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Default Guild of Dungeoneering

Haven't done any of these little review/commentary on games in a little while but thought i would do this nice little indie game, as above its called the " Guild of dungeoneering ". Its a nice little hand drawn style with an amazing narrator and music style particularly if you like that Terry Pratchett style i find it quite similar to that.

Its a quite interesting little RPG Rouge lite kind of game without any broad skill trees or anything like that, abilities are gained through equipment and combat is also done in a interesting fashion.

So the game is done in a card based fashion, with two main components the building of the dungeon and the combat with the creatures in it. So the building of the dungeon is done in a randomized card fashion pullying cards from a deck specified for the level by the designer (so far into the game you cannot alter this deck); these include room card such as a corridors, turns and rooms with multiple exits. The other type of room save the specific paths you can create are rooms with "fountains" these come in the entire variety of room designs but also come with a fountain in the middle of the room, the fountains give buff or debuff to the character, but is only picked up after killing any monsters in the room, these have a wide range of effects such as "burn", "stupidity", "blindness", "fury" or such as +1 hand size or +1 loot, i will explain what this means later in the combat.

Next is monsters cards depending on the level of your character, they are given to the player and allow you to place them as you like: though note that killing these monsters are needed for gold and loot so you want to be fighting as much as you can.

The final set of cards is one of the more interesting mechanics "gold" in this game you don't directly control your characters they go where they please depending on where the paths you make go, or where the gold is. With the placement of gold or other treasures you can lure your adventurous little scamps down the path to victory, but with a lack of incentive your hero will often run of on their own attacking monsters at will sometimes this is fine allowing them to kill everything in sight can be good for loot but some monster are more of a challenge than others or for you character to go to or avoid "fountains".

The combat is one of the other interesting ideas in this game its done in a card based method, most characters have a starting hand size of 3 cards when the fight begins (if not under effect of buff which increases it), these cards come in many different varieties, but the main idea is each player plays a card and it is resolved and removed. Most will deal damage to the opposite side these come in two varieties magic (blue) and physical (red) these two styles of damage are important when it comes to blocking and the resolution of certain effects, but as an overarching comment blue can only block blue just as red can only block red. So I will basically explain the combat; the player gets to chose a card from their hand (note in most cases you are reacting to the opponent's card unless your under the blindness debuff where their card is hidden), one such card is the bruisers "get out of here" which is one red damage and one red block, which can be used to deal one damage and block one physical damage. Along with the various damage and blocking card there are cards which allow the drawing of extra cards along with other cards which can give damage when you next use a specific attack or healing abilities.

As to buff and debuffs there is quite a variety, "burn" causes one damage per round on both enemy and character, "blindness" prevents you seeing and reacting to them, others include frenzy which activates when the character or enemy is below half health and it causes physical attacks to have +1 damage. Or for the debuff "mundane" causes magic atracks to do down +1 damage to the enemy or "stupidity" which give an extra card a "stupid" or "umm" which are a blank card which obviously aren't good for combat, or at least takes up a spot in your hand.

The RPG/rouge lite effects of the game are quite interesting, at the start of each dungeon run or mission the character starts again at level 1 without any equipment, death has no real problem it just means you loose most of the loot and gold you gathered. As you fight through the level you will kill monsters and level up which cause an increase in health and for each kill you gain an option for selection of equipment which give the options for 3 different cards to the combat but this can be altered with certain abilities to give more cards. Overall you can equip 4 peices of equipment a helm/hat, main hand, offhand and a body: the equipment gives many options as i mentioned before which include extra health or extra cards for combat.

Apart from the dungeoneering you also have a small peice of base building in the form of the guild, this is where you spend your hard earned gold, you build buildings which either give other variations of heros or gives options for better gear to be found in the dungeons these are in three teirs initally which goes at the costs of 50/500/2000 gold.

Overall its a good little game and now they have actually recently released a DLC for additional dungeons to explore along with additional character you can play, i certainly think its a good little game, worth a look at if you have the time Its on steam and well worth time.

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