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Default New Necro Scenario

Heya guys, just had our second session of necro, great game, got another player so that is 5 gangs involved now.

I've thought up a new scenario using the space hulk board pieces, I know there are millions of necro scenarios out there, so if this is very similar to someone else's I will bow out and say grats to them for coming up with the idea first!

So as follows

Down the Tunnels

"in the dark dark hive, there is a dark dark tunnel, and in the dark dark tunnel, there are some dark dark rooms, and in the dark dark rooms there is only death... and lots of shiny loot!"

A recent hive quake has dislodged lot of debris opening up a selection of tunnels, being genuinely inquisitive and always willing to make a quick buck, the local ganger's have decided that it will be worth the risk to venture inside to see what kind of archotech is waiting within.

Inside the tunnels it is dark, so very dark, so night fighting rules are in play, they can be found online, in an article called blindfightin. Each gang has 2 entry point, it is very cramped and unpleasant which will effect movement, sounds echo around the dark making it difficult to know where any noise comes from.


Using the space hulk board pieces place a bit at a time or let the adjudicator create a map for you. leave each gang 2 entry points where they can choose to deploy their models.

Special rules!

In the old tunnels there are old, baldy corroded and rusty doors blocking passages, some are rusted solid, others may just turn to dust as you push against them, roll a d6 if you are with in base contact and wish to open the door.

1-2) door is rusted solid, you can force it open by rolling to wound, the door will have a toughness of 6. If you do manage to open it the screeching metal on metal sends terrible echos all around the tunnels, all gangs roll a leadership test, if any is failed see "Noises in the dark"
3-5) the door is jammed, but with a good shove it opens, You may move no further.
6) due to some miracle of the hive, the automatic door is still working, how is this possible? who knows, and you don't really care, the door glides open effortlessly and you can continue your move as normal

Blind Fighting
Please check online for the special rules on shooting and movement in the article called "Blind Fighting"

Noises in the dark
Each turn you must roll a leadership test, if it is failed one randomly determined ganger "hears" something and starts firing as if he rolled a 3 on the hallucinogen grenade
(Over There! The victim is convinced the enemy
is all around him, hiding behind every piece of
cover, lurking just out of sight, ready to drop
from above. The victim does not move this turn
but must blast off with any weapon he has in a
totally random direction. If any model, friend or
foe, lies in that 90 degree arc then it becomes a
target just as normal.)

In each room there will be d3 blips, taken from the space hulk box, they all have a number 1, 2 or 3 on them. 1 and 2 will spawn that number of hive vermin, be it giant bats, rats or similar, 3 will be a loot counter! each blip will move d6 in a random direction each turn. (don't ask me how the loot moves.. it just will!) and will not be revealed until they are in line of sight.

Gangers involved

Each Gang that wishes to take part can send in up to 6 ganger's of their choice, the risk is great, but so are the rewards, so the gang leader won't send in a weak group to scout this out.


+10 to gang leader who gathered the most loot
+5 per a wounding shot
+2d6 for surviving
+2 for grabbing loot

Special Reward
If all the blips are removed from the table, the winning gang can now add tunnels as a territory, they have been cleared out and ready to use!
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Any feedback at all.. anyone tried something like this before? going to give it a run through this weekend, see how it goes.
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Sounds like fun. I'm gonna try it sometime this week! I'll let you know how it goes.
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The Noises in the dark rule is very characterful, good job
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Ran a nice little play test, added rules that if you fail 3 noises in the dark tests your gang is spooked and bottles, decided it is very suited for close combat gang.. my leader with her ws5 str 4 and 3 parries did kinda own a bit. Mobs are a bit weak, so need some work, but a fun little game, and things can go very badly very quickly, or they can go very well and you can come out with a wad of credits and lots of xp!

First play through.. my ever lasting juve with 3 w, got killed on the first turn by a stray rat, then all my gang ran out of ammo before we even met up with the other guys gang! 2nd one, we met up just outside the central room, and my leader charged the other leader, took him down which caused his gang to all panic and run.

Conclusion, still needs some work, thinking maybe of limiting to 4 gangers each, not to sure on this as it will make it hard to loop around, it will be all attack from one way.
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Just got done playing this scenario. It was a ton of fun! We added more blips and used plague zombies for the blip creatures. After all the zombies were dead and we were just fighting over the loot, we spawned a ton of zombies all around us! One of my juves turned into a zombie and attacked my leader in the after game hehe.

Great scenario though. We're definitely gonna play this again and have already talked about doing something similar in our next Mordheim campaign. Good job!
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epic im runing my own campad that will defintly come in usful
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