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Default Starting a Necromunda Gang

I'm going to try and get a few friends intrested in playing a campaign of Necromunda, but first off.. I've got no idea how to play it myself, I was going to do a gang of my own, as an example to the others. Now, I've written down a rough plan, for an Escher Gang, it looks like:

Gang Leader
Bolt Gun
Stub Gun
Chain Sword

Heavy 1
Heavy Stubber
Stub Gun

Ganger 1

Ganger 2

Ganger 3 (Love the model)
2 swords

Ganger 4

Ganger 5

Juve 1

Juve 2

comes to 840 creds in total.

Not sure I can put the points cost sepertaly for necro, as the rules are easy to get at Here, but I know we aren't mean't to for other game systems.

Now, that means I've got another 160 creds to spend / save. Having never played a game, is this a good start? Any other bits I'd need? anything that would make or break the gang?
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I always go for maximum models. Never starting with less than 12. The heavy stubber isnt worth it imo, Escher are an assault gang, they get plenty of stealth and agility type stuff so you'll want them running forward to close the distance fast.
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So, I should concentrate more on mid to short range fire, and get more cc weapons then? grenades worth it?

So you would say sub out the heavy totally for starters? or get the heavies, just no heavy weapons yet, their extra skills could be useful for 10 creds extra.
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Found this rather tasty little link Necro Resources
Thought for my campaign I'd run it using the zombie horde rules in there, wrote a little intro bit as well, first few games will be carving up the out skirts of the town as gang strongholds, then the real meat of the campaign can begin, trying to discover the great cache of archotech as all around the gangs the zombie plague gets worse. let me know what you think.


Over the ragged piles of scrap, a blood soaked man staggered, struggling under a heavy load strapped to his back, off to left, a loud gurgling moan, then another to right. Cursing the man checked his ammo, half a mag left, 6 scragging shots. Gun fire, off to the left? could this be safety. Stumbling over an ash dune, he spotted the gang as they blasted there way through a small amount of plague zombies. throwing caution the wind, he shouted and waved his arms trying to draw their attention, something hit him, hard in the chest, a coldness spread as his legs buckled.

"Frak, this one was a guilder, he was alive as well, he shouted!"
"Shut it scummer, he was a zombie like the rest, ain't that right!"
"Sure, sure, your da' boss, what is that on his back anyway?"
"I don't know frak head, go look, if its valuable, its mine"

Finding so much archotech on the dead guilder, the gang had been small time, but now they could expand, after the next bottle of wild snake, the boss rubbed his hands together, he would go and see the trader, get that boltgun that the frak head had kept waving at him. A commotion by the door drew his attention. Enforcers? Here? It had to be coincidence... he noticed some scummer pointing in his direction. He wasn't a juve, he knew when it was time to break, grabbing his gun the ganger made a dash for the back door, throwing it open, he stumbled to a stop as three enforcer shotguns turned in his direction. "You are hereby accused of murdering Guilder Yosal, Sentence is Death"
"Oh Fra..!" Boom!

News spread quickly, a great hidden stash of Archotech had been discovered near "Certaindeff". And that there was a very large reward for the first gang who found and secured it for the local guilders. It wasn't long before the main house gangs appeared on the streets, and started to carve up the town for their own domains, the Centre where the guilders contingent were staying was being patrolled by Enforcers, leaving the outer town lawless for who ever had the strength to take it.
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Yes, you should focus on close range with a bit of mid range (for support fire) especially since you have Escher. Personally, I would wait on the grenades to see if your friends go mass models or not. Frag grenades have very limited use if you're fighting a small spread out gang.

If you decide to keep the heavy stubber it could be a good idea to turn your ganger with the autogun into a heavy instead. Then you can give him a flamer later on.
The advantage to having two heavies is you can switch their weapons between them if their advances favor it.

The low stash shouldn't be a problem since you have so many gangers to collect income.

Also, you might consider giving your leader the shotgun (with bolt shells or something else fun) in order to make her more mid range. This is just because models that go down in hand to hand combat go out of action automatically (unless you have another model to block) which increases the chance of your leader rolling on the serious injuries chart after the game. That's just my personal preference though.

Have fun and good luck!
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i like a grenade launcher with frag grenades. even if you miss there's a chance to scatter and still clip the target. they're useful for getting at the opposing heavies that are behind cover and hard to hit.
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dont bother with boltguns too unrelible!
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I play Escher and I would recommend taking advantage of their access to plasma weapons. I field a leader and two heavies all with plasma guns. You want to take advantage of your leader’s BS4.

Always take two heavies. You don’t have to purchase two heavy weapons. Personally, I would go with the plasma guns. Flamers are good because they will hit with their template but they have a 50% chance of running dry on you. Unfortunately, they are bullet magnets. If you go with flamers you need to keep the heavy in cover and advance that flamer to within range and get her a pistol for back up in the event you fail an ammo roll. Flamers are also good if you have tunnels and/or vents. Juves provide good meat-shields for flamers.

Lasguns are probably the best buy for their cost/ammo roll and can lay down some good suppressing fire. Like the previous posts mentioned Escher excel at mid-range gunfights and combat so you want to use your speed and terrain and get in close. Shotguns are a good option. I usually have two. They add a nice punch before getting into combat. And scatter shots will deny targets their cover save.

You will want gangers for combat also. An auto pistol and knife are fine if you want to pinch pennies and max out your number of gangers. You can go with swords considering Escher has access to them. Clubs and chains are good to give Juves an extra punch in combat.

Juves are hit or miss. They can excel at times or go over like a fart in church. If I use Juves I give them an auto pistol and a knife. With a BS2 the auto pistol is a Juve’s best friend. If you can get them within 8” of their target they will get a +2 bonus for short range. Have them unload then pile in. They can be used as body guards for leaders and heavies or like I mention before, as meat-shields for your advance.

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