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LAG will hurt any online game really, especially First Person Shooters that require precision timing and aiming for an enjoyable online experience.

I am a proud owner of an xbox360 and here's my food for though:

Halo 3: This game is a good one however the constant lag and mic issues I have plague me to no end. In one game, I will be playing fine with a friend, no lag, mic is clear no problems, however in the next game, I can't hear him and he can't hear me. It got my frustrated to the point where I just turned off the game. (how out of the ordinary!)

CoD4: Good Game, however I only play it on the Hardcore settings. I cannot stand playing the regular matches where it takes emptying a full clip of the ak47(just an example) into someones chest in order for them to die. Other than that, its a solid game in which I receive very few occurrences of LAG. (im rank 14 or something in Prestige level 1)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2: Probably my favorite online game, however frustrating, its more challenging that the previous two. I'm a big fan of tactical / realistic shooters and maybe thats why this draws me in so much. When you have a shitty host though, it sure sucks the fun out of it!

Ace Combat 6: The thing that pisses me off the most about this game is the fact that it is next to impossible to invite a friend into a game! Error connecting to host...has appeared on my screen when trying to play with a friend way too many times for any piece of technology these days. That and the QAAM's are the cheapest thing on earth (I speak from the offensive side of things, as its way too easy to shoot someone down with those)

NHL 08: Favorite sport game!! Online team play is SO much fun, but again, if 1 player can be a burden to the entire team. The only other thing that bugs me about the game is when the puck hits your goalies chest, goes up into the air as he is scrambling to make the save, and falls into the net...often times pushed into by the goalie himself.

To top that though, I was playing today against the CPU for kicks. Shot the puck, nailed the goalie in the face and then ricocheted off a defensiveman trying to get the puck (who ran in to the goalie, doing a tripping / punching motion attempting to keep his balance) and it looked like he hit the puck in with his fist. I laughed and rejoiced as I had just scored :D

LegendX9 for anyone who wants to game(case sensitive)!!!!


With the new Tyranids codex, I have returned!

"It's only after you've lost everything, that you are free to do anything." -Fight Club
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Rainbow 6 Vega BOTH, you guys think you have problems dying out of nowhere, in the originals it was SOOOO much easier to die. Literally a 2 hit kill with anything, 1 hit with certain snipers. So please do not bitch about dying on Vegas, you have no idea what the original's were like. If you have played the originals, you'll know what I mean.

My main bitch is from bf2, as thats all i play online. Spawn campers and people who think they are smart by taking both helo's and strafing our last base, spawn killing everyone. also those snipers with hacks on. They jump around, run, lie down and still get a headshot while I empty clips at them without doing anything. I mean wtf. And I tell you, im no noob at BF2.
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D-Bags on wow who insist on following your low level alts around and killing you, and also my server is dead, that pisses me off the most. It costs like 25 freaking dollars to switch to on top of that 15 a month I pay.Effin Blizzard
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Small Children pretending to be tuff just because the Internet stops you from pummeling them in the face.
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Wow this is a great hate-thread you got going here.

In WoW:

Ninjas. 'Nuff said.

Oh and the fact that Blizzard's Server Maintenance seem to find it funny when they spill coffee on my server group -_-

Every other week.

<---Not happy.

I usually solve my CoD4 chat problems by setting up a private chat with my mates. That gets rid of the damned squeaky, swearing little kids that clog up Live.

Oh yea, and I also hate Helicopters on CoD4, because even if you're in decent cover they can still see you and shoot you down just for the hell of it.

I also get annoyed (and this goes for all CoD games) when my melee attack CLEARLY hits by somehow, it doesn't and I get a knife in the back as the person I 'missed' kills me.

Not fair.
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I play DOD, well I used to till I got banned from most servers for winning all the time, CS most of my spare time, and soulstorm and I have to say the most annoying thing about online play is : PEOPLE.

I love battlefield vietnam for example, fantastic looking game, and well balanced I believe, but there is always one team filled with pros and the other team filled with people who can't put their shoes on, they get in all the vehicles and flip them, crash them, or sink them, and the team is left defenceless because no-one wants to be the anti tank guy, they all want to kill infantry.

If you run into anyone walking around the map, they will just hold down the trigger and run towards you, and there is never anything you can do but prey they miss with every bullet.

With my point about all the "pros" on one team, they sit over the spawn in choppers and tanks and napalming it with planes for 20 minutes, what do they get out it? I hate using tanks against infantry, its skill less like stepping on a kitten.

And on the off chance you make it out of the tanks and other vehicles, anyone NOT in a tank is sniping a mile away that you'll NEVER see and pops you as you walk to freedom.

So there, I hate playing online because they are only there to win and know nothing about a fair fight and what its like to fight an uphill battle.

CS: The problem here is nades, and my terrible luck, I can be in any corridor and a nade will fly around and hit me in the face without the enemy even trying, even when I walk this stuff happens to me constantly, that and most servers have no reg and its just a badly designed game from the start I think.

DOD: Bar, thats it. I love everything about this game but the only gun you can kill anyone with and never have a clue.

SS: I play soulstorm rarely because I normally stick to big free for alls, but always find myself gangbanged 3 ways as I leave my base someone will come and pwn half my base, then another guy will come and finish it off while I'm off trying to kill someone else.

Most people will turtle an entire game, I find it boring, I'm the only person it seems that likes to rush during larger games, as its more intense than sitting in a base building up heavy bolters like an idiot.

/rank (I think)

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The game's users are dictated by the audience it goes for before it comes out and its gameplay style. Many younger, immature players like SUPER FAST paced games.

(Not that i dont like them, im a UT-buff)

Look at COD4, CSS, they have tons of flaming crazy people who complain etc. etc.

WoW isnt THAT bad.

GRAW2 is the best gaming community imo. Its a slower game, but still fun, and more mature. Of course you get the occaisional jerk, but its much rarer than in other games.

This is why i am hoping WAR will be a well-off community, as hopefully the majority of the players with be Warhammer fans, and it simply being an MMORPG weeds out a lot of the DAKKA-DAKKA type young immature kids.

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Is this a warhammer game or something else?
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Lag ia a big killer for me. When I play warhammer there is always someone who is lagging. And untill they get kicked from the game, it moves sluggish. Which sucks when its an ally then the enemy takes advatage on their extra man. But awesome when the role is reversed.
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Not being able to get online. WTF!
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