, would I love for GW to lower prices, of course. I think that would do wonders to get more people in. I could have 2 guys I work with into the game next week if they could avoid spending 300 bucks to get started with a tourney ready army. I would also love a solid gold toilet.

Don't get me wrong, my lips are not planted on GWs ass here, I think they need to drop LotR like a baby giraffe, but give them a break. At the end of the day, they are a money maker first; they have to keep investors happy. Codex writing needs to take a bit more time in play testing, or here's a thought, an open beta of some sort. [/rant]

The IG are proof that good things come to us who wait. I've been Guard since 3rd ed. I been in the store and remember getting 5 boxes of men (when they came in 20 man boxes) 3 Commissars and praying that I might survive til turn 4. I've stuck it out, and you know what I have to say? WHO'S DYING NOW HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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Dude....Gw doesn't done any tournaments with prizes in my area for 3 years...even then it was broken models that where returned (Did get my Lotr Dragon that way i can't complain second out of 40 something aint bad )
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oh no, all these tourneys will have to provide their own prizes!! .

Ive started to update this project loge again, you should all check it out. it has some stupid things on it, and some fun things on it haha

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Tournaments at FLGS 'round here are... well, we've never actually had one, so I can't complain. Oh, no, we had a doubles tournament, but that wasn't much good since the optimised armies were put together and fought a badly-written Tau/Space Marines list (back in the dizzay of my terrible, terrible armies). No, the only prizes around here are giving Space Hulk to an eight-year-old who just wandered into the store and bought a raffle ticket. That still rankles, but I got three novels and an omnibus for 8, so I can't complain too much.

Actually, no, there's a mini-tournament, informal store-run thing, going on at Warhammer World next week that I'm going to, but there aren't any prizes for that.


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Games Workshop is not reducing prize support to independent retailers. However, I'd be okay with it if they did. I think there are a lot of people who come to tournaments with the wrong attitude, and are there not necessarily to have fun, but to collect free product-- and they only seem to be able to leave happy if they've left with something. I personally think that getting a solid ten or more hours of entertainment for a five-dollar buy in locally is a pretty damned good deal. You can't get that kind of entertainment per hour usually-- hell, a matinee is $10 for a ticket, and that's only usually an hour and a half or two hours if you're lucky. So you're kind of coming out ahead by getting to play on nice boards (well, we've got really nice tables, but I suppose not everybody does), in a nice gaming space for that amount of time for a lousy $5 entry fee-- and if you win, you can walk away with up to $90 in free stuff (at least locally, we divide the prize support as 90/40/20 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd). But that prize support... that should be a complete bonus thing. If it goes away... then that shouldn't change whether or not people come out. Because they're coming out to have fun with plastic spacemen, and not just to collect free product... right?

Games Workshop has to supply the prize support and not assign a price tag to a tournament based on prize support because when they start doing that, it becomes gambling. Wizards of the Coast has run into legal issues doing that sort of thing with Magic the Gathering, and a lot of major gaming companies have been careful about how they handle these things as a result.


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Yeh I agree guys, some of our colleges seem to think that GW owes them for is deigning to buy their product.

For me playing the game is reward enough at a tourny, if there are prizes all well and good but their presence or absence won't change whether I attend or not.

Thing is once you put prizes or money into the mix the attitude of the competitors changes a bit in my experience, a lot of the happy go lucky goes out of it.

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The "tournaments" that have been held in my local GW haven't had prized I don't think for a long time. To be honest, If I were to enter a tournament, I'd be doing it for the experiance, maybe a shiny medal or certificate, but not for a "prize". Sure, getting a prize is awesome, but I'm happy enough to spend 5 to play a day/weekend of awesome games, and maybe get some bragging rights out of it.

Gaming tournaments, in my opinion, shouldn't have prizes because it deters the people that are only there to get something. For painting competitions, it's fine, because you drop off your mini and that's it, no real chance to be a dick to others like in a tournament.

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Prizes at tournaments... what the?

I have a certificate from the last GW doubles (for winning the pub quiz, I don't care enough to get remotely near the top tables) but that was fine for me- I go to have fun, not to win stuff.
... then again, years ago before GW stopped all stores running tournies for prizes I did win a box of stealers. So happy

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The reward is playing the game. If you don't get that you are in the wrong hobby.

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I'm glad I was not the only one to think that way, lol. But ya, I think I may have just been in the GW hate section of the interwebs last night because I seemed to stumble upon alot of it. I have to agree with what alot of you guys said above, when money or prizes get thrown in the mood changes. When you play for pride or whatever its fine and dandy, when you have a chance to make 50 bucks, then the dick head and rule lawer comes out in all of us.

The IG are proof that good things come to us who wait. I've been Guard since 3rd ed. I been in the store and remember getting 5 boxes of men (when they came in 20 man boxes) 3 Commissars and praying that I might survive til turn 4. I've stuck it out, and you know what I have to say? WHO'S DYING NOW HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

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